Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sun 12/30 - Lower

Workout: (Fitness First)
(225#RDL)3x8,275#x8 great
(LegPress)4platesx15,6platesx12,12,12 good
(185#SLDL)3x10 very good

Wasn't sure if I felt up for a WO today, but it ended up being really good.  RDL wasn't super heavy, but good reps with 225 and great reps with 275. I wanted to do another set of 275, but 2 people were waiting for the cage and 4 sets really was probably more than enough.

I moved up to 6 plates after 1st set of leg press and they felt good. I supersetted with SLDL and bumped up the weight and they felt really good.  I used straps for the last 2 sets because grip was becoming an issue (like last WO).  I used straps on shrugs as well and they were better today because I could concentrate on traps instead of holding onto the DB's.

Crunch/Ball pike combo was good again and thinking I might have to bump up weight on crunches again. I decided to do a couple sets of dips to finish the WO and 3 sets of 12 were good.  I warmed up for 5mins on the treadmill and cooled down with 15 for a total of 20 mins.  I hate the treadmill.

I weighed 185.4 this morning.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fri 12/28 - GBR Upper

Workout: (Iron Bound Gym)
(75#DBIncline)7,7,7,5,50#x10 good
(90#T-Bar)8,8,70#x10 good
(45#IsoLatShldr)4x12 great!
(70#OHTriExt)10,10,9 bump in #'s

DB Incline was good, but lost 2 reps on last set.  Added 50#x10 set, which felt good but I think affected the # of reps on bench.  T-bar row was good, but elbows were bothering me so I decreased weight for last set. Held and squeezed at contraction for lighter set which felt really good.  I only did 1 back exercise because my back has been kind of sore from hitting it frequently with back on upper days and heavy dead lifts.

Iso lateral shoulders were great.  Need to increase weight here.  Incline flye's were good and probably need to bump up to 35#'s here. 65# DB's weren't available for OH tri extensions, so I did 70#'s. I've been wanting to bump weight up on these for a while and didn't have a choice today and these were good.

I hit delts and 2 sets of curls and called it a day.  I was a little disappointed I didn't get 4x7 on incline, but still good chest work today.  Fairly happy with the WO overall.

Feeling like a fat pig.  Thank goodness I leaned out a bit before coming down to Williamsburg for the week of Christmas.  Going to have to get back on the horse right away when I get home.

Thu 12/27 - Christmas Town Cardio?

Had a great outing to Christmas Town and Busch Gardens with my kids, mom and Tara and her kids.  Spent 5 hours walking around and riding rides.  It was cold, but a great time!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wed 12/26 - Lower

Workout: (Iron Bound Gym)
(RDL)225x8,275x6,6,6,300x2 PR!
(LegPress)4platesx15,15,15,6platesx15 Good
(135#SLDL)3x15, 185#x10 Grip dead
(BallPike)3x12 good

Started with 225#'s for dead lifts, then got 3 good sets at 275#'s.  This didn't feel too heavy so I added a 10# disk to each side. I did the math and realized I was at 295#'s, so I added a 2.5# on each side for an even 300#'s.  I wanted to get 3-4 reps with this weight, but only got 2. I think I could have done 2 more reps, but my grip was failing and I couldn't hold the weight.  Still a great RDL session.

Leg Press and SLDL were a superset with leg press feeling pretty good, so I added 2 plates for the last set.  135#'s was too light for SLDL so I added weight on the last set there as well.  I need to start with more than 135 from now on here.  My grip was pretty dead by the end of SLDL and became more problematic during shrugs.  Going to have to work on grip strenght (been saying that for a while though, and haven't done it yet).

The weighted crunch/swiss ball pike combo seems to be working well for abs.  Finished the WO with 2 sets of dips.  Good lower WO.  I wonder when my knees are going to be ready for squats again.  Until that time, I'll have to work on leg press.  Very happy with RDL today. Just wish my grip wasn't failing.  Next time I'm feeling energetic, I'll have to bump up the weight sooner.

Went to the indoor shooting range with Gregg, Hayden, Eric, Griffin, Kane.  Shot the new Glock 22.  Liked it.

Tue 12/25 - Christmas Cardio

Walked 20 mins to Tara's for brunch.
Walked 40 mins home from Tara's after brunch.

Great Christmas with my kids, Mom, Cranny, Tara and her gang.  Beautiful day in Williamsburg.  They had snow (White Christmas) in Leesburg/NOVA.  In the afternoon I took the boys to an outdoor range (Chickahominy WMA) and we shot the AR.  They really like it.

Mon 12/24 - GBR upper

Workout: (Iron Bound Gym)
(135#Incline)10,10,8,60#DBx10 (4)
(45#IsoLatShldr)3x11 very good

Workout out at Iron Bound Gym in Williamsburg.  It was busy and had to wait for the incline and got 3 sets. Others were waiting so I did the last set with DB's.  BOR was good and did 9 reps/set rather than 8.  Bench was pretty good.  T-bar rows felt heavy after BOR.

Iso lateral shoulder press was really good, as were OH tri extensions.  I used 25#'s for lateral and delts and did them as a triple superset with OH tri extensions.  I did some curls again today and I'll try to do a few sets every other workout or so as long as they don't hurt my elbows too much.  I finished with some ab work and was picking up my stuff by the triceps pushdown machine so I decided to do 2 quick "burnout sets".  They felt good.

Good WO, but I was frustrated with having to wait for the incline and then having 3 guys waiting for me to finish my sets.

I walked for close to an hour (55 mins) with Mom in the afternoon.

Not going to bother tracking it while in Williamsburg. I'll just try to make sure I'm getting adequate protein and not worry too much about the rest until I get back home.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sat 12/22 - GBR Upper

Workout: (at Fitness First)
(75#DBIncline)4x7 awesome. PR!
(135#Bench)12,12,14 great!
(80#IsoLatRow)3x12 Love 'em
(60#OHTriExt)3x10 hard

This was the 3rd upper WO this week, so wasn't sure how I'd be feeling. DB incline was great. First time I've gottne 4x7 w/ 75#DB's. Bent over rows were OK. I'd like to bump the weight here, but it's easy to cheat on these so I've been sticking with 135.  Flat bench was very good today.  Better than last WO where I hit a wall.  Got 14 on the last set and wasn't grinding too hard for that. Should probably up the weight. I'm loving this IsoLateral row machine. I can really feel it working my back. Gotta bump the weight to 90#'s next time.

Per last WO, I used 45#'s on the IsoLat shoulder press machine today. Still figuring out the weight, hence the erratic reps. Works the shoudlers well. Incline flyes were OK - bothered my elbows a bit.  OH tri extensions were OK. Would still like to be bumping the weight on these because I've been stuck on 65# DB's for a while, but tri's are pretty wiped after all the pushing.  I did the tri extensions, lateral (bumped to 25#DB's here) and rear delts as a triple super set because I was running short on time.

Great WO! Very happy with incline and bench and this was at the end of the week (3rd upper WO) and I've been cutting all week and worked out fasted.  Very pleased with the progress during a cut.

I weighed 177.4 this morning. Time for some increased calories today. Treated myself to PeiWei and a couple pieces of fruit.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 216 239 46   2,213
  Calories 862 957 418   2,236
  Percent 39% 43% 19% `

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fri 12/21 - Lower

Workout: (at Fitness First)
(LegPress)2platesx25,4platesx20,20,20 (4)

I warmed up with 135#x12 and could still really feel the rows in my back from yesterday, so I decided then not to go heavy.  225#'s was enough for today.  After the 1st or 2nd set I was tempted to put more weight on, but could feel a bit of strain in my right elbow and sound judgement prevailed (fortunately).  I wasn't planning on leg press because my knees were barking at me this morning, but after RDL, the felt a little better. The high reps felt pretty good and I supersetted them with SLDL.  I got light headed a few times during this superset.

I did shrugs, which were OK and used same DB for crunches.  These were really good today.  Sometimes it just feels like I'm hitting/isolating them much better than others.  I did 2 sets of ball pikes (pikes with the swiss ball) and they felt really good on lower abs after hitting heavy crunches.  I'll do this combo again when I get a chance.

Pretty average WO.  Still can't really hit legs like I'd like, but doing what I can.

I weighed 178.0 this morning.  Gone are the days when I can eat clean for a week and be 170 or below.  I guess that's a good thing, because I'm leaning out & it means I've put on a decent amount of LBM during my last 2 cycles.  Good nutrition today, but should have eaten more around the WO.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 205 115 28   1,513
  Calories 819 460 252   1,532
  Percent 53% 30% 16% `

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thurs 12/20 - GBR Upper

Workout: (Worked out at Fitness First)
(135#Incline)4x10 Good
(135#Bench)12,12,9 Hard
(80#IsoLateralRow)3x12 Aweome!
(20#LatDelt)3x12 Good
+13 mins on the dreadmill=70mins

Barbell incline was good, but a felt a little harder than last 4x10 WO. This was reflected in flat bench where I got less reps than last time.  BARELY got #12 up on 2 set, and only 9 on last set. Really low cals/carbs yesterday & working out fasted might have played a part here. BOR's were OK, but the iso lateral row machine was really good. Good weight and good reps.

I decided to do shoulders on the iso lateral machine instead of OHP today.  First set was too light, but 45#s were great.  Felt a burn/pump in my shoulders more than w/ OHP. I'll do these when at this gym more often.  Incline flyes were really good again today, but not really close to adding weight here.  Chest is always fatigued by the time I hit these.

Overhead tri's were OK.  I did more reps with lateral raises today. Probably a product of just doing them more frequently lately.  Rear delt's were OK.  Was planning on using the machine, but someone was on it, so I did DB's.  I decided to hit curls today. I haven't done them in months due to my elbows. I did hammer curls which puts less stress on the elbows/tendons and these felt pretty darn good.  Hit abs and that was that.

Good WO today.  A little weaker on incline/bench, but some great work on the iso lateral machines.  I'll have to try the iso lateral bench sometime soon.  It felt good to do a few curls again.  Walked on the dreadmill for 13 minutes that felt like an hour.


Weighed 178.2 this morning.  Post WO meal was a whey shake, plus a bowl of Cherios with sliced up banana.  I think I could have eaten 4-5 bowls.  Fairly good nutrition day.  Higher carbs; still well below maintenance.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 224 146 28   1,728
Calories 897 585 256   1,738
Percent 52% 34% 15% `

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wed 12/19 - Cardio?

Cardio: I went for a 50 min walk.  That's about the best cardio I've been able to manage lately.  Felt good to get out, but my knees still aren't right.  They feel like they are "locking up" at times.  Still painful to stand up from a seated position.  Ughhhh.

Nutrition: Weighed 178.8 this morning.  Strict/clean diet today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 214 51 25   1,278
Calories 856 204 225   1,285
Percent 67% 16% 18% `

Tomorrow: Not sure what I'll be doing for a WO tomorrow.  I'd normally hit legs or a heavy full-body WO, but think I might give legs another day off and do an upper higher rep WO.  All that really means lately is higher rep incline/rows (first main movements) and pretty much the same on all accessory stuff.  Might go to the gym in Leesburg in the morning.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tue 12/18 - GBR upper

(75#DBIncline)7,7,7,5 Good
(155#SmithBOR)4x8 very good
48 mins

Good DB incline.  Was hoping to get 4x7, and almost had the 6th rep up on the last set, but just couldn't get it. I didn't feel very strong on the first set, so I was really pleased to get 3x7, plus the last set of 5. BOR were good and I really tried to hold the weight at contraction for a split second and really squeeze my back.  I could still feel dead lifts from yesterday in my back though.

I bumped the weight up on smith bench and really worked the last two sets.  These were good.  Rows were good, but to spare my elbows at least a little I stopped at 8 reps when I could have done more.  OHP was really good, but tri's were worked pretty well and my right shoulder is still a little off, so I cut it to 2 sets.  More precautionary than due to pain.  Incline flyes were really good today. I really squeezed at the top/contraction and really felt it in my chest.

Tri extensions were good.  I considered bumping up to 70# DB's, but 65 was enough.  Rear and lateral delts were good.

Note on shoulders: I always do OHP after incline and bench and delt work at the end of my WO's.  I'm thinking I need to occasionally move OHP earlier in the WO because after all the bench pressing my tri's are worked and I can't go very heavy on presses.  That, or do a dedicated short shoulder WO once in a while, but that puts stress on the shoulder girdle an extra day and my shoulders can be a bit temperamental.  Dunno.  Trial and error I guess and see what works.

As predicted, my weight was up a little this morning to 180.0 and it's got to be due to the high sodium in all the crab I ate.  Pretty good nutrition day again today.  Basically same as yesterday, but 2 pieces of fruit so carbs were slightly higher today.

TOTALS: Grams 225 152 27   1,740
Calories 898 609 242   1,749
Percent 51% 35% 14% `

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mon 12/17 - Lower (Pop goes the knee)

(RDL)135w/u,225x8,245x6,6,265x6,6 (5) great! Rep PR @ 265lbs.
(LegPress)2platesx25,4platesx15,15,15 (4)
(LegExtension)Pop goes the knee!

I decided to work out in Leesburg before work this morning so I could do deadlifts w/o the smith machine.  Deadlifts were great and 265 lbs didn't feel all that heavy.  I did the last 3 sets mixed grip which makes a big difference for me.  Leg press felt pretty good, but did feel it in my knees.  SLDL were good, but too light, but just stuck with it instead of adding weight and kept reps high.  Definitely need to start doing cardio, because I was winded after these sets.  Need to go heavier on these and keep reps 10-12.

I decided I'd better start trying to do leg extensions because I can't squat right now because of my knees.  This turned out to be a huge mistake.  I could hear a "grinding" type sound on the first couple of reps and then felt something kind of "pop" in the inner side of my right knee.  I stopped immediately and am hoping I didn't do any real damage.  Moved on to shrugs which should have been heavier and bumped up weight on crunches to 70 lbs.  These were good and went to near failure on the Myo Rep mini sets.

Workout was going great until leg extensions.  Still a good workout and I was really pleased with deadlifts today. I think these were a Rep PR w/o smith.

Elevated and iced my knee tonight.  It's not too painful, but feels like it's locking up now and then and just feels "unstable".

Weighed 179.2 this morning.  I ate the rest of the king crab legs left over from my b'day tonight, so I won't be surprised if my weight bumps up tomorrow morning.  They are healthy (high protein, low fat), but have a ton of sodium, so some extra water might be held.  Good nutrition day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 229 119 37   1,730
  Calories 916 477 331   1,724
  Percent 53% 28% 19% `

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sun 12/16 - Cardio and Week Recap (Rep PR's)

Walked 38 mins after the Redskins win.  Knees still bothering me, but getting a little better.  Definitely not ready for squats yet.  I might try some leg extensions and see if they are any better then last week.

I weighed 180.8 this morning.  Not bad considering eating out a couple time this weekend.  Pretty good nutrition day today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 196 114 41   1,607
Calories 784 456 365   1,605
Percent 49% 28% 23% `

Week Ending 12/16 Recap:
Good week.  Four good workouts (1Lower, 1Full-body, 2Upper) and two walks.  Some really good Incline barbell and DB and some good bench reps (Rep PR's).  Definitely stronger.  Weight has come down about 8 lbs since I got back from the hunting trip w/o too much effort.  I'll probably come down a little more this week before breaking for Christmas.

Gotta start getting back to some decent cardio.  I noticed this week being more winded after heavy sets.

My elbows were feeling a little better after a week off for the hunting trip, but they quickly reverted back to how they were before.  I've really been focusing on stretching them the last couple of days and will try to keep that up.  Knees are slowly coming around.  My right shoulder barked at me a little last half of the week.

Up this week will probably be same as this week (more/less).  I don't think my legs (knees) are ready for 2 full workloads yet, and this past week seemed to work well.  So, 1Lower, 1FB-heavy, 1Upper-heavy, 1Upper-reps.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sat 12/15 - GBR Upper

Workout: (at Fitness First)
(135#Incline)4x10 great
(135#BOR)4x8 good
(135#Bench)3x12 great
(70#IsoLatBack)3x15 real good
(65#OHTriExt)10,9,9 hard

Great incline today.  First time ever getting 4x10.  BOR was tough, but good.  Bench was great today too. I actually did 13 reps on the last set. I think I've been getting about 12,10,10. If I get those reps on "high rep day" again, I'll bump up the weight. Elbows were bothering me after BOR so instead of doing T-bar rows, I used the Iso Lateral row machine.  I did these high reps and they were great, but weren't any easier on my elbows.

OHP was good, but tri's were pretty beat already.  Flyes were tough and bothered elbows a bit, so I only did 2 sets.  Overhead tri extensions were tough.  Tri's were beat.  Hit lateral and rear delts and called it a day.

Great birthday WO! Very pleased.  But, elbows were pretty bad, so no pulldowns, but other good back work.  If I ever get them back in shape, pullups are going to be a bear.

I weighed 181.2 this morning.  Surprised I dropped weight after eating out last night.  Decent nutrition day.  Protein should have been higher & more carbs around WO.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 189 165 27   1,664
  Calories 755 661 241   1,657
  Percent 46% 40% 15% `

Fri 12/14 - Cardio

Yep, I actually went for a 50 minute walk in the late afternoon.  First walking I've done since my hunting trip.  Knees started aching a little the last 3rd, but felt good to get out.

I weighed 181.6 again this morning.  Nutrition was pretty good.  I went out to dinner with Mom for b'day but didn't go overboard (grilled pork chops and swapped broccoli for mashed potatoes).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thu 12/13 - Full Body

(155#SmithBOR)4x8 Good
(245#RDL)4x7 Good

(95#SmithOHP)4x10 Very good
(125#Row)2x8 Elbows killing

53 mins

DB incline was pretty good. A little surprised I dropped from 8 to 6 on second set, but not bad.  Getting the DB's up in place today was painful on my elbows. Not a good sign.  Wonder if I should do more barbell when I go heavy on these.  BOR's were good.  Bumped up the weight on RDL's from last week (still not back to where I was, but close).

OHP in the smith machine were good today and my right shoulder didn't seem to mind them too much.  I tried a pulldown and that wasn't happening with my elbows, so I did the row machine.  These were really painful too, so I stopped after 2 sets and switched to 2 sets of incline flyes (both supersetted with OHP).  I went a little heavier on leg press today than last WO, but knees are still not back to near 100%.

Finished up with abs and 3 sets of dips.  Pretty good full body WO.  My hamstrings were tight the last two days from my last lower WO so decided to do full body today instead of a straight lower day.  Not sure if I'll work out tomorrow, or give my elbows a rest and either hit upper or another full body on Fri or Sat.

I weighed 180.6 yesterday morning and 181.6 this morning.  There was a holiday pot luck at work yesterday, so weight bumped a little for this morning.  Good nutrition day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 218 138 30   1,679
  Calories 873 551 269   1,694
  Percent 52% 33% 16% `

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tue 12/11 - GBR Upper

(155#SmithIncline)4x10 good
(155#SmithBench)3x12 great
(125#Row)3x10 great
(65#OHTriExt)3x10 good

Today was a higher rep day.  I decided to do barbell incline instead of dumbbells today.  These were good on the smith machine, though I'd rather not have to use it as frequently as I do.  Bent Over Row's weren't great today.  I went lighter, and they bothered my elbow pretty bad.  I did one set with an underhand grip and that hurt even worse than normal.  Smith bench was really good and I bumped up weight on the row machine.  I'm loving this row machine at the large Sprint gym.

My right shoulder has been a little sore the last couple of days and it bothered me a bit during OHP, so I only did 2 sets.  They were good sets.  Incline fly's were tough, so 2 sets were plenty there as well.  Overhead Tri extension (on the preacher curl seat again) were good again.  I need to work on bumping that weight up.  Rear delts were OK, and WO was over there, but I decided to hit 2 quick sets of lateral delts.  I was cooling down and decided some dips might feel good (I love dips).  Chest and tri's were worked well and these bothered my right shoulder a bit.  I probably should have skipped these.

I felt pretty good about this WO.  It started with incline feeling a little tougher than I thought it would be, but warmed up after that and felt good other than my right shoulder barking a little bit (and of course my elbows are still a mess, but that goes w/o saying lately).

I weighed 183.2 this morning.Good nutrition day.  Skipped the apple I wanted tonight.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 203 113 33   1,570
  Calories 813 452 301   1,566
  Percent 52% 29% 19% `

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mon 12/10 - Lower

4-minute Plank

Warmed up with 135x10 for RDL.  I only had 3 sets penciled in for the WO, but it felt good to be doing dead lifts again so I did 4 sets.  When warming up I tried some leg/quad extensions and even with very light weight, it was really painful, so I scratched them off.  I can't do squats, but was able to do fairly light leg press with high reps.  I supersetted that with Stiff Leg Dead Lifts.

I had GHR's written in, and w/o being able to do much quad work, didn't know what else to do, so I stuck with GHR, but only did 2 sets.  That's 3 ham-dominant exercises, so not a balanced WO.  Did shrugs and crunches which were both pretty good and had a few mins left in my time budgeted so I decided to do a plank.  I haven't done planks in a couple months, so I was curious how this would go.  I held the plank for 4 minutes.  Pretty good for not having done any in a long time.

Decent WO.  Just not the same w/o being able to do squats or heavier leg press.  Better than nothing, and my shoulders needed another day off today.

I weighed 186.8 this morning.  My "mini-refeed" did not go well.  It turned into a fairly large re-feed with the kids.  Oh well, back to work...

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 200 147 34   1,663
  Calories 800 589 306   1,695
  Percent 47% 35% 18% `

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sat 12/8 - Upper

(75#DBIncline)7,7,6,5 Good
(135#BOR)4x7 very good
(135#Bench)12,10,10 great
(95#OHP)3x6 good
51 mins

DB Incline was good and got same reps as last WO, so happy w/ that given cut.  Felt good to do bent over row out of the smith. Bench felt really good. Kept the weight really controlled.  T-bar bothered my elbow.  OHP was pretty good, and this also felt good to do out of the smith today.

Incline flys were hard today, and it felt good to get a couple sets of dips in.  Overhead tri extensions were tough after dips so I only did 2 sets.  I did these again sitting on the preacher curl for stability and really like this setup.  Bumped up weight on rear delts and finished up with weighted crunches.

Good workout, especially for cutting all week and working out fasted.

I weighed 179.6 this AM.  Not sure why weight bumped a little.  Refeed today so I won't really bother tracking macro's.  I'll just make sure I get plenty of protein and not worry too much about carbs.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fri 12/7 - Day off & Nutrition

Day off and elbows are really bad today.  I'm not sure if it was from pulling yesterday, or overhead triceps extensions.  Tried to stretch them a lot this evening.

I weighed 178.4 this morning.  That's 10 pounds down from last Friday.  Really clean diet today until dinner.  Went out to eat with the kids, but had a salad with grilled chicken (double meat) and then went to Sweet Frog.  I got no-sugar vanilla, but added a few chocolate covered pomegranates.  The salad also had a little feta on it, but I didn't count either of those separately because I left almonds in the list and didn't eat them, so figure they are about a wash.

Hopefully elbows will feel better tomorrow and I'll try to hit the gym in the morning before the kids wake up and then a small re-feed day.  I'll try not to let it get out of hand :)

Fri Time Item Size Prot Carb Fat Cal Weight
12/7/2012 7:30AM BCAA 10g


12:45PM Creatine 5g

12:45PM Whey Shake W1 1 scoop 30 4 1 140

1PM Salad 16oz 9 21 0 114

1PM Chicken 6.4oz 45 0 2 192

2:15PM Chobani Yogurt 6oz 18 7 0 100

2:45PM Jerky (Walmart) 1oz 14 3 1 80

5:30PM Jerky (Walmart) 1oz 14 3 1 80

7:30PM Chicken 8oz 56 0 2 240

7:30PM Salad 8oz 5 9 0 57

9PM FROYO 2.5servings 8 53 0 250

10PM Casein Protein C2 1 scoop 24 3 1 120

All Day EFA's 10caps 0 0 10 90

All Day Almonds 1oz 6 6 15 185

Prot Carb Fat Cal

TOTALS: Grams 228 109 33   1,648

Calories 914 436 293   1,643
Percent 56% 27% 18% `

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thu 12/6 - Upper (fat coming off)

Workout: (fasted)
(75#DBIncline)7,7,6,5 good
(155#SmithBOR)4x10 very good
(155#SmithBench)12,10,10 great
(95#SmithOHP)3x10 great
(65#OHTriExt)3x10 great

DB incline was good.  I didn't get quite as many reps as Sat (8,7,6,6), but glad I was able to keep at same weight.  I was going to try to do pulldowns or 2 sets of pullups, but that hurt elbows bad on warmup, so I did bent over rows, which were really good.  Smith bench was excellent and then I used the row machine that I'm liking at the large Sprint gym.

Smith OHP was good and I really felt it in my traps on extension/felxion.  Incline flys were decent.  Overhead tri extensions were hard, but really good.  I really felt it in my tri's.  They were well worked from all the pushing already.  I did rear delt on the machine, did torture twists for abs and a couple quick sets of tri pushdowns on the dip assist/med ball.  These weren't as good today, and were really un-necessary.

Excellent WO, especially given low carbs/cals and working out fasted. Very happy w/ today.

I weighed 180.2 this morning.  Decided not to increase carbs/cals much today.  I did have some Cherios w/milk after my WO, but decided not to eat the apple and banana I took to work with me.  I must have went to the fridge 5 times for that darn apple.  This weekend will be tough to keep clean with the kids.  I'm thinking I'll get to the gym early Sat AM before they wake up for a tension WO and have a "re-feed" after (e.g. a day with carbs).

Thu Time Item Size Prot Carb Fat Cal Weight
12/6/2012 11AM BCAA 10g


11AM WO - Upper

1PM Creatine 5g

1PM Whey Shake W1 1 scoop 30 4 1 140

1PM Milk (Fat Free) 1 Cup 9 13 0 90

1PM Cherios 1.5 Cups 5 30 2 150

1:30PM Chicken 4oz 28 0 1 120

3:30PM Salad 16oz 9 21 0 114

3:30PM Chicken 6.9oz 48 0 2 207

5:15PM Jerky (Walmart) 1oz 14 3 1 80

7:30PM Chicken 6.6oz 46 0 2 198

7:30PM Yellow Squash 6oz 2 5 0 30

9:30PM Jerky (Walmart) 1oz 14 3 1 80

9:30PM Casein Protein C2 1 scoop 24 3 1 120

All Day EFA's 10caps 0 0 10 90

All Day Almonds 1/2oz 3 3 8 93

Prot Carb Fat Cal

TOTALS: Grams 231 86 27   1,512

Calories 926 343 246   1,515
Percent 61% 23% 16% `

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wed 12/5 - Another Day Off & Nutrition

Knees are still shot.  Stairs and getting up from sitting position are still painful.  Not good.

I weighed 182.4 this morning.  Strict/clean diet today.  I'm not used to low carbs again yet, and feeling a little "fuzzy" in the head.  That seems to pass after a couple days as the body adjusts.  Hope to have a good upper WO tomorrow.  I'll try to keep "weight on the bar" up as much as possible during this cut.  Cals/carbs will be a little higher tomorrow, but I'll try to keep them to post-workout.

Wed Time Item Size Prot Carb Fat Cal Weight
12/5/2012 8AM BCAA 10g


Noon BCAA 10g

2PM Salad 16oz 9 21 0 114

2PM Chicken 8oz 56 0 2 240

4PM Chobani Yogurt 6oz 18 7 0 100

4:30PM Creatine 5g

4:30PM Whey Shake W1 1 scoop 30 4 1 140

4:30PM Jerky (Walmart) 1oz 14 3 1 80

7PM Canned Chicken  1 Can (7oz) 46 0 4 210

7PM Broccoli 5oz 4 10 0 50

9PM Jerky (Walmart) 1oz 14 3 1 80

9:15PM Casein Protein C2 1 scoop 24 3 1 120

All Day EFA's 10caps 0 0 10 90

All Day Almonds 1oz 6 6 15 185

Prot Carb Fat Cal

TOTALS: Grams 220 57 35   1,409

Calories 879 229 311   1,418
Percent 62% 16% 22% `

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tue 12/4 - Upper

(50#DBIncline)4x12 Very good
(50#DBBench)3x10 good
(DBMil)35#x12,40#x10,10 very good

I didn't have time to drive over to the large sprint gym today, which might be a good thing because it made me go "light" today with 50# dumbbells being the max weight at the small gym.  Sometimes I think the higher rep workouts are actually harder!  Incline and bench were both really good with 50's.  Really controlled the weight and got good work w/o really grinidng out any reps.  Elbows were sore, so I had to mix a few things up and leave out some back work (seated rows).  I did pulldowns, but kept weight relatively high, reps low.  I wasn't sure what to superset with flat bench, so I did GHR.

DB military press was really good and supersetted it with peck deck.  I did peck deck today instead of incline fly's for a change.  These felt great.  I did them with a neutral grip instead of palms facing each other because it's easier on my elbows.  High rep overhead tri extensions were really good and I supersetted them with a lateral/rear delt combo. 

Workout complete, but I wanted to try an exercise I saw from a Westside Barbell video.  You place a medicine ball on top of the dip assist machine and do triceps pushdowns by pushing the ball/assist platform down.  Kind of like a standing close grip bench press.  Pretty good, and I'll do these again.

Overall a really good higher rep workout after two good lower rep chest WO's.

I weighed 183.2 again this morning.  A little surprised I wasn't lower.  Cals ended up being lower than maintenance/planned today.  Mainly because protein wasn't as high as planned.  Pretty good day though.  Got most of my carbs around WO.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 212 133 35   1,680
Calories 846 533 319   1,698
Percent 50% 31% 19% `

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mon 12/3 - Bad Knees/Nutrition

Knees are still bad, so I can't do any cardio or lower body WO's.  After some thought about it (and asking for advice), I think I'll just be doing the "upper" day of the GBR routine, but I'll hit it 3x/week rather than 2x since not doing lower body.

I was planning on a short cut before Christmas and it's going to have to be pretty strict given no cardio and no lower body WO days.  So, plan is to eat at maintenance (or slight surplus) on WO days, and a large deficit on non-WO days.  Today was pretty good, but the first days of a big deficit are always tough after eating like a horse for a while.  I was really craving an apple this evening.  A good high protein/low carb day.  90% of fat came from 1oz of almonds and EFA's (fish oil).

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 266 79 35   1,713
  Calories 1066 317 315   1,698
  Percent 63% 19% 19% `

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sun 12/2 - Upper

Saturday was a day off - I still can't do legs due to my knees and it looks like it's going to be a while before I can do them again.

(75#DBIncline)8,7,6,6 Great. PR!
(135#Bench)13,10,10 Good
(95#OHP)3x6 Good
(30#IncFlys)3x10 Hard!
(OHTriExt)60x10,10,65x10,8 Great

Really good upper WO! Good reps for incline and 75#'s is the heaviest I've ever gone with DB incline!  T-bar rows were pretty good, but felt it in my elbows a little.  I was going to bump up the weight on smith bench today, but decided to do 135#s regular instead. Obviously, this is harder than on smith machine, so lower reps, but these felt really good after heavy incline.  Pulldowns were a bit of a disappointment.  My elbows were hurting, so I stuck with 7 reps and just tried to make the best of it.

OHP was good and I did these in the squat rack instead of the smith.  I had to work pretty hard for 6 reps on last 2 sets.  Incline flys were harder today than last WO.  I think because chest work was harder/heavier today.  Overhead tri extension was heavier than I've gone before and they were feeling good so I added a 4th set.  Still love this movement.  Rear delts were OK and I decided to hit 2 quick sets of shrugs since I'm not really getting much work on upper traps w/o deadlifts.

Very pleased with this WO.  Still bummed about the knees, but happy that I've had 2 really good upper WO's going heavier than before after the week layoff.

I weighed 183.4 this morning.Still not tracking macro's, rather just trying to make sure I'm getting adequate protein and not worrying about much else.  Back to a cleaner diet tomorrow.