Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tue 9/29 - Lower + PT

Workout: Work Gym
Shoulder PT
Quad/Ham Stretching

50 mins

Wanted to get to the gym, but went I went heavy on Sunday and I'm really trying to be good about WO frequency and give my body (especially shoulder) time to heal up. So, I did a quick leg WO and went ahead and did my PT and stretching work so I don't have to do it tonight. Legs felt OK. Left knee didn't feel very stable on leg press. I didn't go as heavy as I had been before. Just wanted to get some work in. SLDL's felt really good. Hadn't done a leg WO in forever. So although it wasn't heavy, nor a lot of volume, I'll probably feel it the next 2 days.

After legs, I did my shoulder PT and some hamstring and quad stretching.

I weighed 169.4  this morning. Feeling good. Keeping weight down for backing trip. I don't want to go into it too lean though, because I'll be at a fairly large deficit for 5 days during the trip. I should probably try to put on 2-3 pounds prior to leaving. Hoping knee will round into shape before backpacking trip in 1.5 weeks.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sun 9/27 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

68 + 12 = 80

Incline warmup felt good, so I did 2 sets w/ 80#DB's and it felt good. I haven't gone that heavy due to my shoulder in a couple of weeks, so I was pleased with those first 2 sets. Then I dropped to 70#'s for 2 sets of paused reps. Dropped again to 60#'s for paused reps followed by a drop set to 45#'s long paused reps. Way more volume than I've done the last month. Very good work. I supersetted incline with body weight pullups. Next I supersetted seated rows with decline crunches. I wanted paused reps on rows, so I dropped the weight to keep reps at 10.

Next I supersetted 4 sets skull crushers with 2 sets of incline curls and 3 sets of rear delt work. Finished up with heavy DB rows and light rear delt fly's. Really good WO.

I weighed 169.8 this morning. Feeling good. Made chicken souvlaki's tonight for dinner at Sarah's parents. Ate a lot and then had ice cream late night.

Sat 9/26 - 20 mile ride

Ride to Purcellville and back on the W&OD Trail
20 miles in 44:00 (10) + 35:00 (10) = 79 mins. 15.2 MPH.  1,150 cals.

I weighed 167.8 this morning. Lowest of the year. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thu 9/24 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

60 + 8 = 68

No lifting over the weekend because of hiking from Harpers Ferry to Bears Den. I took an additional 2 days off Tuesday and Wednesday to recover. Hit the gym today over lunch and had a really good WO, especially considering time off, being in a fairly large deficit, etc.  Incline was good, and was able to hit a long pause on 8th rep of each set. Felt a bit heavier than I recall last WO before time off so I've probably lost a bit of strength, but felt good. Supersetted with 3 heavy sets of v-bar pulldowns follwed by 2 back-off sets with paused reps.  Next I supersetted DB rows with crunches. DB rows were great with sets of 15 reps.

Then I did 3 sets of skull crushers paired with incline curls, and rear delt work. I wanted to keep reps close to 10/set, so I dropped weight after the first heavy set. I did 2 quick sets of rope pushdowns to finish it up.


I weighed 168.8 this morning. Feeling lean. Really lean for Fall time.

Sun 9/20 - Mon 9/21 - Hiking on the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail hike from Harpers Ferry, WV to Bears Den, VA - 23 miles

Sun 9/20
Hiked from Harpers Ferry Appalachian Conservancy to Blackburn Trail Center
- 14.25 miles in 7 hours

Mon 9/21
Hiked form Blackburn Trail Center to Bears Den
- 8.75 miles in 4.5 hours

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thu 9/17 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

50 + 15 w/u+c/d = 65 mins

OK, so I'm hiking this weekend, so I won't be working out in the gym. I probably shouldn't be doing any pressing again already after WO on Tuesday, but it's going to be a while before I get back in the gym. Warmups felt great. I was just going to go w/ 65#DB's again, but did 2 reps and they just felt really light today, so I used that as my last warmup and did 75#'s. Still not realy heavy. Good controlled reps. Hardest part on my shoulder is getting the DB's down after the set is done. Supersetted these with weighted pullups which were really good.

Then I did DB rows. Felt easy. Wish we had a lot heavier DB's at the work gym. Supersetted with lying leg raises.  Finished up with a triple set of skull crushers (3 sets), incline curls (2), rear delt (2).  Good WO. Not a lot of volume, but good work.

I weighed 170.0 this morning.  Feeling lean for September! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tue 9/15 - Upper (mostly Pull)

Workout: Work Gym

51 + 6 = 57 mins

Took 4 days off from lifting and decided to hit the gym today over lunch. I promised the PT I'd take it easy on the pressing, so I just did 3 sets of incline DB press with 65#DB's. He cautioned me from doing anything with elbows flared, so I did them the elbows tucked close to my body, almost like a close grip incline press. They felt a bit heavy for 65#'s, but that's mainly because of the technique. I supersetted them with heavy close grip pulldowns. Again, no wide grip pulls. Then I supersetted DB rows with crunches.  NExt I did some skull crushers (very good work) with 2 light-ish sets of incline curls. Curls don't seem to bother my biceps tendon at all when I make sure to keep elbow close to body and not rotate my shoulder. Finished up with some rear delt work, hodge rows and 2 sets of rope pushdowns. Fairly solid WO.

I also did my rehap work:

+ 10 mins shoulder rehab

I weighed 172.4 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 242 249 38       2,308
Calories 966 994 339       2,299
Percent 42% 43% 15% `

9/11 - 9/14 - Cardio, Bike, Hiking & Rest Day

Fri 9/11
Cardio: 3 mile walk in 49 mins. 16:15pace.
Weight: 171.8

Sat 9/12
Bike: Biked 20 miles in1:28. 13.6 MPH. Leesburg to Purcellville and back. Raining hard at times.
Weight:  173.2

Sun 9/13
Hike: Hiked the Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls, MD with Nat and the kids. 5 miles.  Then in the evening, Sarah and I did short hike up to Bears Den to watch the sunset.
Weight: 174.2

Mon 9/14
Rest Day
Weight 174.6

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thu 9/10 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

61 + 11 w/u = 72 mins

Worked out over lunch today. Left shoulder really bothering me. Going to doc/PT after WO. Incline was ok. Paused reps, but shoulder bothersome. BOR felt heavy. Haven't done these in a couple weeks (been doing seated rows). Next I did 3 heavy sets v-bar pulldowns and one back off set, supersetted with 2 sets of seated lateral raises and 4 sets crunches.

Next I did 3 heavy sets of skull crushers and 1 back off set. Supersetted with incline curls and rear delt raises. Finished up with 2 sets for rope pushdowns. Good WO.

Doc and PT appt: 
I was able to get in to see the doc. Wrote a scripts for anti-inflamitory and muscle relaxer. Didn't have a clue what the problem was. Luckily, the PT was in and he spent some time with me. He had me do some tests with him. He believes it's a bicep tendon in left arm that is damaged where it attaches at the shoulder. He did a bunch of rotator cuff tests on me and doesn't think it's that, thankfully. He prescribed something that might actually help. A stretch and 2 strength exercises with a 2 pound weight. I work on these several times a day and see him in a week. No pressing until then, and no movements where the arm is away from the body.

I mentioned to him that I was using a sling for my left arm recently to keep me from moving it and reaching for items (which bothers the shoulder). He basically said I'm an idiot. I'll wear a sling so I don't pick up a 5 pound jug of milk, but I'll go to the gym and work out with 75-80 pound DB's. I got his point :)


I weighed 172.2 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 255 362 56       2,982
  Calories 1021 1449 502       2,972
  Percent 34% 49% 17% `

Thu 8/27 - Wed 9/9 - Vacations with lots of activity

Been busy the last couple weeks with 2 vacations. But it wasn't all relaxing at the beach and poolside. I got in some great work in the way of runs, walks, rides and WO's. Below is a high level recap of the last couple weeks.  I had some really good upper body WO's. Didn't do legs at all in the gym because I was doing a fair amount of running, biking and walking.  The upper WO's below show first 2 main movements only.  This is just due to space limitations here.  I was really lean when I went on vacation and somewhat depleted. After the initial bump in weight, I maintained fairly well.

Date Day Time Activity Summary Weight
27-Aug Thu 48 3 miles in 48 minutes. 168.0
28-Aug Fri 90 6.7 miles.  3 miles run in 28:30 (9:30 pace).  167.8
29-Aug Sat 111 (80#Inc)8,7,6,65x10,45x10,(35#Pullups)3x8 170.2
30-Aug Sun 100 17 mile bike ride 172.6
31-Aug Mon 55 4 mile run + 1 mile c/d. 3 mile walk. Bike in PM. 172.0
01-Sep Tue 110 (75#Inc)10,8,8,8,(35#Pullups)9,8,(PullDn)2x10 171.8
02-Sep Wed 120 25 mile bike ride in 1:59 , 12.6 MPH. 1,343 cals. 174.6
03-Sep Thu 62 5 miles in 46:10, then 1 mile c/d in 16 mins. 62 total.  172.0
04-Sep Fri 105 (80#Inc)8,7,7,6,(SeatRow)4x10,(100#Skulls)9,7,80x11,10 172.4
05-Sep Sat 90 3.5 miles on the App Trail, then sunset at Bears Den. 175.0
06-Sep Sun 180 31 mile bike ride on the W&OD trail to Purcellville and back 173.4
07-Sep Mon 76 (80#Inc)8,6,6,6,(SeatRow)4x10,(165#PullDn)3x8 176.4
08-Sep Tue 0 Much needed Rest Day! 176.6
09-Sep Wed 46 2.75 miles in 46 mins. 16:30 pace. 173.6

Overall, a great couple of weeks off work, great times with family and Sarah and some awesome WO's. Really enjoyed all the biking, a few really good runs (for me) too.