Body Fat Test #3 - 5/3/13 - Pictures

I started my cut a couple weeks ago at about 190 pounds after "bulking" for a while the last couple of months of winter. It's been a pretty strict cut with one re-feed a week.  The diet has basically been a Protein Sparing diet where protein is kept high and carbs and fats are minimized.  Macro breakdown has been basically as follows:

Protein: 250g/day = 1000 cals
Carbs: 75g/day = 300 cals
Fat: 28g/day = 252 cals
Total = 1,552 cals/day

Anyway, here are the measurements and particulars from 5/3/13:

Chest:  8
Abdomen:  13
Suprailiac:  9
Tricep:  8
Subscapular:  6
Midaxillary:  7
Thigh:  12

Body Weight:  175.2
Body Fat%:  10.5%
#'s of Body Fat:  18
#'s of LBM:  157

For comparison, here are the results from 5/22/12:

Chest:  11
Abdomen:  21
Suprailiac:  10
Tricep:  7
Subscapular:  10
Midaxillary:  10
Thigh:  16

Body Weight:  170
Body Fat%:  13.7
#'s of Body Fat:  23.3
#'s of LBM:  146.7

So in a years' time, I've but on 10 pounds of LBM.  That's doesn't sound like a lot, but 10 pounds of muscle in a year for a 41 year old is actually not bad! I'm very happy with these results. I plan on taking a small break from the cut and try to get into single digits soon.

Here's two pictures from a couple days after the BF test was done.

kip owens
Kip Owens 10.5% BF

kip owens
Kip Owens

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