Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wed 11/30 - Upper

Workout: Golds

40 + 10 = 50 mins

First WO back at Golds after a few days off, hoping my R shoulder will cooperate. It’s been really painful the last couple of days. I started with DB shoulder press supersetted with bent over rows. 60#DB’s felt pretty darn heavy today, heavier than they should for 3x6. I’ve dieted fairly hard the last 3 days, so maybe that had something to do with it. Oddly, my R shoulder was a bit painful, but it was my Left arm/shoulder that struggled getting the weight up today. No pain, just weak.  Based on this first superset, I decided to keep volume low, especially in light of being in a pretty large caloric deficit.

Next I did iso shoulder press with pulldowns, 2 sets each. Then 2 sets rope extensions with 1 set preacher curls. Finished up with 3 sets of 10/10 crunches (60 reps total) with 2 sets of rear delt fly’s.  Not a great WO, but needed to get in and get some work done.

I weighed 180#’s after getting home from Thanksgiving week. This morning I was 174#’s.  Been in about a 1,200-1,300 daily caloric deficit.  I’ll probably ease up on that after another couple of days.

Sat 11/26 - Upper

Workout: Ida Lee

78 + 10 = 88 mins

WO at Ida Lee this morning before getting on the road to head back to Charlotte. Started with DB shoulder press and decided to give 70#DB’s a shot. Too heavy. I got 5 reps, but the 5th I needed an assist from Sarah so I’m calling it 4. Then 65#’s for 3 sets, then an awesome set w/ 60’s and a drop set to 45’s. Great work.  Supersetted these with heavy pulldowns. I started at 220#’s, but that was a bit too heavy so I dropped to 200. 5 heavy sets, plus a back-off set.

Today I decided to do light DB Incline. I haven’t done incline in over 12 weeks because of my shoulder. It didn’t feel great, and the movement felt odd to me since I hadn’t done it in so long. Interesting that it felt so un-natural since it’s been my main push movement for several years. Supersetted incline with machine seated rows.

Next we didd rope extensions with preacher curls. Finished up with 4 sets of reverse crunches and a combination of 2 sets rear delt fly’s and 2 sets rear delt band pulls. Great WO. This ended a week of 4 really good WO’s.

Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday and again Friday may very well have pushed me over the edge.

Thu & Fri - 11/24-25 (2 Hikes)

Sarah and I hiked around Balls Bluff on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was 1:45 and Friday was 2:10.  Really wish we had a park like this close to our house in Mint Hill, NC.  Balls Bluff is right on the Potomac River and has many miles of trails through the woods and along the river.  Great place for a walk/hike.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wed 11/23 - Pull Day (weighted pullups)

Workout: Ida Lee

40 + 5 = 45 mins

Pull day today at Ida Lee. We didn’t have much time, so rest times were short. I hadn’t done weighted pull-ups in a LONG time, so I didn’t add a lot of weight. I put a 25#DB betweenmy legs and got 8,8,6.  Not bad on short rests. Then I did 4 sets seated rows plus a 5th drop set of 20 reps.  Then we did cable crunches with reverse grip pulldowns. I used to do heavy cable crunches ALL the time. Probably haven’t done them in over a year. Then I did preacher curls with rear delts. Finished up with some more light rear delt fly’s.  Good WO in a short time.

Still not totally off the rails. Yet. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tue 11/22 - Push day (Ida Lee)

Workout: Ida Lee

55 + 5 = 60 mins

Push day at Ida Lee. Didn’t want to go real heavy today, and I didn’t on shoulder press, but really pushed everything else and had a great WO. Started withshoulder press, starting each set at 3 min intervals, so about 2-2.5 mins rest. Wanted a good shoulder stimulation and not go near failure. Then I did side inclinewith reverse crunches. I bumped up the weight on side incline and pushed crunches for AMRAP each set.  Then we did pullovers with crunches. Then we went for 2 heavy sets, plus a drop set on skull crushers. Finished up with rear delt fly’s with DB’s and then bands. Good WO.

Eating hasn’t gotten too out of control yet. Feeling good.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sat 11/19 - Upper (Ida Lee Gym)

Workout: Ida Lee
(60#DBShldr)4x8 (the 65#DB's were missing)

55 + 8 = 63 mins

Sarah and I went to Ida Lee in Leesburg for an early morning WO. For some reason the 65#DB’s were missing, which was frustrating, so I had to go down to 60#’s. I don’t think I’m ready to bump up to 70#DB’s for shoulder press quite yet. I got 4x8, which was really good considering two weeks ago I was getting 5-6 reps. Progress! Supersetted these with heavy pulldowns. Hardest I’ve worked on pulldowns in quite a while. Reminded me of how I have to work when doing weighted pull-ups. Next I did side incline with seated rows. I tried a chest press machine and my shoulder wasn’t having any of it, hence the side incline.  Felt good.

Next was accessory work. Rope extension supersetted with preacher curls. Then heavy rear delt fly’s/raises with reverse crunches.  Really good WO. Very pleased.

Won’t be tracking nutrition or weight while on break in Leesburg for Thanksgiving. Hope I can keep things under control to some degree.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Oct 20 - Nov 16 Workouts

I haven't been updating my WO's in a while because I've been busy and just haven't made time for it. I caught up today.  Following are the WO's I did over the last 3 weeks.  In that time, I've also hiked 9 days, including a 5-day, 53 mile backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail.  My right shoulder has really been bothering me, so the last 5 WO's I've been focusing on DB shoulder press and giving incline a bit of a rest. I'm still doing a little bit of incline, but it's no longer my main pressing movement until I can get my shoulder issue straightened out.

My weight has been good, as I've been very active.  It's hovered in the mid-to-low 170's.