Friday, November 30, 2012

Fri 11/30 - Upper

Back from a week long break from Friday, 11/23 through Thursday, 11/29 while I was hunting with Uncle Bob in PA.  I shot a real nice 8-point buck with an 18.25" spread!  Check out this page where I posted some pictures, or click the link to the page on the right titled "PA Hunting Trip".

(DBIncline)65#x8,70#x8,8,8 great!
 (90#T-Bar)4x8 good
(135#SmithBench)AMRAP 18,16,16 great
(Dips)2x10 hard

 I wasn't sure what to expect from this workout after a week off. I was pleasantly surprised! DB Incline and AMRAP bench were better than my last workout. I did more reps with 70# DB's than I've done before. Elbows are feeling a little better, but I'm heavy right now and didn't want to risk starting pullups yet. T-bar row was good. OHP was good on the smith machine and I super setted that with incline flys.

 I didn't have dips written in, but decided to do 2 sets. They were harder than normal. I barely got the last rep up on 2nd set. Normally 2 sets of 10 would be pretty much a piece of cake. I think this was a combination of my weight and because I'd hit incline and bench hard so tri's and chest were already well worked. Overhead Tri's and rear delt superset was pretty good. I failed on the last tri extension. Weighted crunches were good and I think I might have to bump up the weight again. I decided to hit 2 quick sets of front delts and probably need to use a 35# plate instead of 25#'s.

 Looking back on it, I probably should have started a sub-maximal ramp up after a de-load week, but that's just hard for me to get my head around mentally. It felt good to get back in the gym after a week off. That's the first break I've taken of more than 2-3 days in a year! I felt strong and was happy I could put up the same weights. Intuitively, I guess I knew a week off wouldn't hurt my strenght, but since I hadn't done it before I didn't know how it would work out. It worked out great, and I was very happy.

On the negative side, my knees are trashed from hiking/hunting/falling in the mountains.  I think I'll need to give them at least a week off before doing any squats or leg press.  I might try some dead lifts in a couple of days and see how that goes.

My nutrition has been all over the place the last week. I ate irregularly and like general crap while on the hunting trip, but didn't gain much weight because they were long days of 11-12 hours hiking in the mountains. I ate as often and as much as I could during those days. But, my weight was already up a bit from Thanksgiving and then yesterday I ate like I was hunting, only I didn't have all the physical exertion so my weight spiked to 188.0 this morning. My diet was a little cleaner today, but I'm going to "enjoy" the weekend and get back to a clean diet starting Monday and strip off some fat before Christmas.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fri 11/23 - Upper

Workout: (Last WO before week off for hunting trip)
(DBIncline)65x10,70x8,7,6 (4) very good
(135#SmithBench)xAMRAP,18,15,13 (3)
(OHTriExt)55x12,60x12,10 (3)
45 mins

I wasn't planning on working out today, but after running some errands picking some last minute things up for my hunting trip I found myself driving by the gym, so I stopped in for a quick stimulation.  The quick stimulation turned into a very good workout.  What a great surprise. I worked out in my jeans and a T-shirt (what I was wearing while running errands).

DB incline was really good getting some good reps with 70lb dumbbells.  I really like hitting higher rep flat bench on the smith after heavy incline.  This really works the chest well (at least it seems to for me).  Incline flys were good.  This was more of a WO than I had already "planned" when I decided to stop in.

Dips were OK, not great.  Chest was worked, and I packed on some pounds the last couple of days, so they were also "heavier" :)  I supersetted OHP on the smith and lateral delts.  This combo really worked the shoulders.  On the OHP I made sure I really squeezed my traps at the top.  Great shoulder stimulation.  Finished off the WO with OH tri extensions.  60#'s is the heaviest I've gone for this exercise and they felt good, and definitely not too heavy.

Great impromptu WO.  I was thrilled with how well this went.  I traveled home this morning, ran errands all late morning and early afternoon and didn't expect anything from this WO. Once I decided to stop at the gym, I just thought I'd hit some incline and bench and call it done.  Great WO that I wasn't expecting, or "up" for.

I weighed about 185 again this morning.  Much cleaner today.  Not sure how the week in PA hunting will be.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 236 229 42   2,235
  Calories 944 916 378   2,238
  Percent 42% 41% 17% 100%

Thu 11/22 - Turkey Day - Cardio

  • Walked around Colonial Williamsburg for 1.5 hours with Mom.  Very pretty day.
  • Walked 50 mins on golf course with Mom after Thanksgiving dinner
I weighed 185 this morning.  There went the pounds I cut.  Didn't bother tracking macros besides protein today.  Let's just say cals were up there.  I did fast until 2PM, then turkey day dinner, cheese cake, froyo, more cheese cake, some more cheese cake.  Protein thrown in about the sugar and carbs :) 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wed 11/21 - GBR Upper

(90#T-Bar)3x7,45#x15 (4)
(50#Bench)x18,15,13 (3)
(60#WeightCrunch)20/+8,8,8 (4)
(25#InclineFlys)x17,30#x12,12 (3)
50 mins

Good WO.  I didn't have quite the strength I did on Monday. Probably because today should have been a day off, but gym is closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving so I doubled up.  Incline was good and I just stuck with 60's because I wanted to get at least 8 reps/set.  I contemplated pullups today, but did two and they still really hurt elbows, so I did T-bar row for 3 heavy sets, then dropped weight by 50% and did a high rep last set.  I liked that.

I did bench with 50's and just did AMRAP w/o going to failure and alternated it with bent over rows.  I didn't go heavy on these because my back is tight from the last two WO's and I did heavy sets on T-bar.

Dumbell shoulder press and rear delts were OK, as were tri extensions.  I didn't bother trying dips, but probably should have done one more exercise of 2 sets for tri's (close grip bench).  I finished up with weighted crunches (which were good again with 60#'s), flys and torture twists.  I had to bump up weight
on flys, which is good.

Overall a really good WO.  I'm disappointed my elbows don't seem to really have improved much at all.  They don't hurt as much, but trying a couple of pullups made it clear I'm not even close to out of the woods with them yet.  Maybe having next week off will help.

I weighed 183 this morning.  I wasn't happy with that, but that's what I get for eating a shit load (6-8 servings) of frozen yogurt last night.  Other than that, my diet was really pretty clean yesterday. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tue 11/20 - GBR Lower

(Squat)135x10,155x8,175x6,6,6 (5) Good
(LegPress)4plates 4x15 Good

Squat was good.  Not as heavy as recent WO's, but this wasn't in the Smith machine, so weight was actually heavier (meaning the smith machine weights are actually over-stated). 225#s felt heavy today so I didn't bump up right away as planned.  My back was tight this morning from heavy rowing yesterday, so I think that had something to do with it.  Switched to a mixed grip for 4th and 5th sets.  This felt much better, but don't want to always use mixed grip.

Leg press was good with 4 plates and high reps.  I had 3 sets written in, but did 4.  GHR was hard.  These really burn and I was light headed getting up after each set.  I super setted shrugs and dips (greasing the groove), but only did two sets of dips.

Really good lower workout.  I only wish RDL would have been more heavy sets.It took longer than normal because it took longer to set things up in the squat rack for squats and dead lift.

Normally tomorrow would be a day off, but the gym is closed for Thanksgiving so I think I'll hit upper again tomorrow (Wed), Thursday off and then hit lower before my trip to PA and a week off.

I weighed about 178 this morning.  I don't have my scale in Williamsburg, so weight is kind of irrelevant.  Carbs got a little out of control in the evening with about 8 servings of frozen yogurt.  I stopped tracking macros because it would have been a pain.  Protein was 238 grams.  Probably ~3,500 cals.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mon 11/19 - GBR Upper1 (down 10 lbs in 1 week)

(65#Incline)60x8,65x8,70x8,6 great
(155#BOR)4x10 good
(135#SmithBench)3x15 awesome
(70#OHP)2x10 too much
(OHTriExt)50#x15,55x12,10 great
(60#WeightCrunch)20/+8,8,8 very good
51 mins

This was a fantastic WO today.  I meant to start at 65#s with incline DB's.  Used 60's by mistake, but these were great today.  70#s is the heaviest I've ever gone on DB incline.  I really had to work the last rep of the last two sets with 70's, but felt awesome. Bumped up weight on BOR and these were good.  I had DB bench penciled in, but did 135 on Smith machine for high reps.  These were GREAT after heavy incline and hammered my chest.  I'm really liking the plate loaded row machine at the large Sprint gym.  Went heavier on these rows too.  Probably not a great idea to be bumping up weight on rows, given my elbow issues, but they just felt good (the rows, not my elbows).

70#'s overhead press was too heavy for 10 reps.  My tri's were pretty dead after incline and bench.  I had to bounce the last couple reps up on the last set.  Rear and lateral delts were OK.  I switched to the machine from DB's for rear delt after the first set.  I think I hit them better with the machine.  Overhead tri extensions were really good.  50#'s felt light, even though tri's were already hammered.  Bumped to 55#'s and they were good.  I tried to superset these with dips, but that was NOT happening today after how hard I hit chest/tri's already.  So instead, I did 2 sets of flys and was going to call it a day, but decided to hit abs real quick.  Bumped up weighted crunches to 60# DB on the swiss ball.  This was more like it.  I could really feel it with the heavier weight.

Just a great WO.  A guy in the gym commented on how hard I was hitting it today.  Nice.

I weighed 176.6 this morning.  That's down exactly 10 pounds from a week ago today.  Increased cals today after a big WO.  Didn't realize until this evening how high protein was.  Not a bad thing, just normally not that high.  Adding the protein bar, yogurt and jerky on the trip to Williamsburg did it.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 273 238 42  2,413
  Calories 1093 953 374  2,420
  Percent 45% 39% 15% 100%

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sat-Sun 11/17-18 & Weekly Recap

Rest day.  Went to Clark Bro's and sighted in my 30-06.
I weighed 179.4.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 230 77 21  1,410
Calories 920 308 189  1,417
Percent 65% 22% 13% 100%

Walked 45 mins fasted at 2PM.
I weighed 178.2 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 212 59 20  1,261
Calories 848 236 180  1,265
Percent 67% 19% 14% 100%

I kept calories low both Saturday and Sunday.  Still stripping off some fat and leaning out nicely.  My jeans were noticeably loose today.  Fasting and not eating first meal until 2/3PM makes it a little easier.  Hoping I have enough energy for a good WO tomorrow and I'm looking forward to some carbs post WO.  I'll work out fasted, then oatmeal, baked chicken breast and an apple or bananna sound yummy. :)

Week ending 11/18 Recap
I dropped about 9-10 pounds this week.  I had 11,600 calories for the week.  That's 9.25 calories per pound of body weight per day.  10 is a number I've used in the past for cutting, so this was a good week for stripping off some weight quickly.  Certainly not putting on any muscle with those calories, so hopefully I was able to maintain with the workouts I had and protein at 223 grams/day (about 1.25 grams per pound of body weight).

My elbows are still really bad.  I saw the PT and have been doing some stretching exercises (at least 5-6 times a day) for my forearms to help my elbows.  It hasn't seemed to help yet, but I'll keep at it.  I haven't done any pullups for a couple of weeks.  That's the exercise that seems to hurt the most, but any type of pulling motion (rows) hurts and heavy dead lifts can't help either.  I'll push through this week and then I'll have a full week off lifting while I'm hunting, so that might help as well.

The last two weeks were supposed to be "deload" weeks.  That means much lower volume.  I've hammered legs fairly hard and although volume has been a little lower for upper body than during FB SD Hyp weeks, I haven't done a great job of taking it easy.  I need to learn that sometimes less is more for the long run and the body needs time to recover.  I think in the back of my mind, I knew Thanksgiving and my trip were coming up so I hesitated to take it real easy.  Once I get in the gym, it's hard to just hit a couple of hard sets for each movement and get out.

Anyway, overall a good week.  Some good WO's and nutrition was really in check.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fri 11/16 - Lower 4 - down 7lbs in 5 days

(Squat)135x8,185x5,5,6 (4) good
(RDL)225x10,275x6,6,6,6 (5) real good
(35#GHR)3x15 yowza again. good
(Dips)2x15 good

45 mins

Did this WO fasted and cals/carbs have been lower last couple of days so I didn't know what to expect.  Was shooting for similar WO to Tuesday and figured I'd cut volume.

Squats were good.  Same weights as last week, but I cut out one heavy set and added one rep to last set.  RDL was good.  I was going to bump up the weight on the last set, but reminded myself I'm cutting now and objective is to preserve muscle, not build it.  This was more sets than needed anyway.  I did bump up leg press weight and these were good.  Had to work on last couple of sets.

I supersetted GHR and shrugs.  I did higher reps GHR than last WO.  These REALLY work the glutes and hams.  Felt well worked over and was going to call it a day, but I added torture twists and 2 sets of dips.

Great WO! I'm still getting used to how intensive these lower WO's are by themselves. I didn't really cut volume at all.  I pushed hard with reasoning that I might be taking the weekend off.

I weighed 179.8 this morning (down about 7lbs from Monday).  I upped the calories today from yesterday to what is around maintenance level.  I did this because lower day takes a great deal of energy and I need the nutrition for recovery, especially since today's WO was full volume and not a typical "cut" WO.  I'm leaning out a bit, but not strictly cutting.  I just want to strip off a little fat to get down to a level where I'll "bulk" again.  Another hard cut won't come probably until late winter early spring.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 236 249 33  2,211
Calories 944 996 294  2,234
Percent 42% 45% 13% 100%

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thu 11/15 - Upper Deload4 & Stripping off the fat


2-hour break for meeting and lunch

(50#Crunch)30/+10,10,10,10 (5)

46mins total

Was getting ready to head over to large Sprint gym when I got an IM from boss asking for something for an All Hands Meeting presentation this afternoon. Change of plans and a lot less time before a meeting with Oracle, so had to move pretty quickly through exercises.

Incline with higher reps felt really good.  Decided to try some rows and see how elbows felt.  Palms facing with v-bar was really painful.  Narrow overhand grip wasn't too bad.  I hate not being able to hit back like normal, but all pulling movements hurt.  I should probably just stop them for a while, but with my hunting trip coming up, that will be a week off lifting so I'm trying to do some work before breaking for that. 

Seated OHP were good and supersetted them with some light, low-rep, pulldowns.  Next was DB bench.  These felt great, and pretty hard for 50#'s after hitting incline and OHP already.  Chest and tri's were on fire after these higher rep sets.  Rear delts were good.  I was running short on time, but wanted to get Overhead Tri Extensions in.  These felt great.  Tri's were really pumped.

I took a 2 hour break for my meeting, lunch, etc., then went back downstairs to the gym in my street clothes and did a few quick exercises.  Weighted crunches were good, but I think I need to go heavier.  Doing too many reps here.   Two sets each of dips and flys and called it a day.

Given the time constraints today, I got some really good work in.  I wanted to hit heavy bench with light volume, but had to improvise and was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this WO.

I weighed 180.2 this morning.  Stripping off the fat.  Worked out fasted (16 hours).  Cals a little higher than yesterday because of WO.  Tried to eat most of the carbs w/in 2 hours of the WO (oatmeal).

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 236 119 22  1,619
Calories 943 475 200  1,617
Percent 58% 29% 12% 100%

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wed 11/14 - Cardio & Cut

I walked 50 mins in my hunting boots again to continue breaking them in.  I walked fasted at lunch.

I weighed 182.6 this morning.  Lower carbs today because no WO and I'll be leaning out a bit.  I will say that after getting used to eating 2,500-3,000 cals a day for a couple of weeks while bulking made it difficult to go down to 1,300 today.  Ouch!  How did I do this for days (weeks) at a time with even lower carbs than I had today?

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 210 88 17  1,338
Calories 842 353 155  1,350
Percent 62% 26% 11% 100%

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tue 11/13 - Lower Deload3

This isn't a deload WO actually, but trying to take it easy for 2 weeks on upper body.  Still hammering lower while the elbows get a rest.  I see the PT tomorrow to see what he has to say.  Hopefully it will be something other than "stop lifting for a month".

(Squat)175x6,185x5,5,5 (4) Good
(RDL)225x6,275x6,6,6,6 (4) Really good
(35#GHR)3x12 wow, good


Squat was good. 185 was "heavy".  Trainer at the gym gave me a tip on squating w/ smith machine. He recommended moving my feet up more so my back stays more vertical and not rounding as much when in bottom position.  RDL's were good & 275 didn't feel all that heavy. 

Leg press was good.  These high reps burn like hell.  I had SLDL penciled in, but did Glute Ham Raises (GHR) with a 35# plate instead.  These were really good and really worked better than SLDL's have been.  I had leg curls next, but skipped them after GHR's.  For once a smart call in the gym I think.  Hamstrings and glutes really worked from these and didn't need to press it.  I did a couple sets of shrugs, then torture twists for abs, and finished off with 2 sets of dips.  I did some stretching for my hams to cool down.  GHR's worked me pretty hard after squats and deads.

Really good workout.  Happy with squat, deadlift & GHR. I'm still surprised that I can't squat more.  Lots of work to be done there.

I weighed 183.4 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 220 188 31  1,898
  Calories 881 751 278  1,910
  Percent 46% 39% 15% 100%

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mon 11/12 - Upper Deload3

(185#SmithBench)4x8  Good
(105#RowMachine)4x12 Surprisingly good
(70#OHP)3x10 A bit too heavy
(50#Crunch)25/+7,7,7,7 (5)
(HeelToCeilingCrunch)25/+15,15,25 (4) Great

38 mins
Chest: 7
Back: 4
Shoulders: 6
Tri's: 3
Abs: 9
Total: 20 (not including abs)

Bench was pretty good. I've been doing mainly incline the last couple of weeks so it was nice to do flat bench.  Wrists tender.  I used the plate weighted row machine and it was actually better than I expected.  I tried BOR's, but that wasn't happening with my elbow.  I did 70# OHP again after noting it was a little too heavy for sets of 10+ reps.  Well, it was a bit too heavy again today.  You'd think I'd learn.  Inc flys felt good.  Overhe tri extensions and rear delt flys were good.  I was really feeling rear delt flys in my tri's today. Not sure why. 

I bumped up the weight to 50#'s for crunches today.  I thought I had these nailed down, but still not sure about form.  They were decent I guess.  Instead of full lying leg rasises to hip/heel thrust, I just did reps of the hip/heel thrust toward the ceiling.  Trying to take the hip flexors out of the movement by doing this. These felt really good, especially after already doing weighted crunches.

Overall a pretty good WO.  I stopped by the doc office after WO to get an appointment to have my elbows looked at because they are bad, and don't appear to be getting better.  No one was at the reception desk, so I'll have to stop down later today.

I weighed 186.6 this morning.  Slow bulk is now over after this weekend.  Starting a short cut this week to get weight back down a little.  I'll keep protein fairly high and just reduce carbs some and keep diet clean. I was at ~1,500 cals but added 1/2 turkey sandwich and an apple to get it to ~1,900.  Didn't want to start the cut too hard on a WO day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 219 180 37  1,928
  Calories 877 721 334  1,932
  Percent 45% 37% 17% 100%

Sat/Sun - 11/10 & 11/11

Saturday 11/10
Weighed 183.0

Sunday 11/11
Hiked at Red Rock Overlook Park 45 mins
Weighed 184.4
I did some pushups yesterday and elbows were killing me today.  WTF?!?!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fri 11/9 - Deload Lower2

(Squat)135x6,155x6,175x6,6,6,6 (5) Real good
(RDL)225x6,245x6,265x6,6,6 (5) good
(TortureTwist)30/+10,10,10,10 (5) Great
(Dips)15/+5,5,5,5 (5)


Squat was good.  Was planning on 4 sets, but wanted to do another set at 175#'s.  Dead lifts were good and 265 wasn't too hard, but toward the end I could feel my right elbow beginning to hurt.  High rep leg press burned pretty good after squats and deads!  110#'s on SLDL is too light, but I supersetted this with hammer curls and my forearms were on fire.  It was painful holding onto 110#'s for 15 reps of SLDL's.  I think this was a mistake to do curls because it bothered elbow.  The only curls I can even attempt right now are hammer curls across the body.

I had weighted crunches penciled in, but I did those yesterday so I did torture twists.  These are the highest reps I think I've ever done, and they didn't seem too hard.  Awesome!  Couldn't help myself from doing a few dips.  They were feeling good, so I did a few more than normal.  Probably not smart.  One of these days
I'll learn.

Really good WO.  Very pleased with Squat and RDL.

I weighed 178.0 this morning.  I ate a lot today, especially after getting the kids.  Still fairly clean, but as you can tell from below, quite a bit of food. :)  Good day to do it after squat/deadlifts.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 327 477 95  4,057
  Calories 1308 1907 857  4,072
  Percent 32% 47% 21% 100%

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thu 11/8 - Deload Upper2

(60#DBIncline)3x10 + 35#x17 Very good
(135#BOR)3x12 Good
(70#OHP)3x10 Too hard
(40#Crunch)25/+7,7,7,7 (5)

Chest: 7
Back: 3
Shoulders: 6
Tri's: 3
Abs: 5
Total: 19 sets

Incline felt good.  I was going to do 1 heavy set and then back off and do 2-3 high rep sets.  60#'s felt good, but not heavy enough for a "heavy" set, so instead of backing off I just did 3 sets of 10 with 60, then went real light with 35#'s for 17reps.  I probably shouldn't have done rows because of my elbows, but did anyway.  These felt real good during the exercise (on smith machine). 

Overhead Press was harder than it should have been due to burning out tri's a little bit on incline I think.  Incline flys felt good.  I was happy to be able to do close grip bench (did them on smith machine).  Super setted close grip with rear delts for shoulder health.  Finished up with weighted crunches on the swiss ball.  Still working on these.  Might have to go heavier.

Overall a good workout.  Short and sweet with a little bit of good work.  OHP too heavy for a deload week.  Gotta err on the light side (which I'm very bad at). Elbows were really tight and sore right after WO in the shower.  I think rows and close grip bench bothered them.  I something is going to bother them every workout, but I'm hoping for improvement.  I think I'll see the doc about them soon.

I weighed 177.6 this morning.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wed 11/7 - Cardio

Walked for 62 mins in new boots.  Trying to get a little cardio and break in my hunting boots at the same time.

I weighed 178.2 again this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 204 179 39  1,872
  Calories 815 717 352  1,884
  Percent 43% 38% 19% 100%

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tue 11/6 - Deload Lower WO1

First lower body deload workout.  I probably won't be cutting intensity/volume as much on lower body because I really just started working it hard recently.  My upper body definitely needs to the rest to heal more than my legs.

(Squat)135x6,155x6,6,6 (4)
(RDL)225x6,6, 245x6,6 (4)
(40#Crunch)20/+7,7,7,7 (5)
30 mins

Squat was good, but it's hard for me to guage effort on squat.  Really any weight of 135+ is an "effort" for me as I'm still learning the movement. I guess this was easy enough for the purpose.  RDL was good.  I wanted to keep adding weight, but thought better of it.  I started off with 150# leg press, but that just felt too light.  I had leg curl and calves written in, but I decided to do stiff leg dead lift instead of leg curl and there wasn't a calf machine. 

Finished up with weighted crunches on a bosu ball (half ball).  These weren't as good today.  I think the bosu needed more air in it and my hips started coming into the movement.  Still decent though.  Maybe it's back to the swiss ball?

Overall a good lower workout.  Nice and brief with some decent work in 30 mins.

I weighed 178.2 this morning. 

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 249 245 39  2,313
  Calories 997 979 351  2,327
  Percent 43% 42% 15% 100%

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mon 11/5 - Deload Upper WO1

First deload WO.  I just did upper today because hit legs hard yesterday and they don't need any work today.  Elbows killing me, so no pulling today.  I'll hit lower tomorrow and alternate upper/lower for the deload workouts.


Chest: 8
Back: 3
Shoulders: 6
Tri: 3
Total: 20sets

First workout of the deload week.  Incline was good.  I tried several different rows and pulldowns with different grips and light weight.  Sharp pain in my right elbow, so gave up.  I'll "test" it later in the week, but probably best to just not do any pulling for at least a week.  I did some back extensions instead.  I was going to do DB OHP, but thought getting DB's up might bother the elbows, so I just used the machine.  Incline flys were OK, but I should have started with 25#'s, maybe even 20#s.  Overhead tri's were good.  Rear and lateral delts were good, but I don't know if I should have done all 3 shoulder exercises.  I added DB bench at the end and in hindsight, 40#s was too heavy (even though it wasn't "heavy") because I really just wanted to pump out some reps.  I should have started around 30#'s.  Next WO, I think I'll do flat bench 1st and incline 2nd.

Overall a pretty good first deload WO.  Didn't work too hard, but got a nice stimulation.  I'll tweak it a bit for next time based on how it went today.  Overall lesson learned was, when in doubt, go lighter to make sure 10 reps is EASY and get closer to 12 reps on a few of the exercises.

I weighed 179.4 this morning.  The same weight as yesterday even with all I ate yesterday.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 231 212 39  2,100
  Calories 923 848 354  2,126
  Percent 43% 40% 17% 100%

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sun 11/4 - FB SD Hyp

(135#Incline)4x8 real good
(Squat)135x7,155x5,5,5,5 (5) good

(95#OverheadPress)6,6,7,8,7 (5) real good
(RDL)225x5,5,5,7,245x6 (5) real good

(35#Crunch)20/+7,7,7,7,7 (6)

Chest: 11
Back: 8
Legs: 10
Shoulders: 9
Abs: 6
Total: 38 sets (not including abs)

Incline was good. I was tempted to do a 5th set, but stuck with the plan.  Squats were good.  I was tempted to bump weight, but still really a beginner on these so stuck where I was.  Good decision.  Good G1.

Since this is my last planned hard workout for at least a week, I decided to go ahead and do pullups.  I used rings for grip and just attached them to the pullup bar.  This is supposed to be easier on the wrists/elbows.  Not sure it helped, but certainly can't hurt. OHP was good.  I got some extra reps because I had a good amount of rest between a couple of sets.  I was doing them in the squat rack and there was a nice small guy squating next to me with over 300lbs.  I asked him for some squating advice and he was more than happy to give me some pointers.  I wanted to ask him to critique my deadlift, but he was gone while I was doing them (I think he was taking a dump) and I didn't want to take too much of his time anyway.  Dead lifts were really good today.  By the 3rd set of 225#'s my grip was failing by the 4th/5th rep so I tried (for the first time) using a mixed grip.  WOW, did this ever help.  I easily got 7 reps next set and then bumped up the weight and got 6.  I was disappointed I was done with deads because I wanted to continue and add more weight.  Good to know for next time.  Good G2.

My workout was already running long, but wanted to get some added work.  Incline flys were REALLY good again.  Love these after already hitting regular incline.  Rear/Lateral delts were good supersetted again.  Did weighted crunches on the swiss ball and they were pretty good.  Still having some balance problems occasionally. After crunches were done, I put a bosu ball (a half ball) on the floor and did a set of non-weighted crunches on it.  Very good and no balance issues.  I think I'll use this next time for weighted crunches.  I plan to increase the weight which might only compound balance issues on the swiss ball.  Of course, controlling that balance probably works the core better/differently too.  I was done, but couldn't resist a myo-reps set of dips.

Overall a great workout!  Took longer than normal, but that's partly because of talking with that guy, and setting up for squats/deads/pullups with rings, took a bit longer than normal.  Time for a break.  I know my body, especially elbows, needs it, but I'm kind of bummed.  Hopefully that just means I'll be ready to hit it real hard once I deload.

I weighed 179.4 this morning.  Even though I didn't work out yesterday, I'm a little perplexed that I'm up over a pound.  It's not a bad thing, I just didn't expect it.  Getting my feed on this afternoon after killer WO today.  About 3,000 calories today.  That's the most calories I've eaten on a "clean" day.  Nothing bad, just lots of healthy food.  A lot of milk and Cherios were just fantastic.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 261 391 41  2,982
  Calories 1043 1564 370  2,977
  Percent 35% 53% 12% 100%

Sat 11/3 - Rest

Day off today to rest.

I weighed 178.0 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 226 270 60       2,521
  Calories 902 1078 537       2,517
  Percent 36% 43% 21% 100%

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fri 11/2 - FB SD Hyp

(60#DBIncline)4x10 very good
(135#BentOverRows)4x12 great
(70#OHP)10,8,8 (3)

Incline and BOR's were both very good.  I did BOR on the smith machine and these really worked with 12 reps.  OHP/Dip combo was not a good one.  Too much tri work and OHP suffered, so I skipped the 2nd set of dips and just did them after I finished OHP.  I supersetted rear/lateral delts.  This was really tough.  It's been a while since I really supersetted the shoulders like I used to. Burns!

I'd done heavy legs 2 of last 3 days, so wanted to give my legs a break today so I just did some higher rep leg press, though these still felt hard because my legs are kind of dead.  I tried tri-pushdowns, but they bothered my left elbow so I switched to overhead tri extensions.  Still love these.

Good workout, but elbows are bad.  I really need a break.  One more workout this weekend and then 1-2 weeks de-load.  I'll see how I feel Saturday morning and decide if my last WO on this SD FB Hypertrophy routine will be Sat or Sun. Then deload, then start back up on the GBR.  More on that later.

I weighed 178.6 this morning.  I'll reduce calories slightly over next week or two during de-load and see where I'm at.  Then I'll probably lean back down a little bit before the holidays hit.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 249 310 52       2,641
Calories 996 1240 466       2,703
Percent 37% 46% 17% 100%

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thu 11/1 - FB SD Hyp

A1(185#Incline)5x5 Good
B(Squat)153x6,155x6,6,175x6,6 (5) Good. Hard.

A2(90#OHPress)8,8,7,7 (4)
B(RDL)225x6,245X6,265X5,7 (4) Good

(30#BallCrunch)20/+7,7,7 (4) Good for once!
(60#RearDelt)12/+3,3,3,3 (5)
(50#IncFlys)3x10 Great!

Chest: 8
Back: 9
Legs: 9
Shoulders: 9
Abs: 4
Total: 35 sets (not counting abs)

Incline bench was pretty good, but my shoulders were sore.  Haven't progressed with weight here though.  BOR's were good.  I was going to do 150#'s, but I think that's a bit heavy and I don't feel it working as well with 5x5.  8 reps was really good.  Heavy enough to work hard, but light enough to get good reps with fatigue w/o cheating.  When I go heavier for 5 reps I think I might be cheating a bit and not getting as much out of them.  Squats were real good.  I warmed up with a set of 135#'s.  Last set was hard and don't think I had another rep in me.  Really good G1.

Pulldowns were blah.  I probably shouldn't have even done them, given my elbow issues.  OHP was good.  I had SLDL written in, but with the smith machine SLDL doesn't really work for me and it's more of a RDL.  These were real good and pushed out a couple extra reps on last set.  Decent G2.

After doing some more research on weighted crunches last night and watching some videos of them being done properly, I think I FINALLY got them right using a swiss ball.  They didn't feel like they were working at first (I was using a 30# dumbbell).  This is where I used to give up on them, but I kept at it with strict form and they felt good and didn't turn into "back snaps" like they tend to do on the decline bench.  I'll keep doing these, slowly increasing the weight.  Very happy I FINALLy think I got them.  Rear delts were OK.  Incline flys were great.  Really like these after hitting heavy BB incline.

Overall a really good WO today.  Really happy with squat (knees were OK too), RDL, crunch and flys.

I weighed 179.4 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 236 249 43       2,289
  Calories 946 994 389       2,329
  Percent 41% 43% 17% 100%

Wed 10/31 - Cardio

Cardio: Walked 46 mins. Tons of trick-o-treaters out.

I weighed 179.6 this morning.  Slightly lower carbs/cals today because no WO. 

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 225 163 31       1,844
  Calories 900 652 279       1,831
  Percent 49% 36% 15% 100%