Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thu 7/9 - Legs & Cardio

Workout: Work Gym
18mins treadmill
20mins treadmill

18 w/u + 42 workout + 20 c/d = 80 mins

Leg day today, and fought the tempation to do any upper body work. I love adding some chest or tri's in, but I'm coming to realize that probably does nothing but hinder recovery.  I warmed up on the treadmill for a bit over a mile, then got into the WO. I started with leg press and Russian twist superset. Was planning on 3 sets, but both exercises were feeling good, so I did 4. Next I did SLDL with planks. I kept the planks to 1 min each because they are really bothering my left shoulder.  I finished up with leg extenion + leg curl combo to finish off the quads and hamstrings. After the WO I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Good WO, and I my first real leg focused WO in a while. Ashamed to admit that, but whatever :)


I weighed 173.0 this morning. Whoah! Weight is getting down there. Legs seem to be leaning out right now. I guess they're going to get good and lean before I can lose that last bit of lower ab fat. Feeling good, and feeling lean.

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