Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wed 7/30 - Lower

Workout: (Ironbound gym)
60 mins + 5 w/u = 65 mins

Solo at Ironbound gym this morning. I did squats in the smith machine. 135 just gelt too light, but 2 sets of that and 2 sets at 185 were good. My hamstrings were tight for some reason, so I kept RDL's light. Leg press was good. I did the last set with only one plate and did them one leg at a time. Liked this as a finisher, but maybe doing single leg first would be better if I did it again. I did crunches with leg press. Leg extensions and curls were ok. I threw in a few rope extensions and curls for some extra arm work.  Good WO. Nothing outstanding, but felt good to get a lower WO in.

I weighed 177.0 this morning on mom's scale. Only a few days into the vacation and weight is creeping up. Feeling a little plump. Hard to keep it in check at mom's house :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tue 7/29 - Upper (with Gregg!)

Workout: Ironbound (in Williamsburg)
68 + 10 w/u = 78mins

Got to work out this morning with Gregg. Had a wonderful time with him and also had a great WO. Incline was really good. since LAFit doesn't havea t-bar, we did them here. Love these. Fly's and pulldowns were good. Overhead tri's and curl combo was good. Finished up with face pulls and some delt work and a myo rep set of pushdowns.  Great WO and grateful for the opportunity to work out with my son.

I weighed 176.0 this morning on Mom's scale. Same weight as yesterday. No idea how accurate it is, but I'll just kind of track the trend whileI'm here. I'm sure it will trend upward.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sun 7/27 - Full Body (abbreviated)

Workout: LA Fitness
49 + 7 = 56 mins

Sarah and I worked out this morning. Got a bit of a let start so just tried to hit a chest, back, quad and ham exercise. Threw in some rope extensions at the end. I went lighter on incline after hammering chest last push WO. Really good reps. Leg press felt heavier than expected. I guess deadlift yesterday took more out of me than I thought. Hamstrings were tight too. Really liked BW inverted rows. Real easy to start but ended up working fairly hard on these. Really felt it good in my back. Liked these a lot and will do them more often.  Fly's were good. 220#'s felt easy. Time was short so a short rest before 2nd set, so drop in reps. Hit some quick tri's and had to split. Sarah stayed and finished her WO.  Good abbreviated WO. This was my 5th WO this week, so it was probably just as well I didn't have more time.

I weighed 177.6. Higher than I'd like. I've been eating during diet break and lifting hard, so hoping I'm making some progress, but this doesn't bode well right before a week of vacation at Mom's with home cooking.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sat 7/26 - Pull Day (DeadLift PR!)

Workout: LA Fitness
(DeadLift)135x10,185x3,225x3,275x3,315x3,335x3,355x1,225x8 DL PR!
58 mins + 6 w/u = 64 mins

Solo pull day today. Last pull WO was great, but I stated the only that could've been better was if I'd done some deadlifts. So, today I did deadlift, for the first time in a long time. I've been doing RDL for a while, but no conventional deadlifts.  I warmed up w/ 135 and then did triples adding 40-50 pounds each set until hitting a 355 single. Then backed off to 225 for 8 reps. Looking over my log, it doesn't look like I've really ever done a DL single. I've done 315 for 2 sets of 5, but 355 is a PR. I had more in the tank, but decided that was enough for today.  Great work. Very pleased.

Since I did deadlifts, I lightened the load a little on BOR. I did 3 sets underhand, 2 sets overhand. I did 3 heavy sets of underhand grip pulldowns followed by 2 back-off sets of partials. Supersetted pulldowns with crunches.  Seated rows were OK, BB curl felt heavy today. I did light, controlled, pulldowns, then finished up with incline curls, face pulls and a little more rear delt work. I bumped the weight on face pulls for 1st set, but it would've been too heavy for 3 sets. AWESOME WO!

I weighed 176.2 this morning after huge sushi dinner last night and a bunch of froyo and cereal right before bed to hit calories for the day. Looks like sushi is on the menu again today. Going to try to keep things under control somewhat though.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fri 7/25 - Push Day

Thu 7/24 - Rest and Celebration Day
I weighed 174.4 and ate a lot for a rest day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 211 392 34  2,705
Calories 846 1568 305  2,719
Percent 31% 58% 11% `

Fri 7/25 - Push Day
Workout: LA Fitness
(85#DBInc)6,6,6,6,6,65x10,9,9 Awesome incline work!
59 mins + 11 w/u =  70 mins

Push WO today. My right shoulder and neck were both really bothering me, but I wanted to go heavy today since last push day I didn't go real heavy. Perfect logic - shoulder and neck in real bad shape...make it a "heavy" day. I'm brilliant.  Anyway, instead of trying to do my normal 3-4 sets of 8 (or as close to that as possible) with 85#'s, I decided to do 5x5. That changed on the first set to try 5x6. I was able to get it, and with fairly short rests. 13 mins total for the 5x6. Good volume with this weight and not too many "grinder" reps. Perfect for today and something I think I'll do more often.  Then, because that wasn't enough volume already, I did 3 sets w/ 65#'s at a steeper incline. One of the better incline WO's I think I've ever done.

Shoulder press was tuff after all the incline pressing. Supersetted these w/ heavy cable crunches. I needed the rest between sets of shoulder press anyway. Fly's got really heavy quickly.  I was going to stop after 2 sets, but stuck w/ the planned 3 but had to lower the weight and still only got 8 reps on that set. Chest was pretty fried. But I did incline fly's anyway. Lately I'd get 10 reps fairly easy with 35#DB's. Not today. 8 first set, dropped weight and still only got 8. I probably could've gotten more, but didn't want to grind these because they're tough on the shoulders (for me). I supersetted DB overhead tri extensions with incline fly's. Surprise, these got realy heavy fast too. Finished up with some heavy-ish pusdowns followed by light rope pushdowns. Last set I did slow negatives. Tri's and chest officially cooked.  Awesome WO! Now I just have to control myself until sushi time with Sarah tonight! :)

I weighed 175.0 this morning. Feeling pretty good. Not quite as lean as I'd like to be leading into a weekend and then a week of home cooking at Mom's, but this diet break is good for me right now. Huge sushi dinner and lots of froyo and cereal late night to hit cals. Hate eating that much late at night, but didn't eat much during the day knowing I was going to have a huge dinner.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 181 357 50  2,581
  Calories 723 1426 448  2,597
  Percent 28% 55% 17% `

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wed 7/23 - Pull Day

Workout: LA Fitness
(205#RevPullDn)3x8,160x8 Great Drop Set
58 mins + 6 w/u = 64 mins

Pull day today. I did 6 sets of bent over rows. 3 underhand grip, then 3 overhand. Last OH set I bumped weight to 185. I should've done the heavy set first. I always do OH grip pulldowns first, so today I switched it up and did  underhand/reverse grip first. I did 3 heavy sets and then a drop set. For the drop set I only came part way down, just setting and engaging my shoulders and back, taking arms out of the movement. These felt great.  Seated rows were good and I supersetted them with heavy barbell curls. 95#'s felt really heavy today and I had to drop weight the last set.

I did 2 sets of overhand grip pulldowns. I started with 160 (light for me normally) and it felt heavy. Dropped weight and did some really good controlled reps. Still felt heavy by the end of each set. Back was WORKED. Finished up the WO with some DB curls, face pulls and rear delt work. For curls, I did incline for as many as I can and then stand up and superset right away with pinwheel curls. Fries the bi's :)  Great pull WO. The only way it would've been better is to have a few sets of heavy deadlift in there. Gotta bring that back. But had I done DL, I wouldn't have been able to get the volume I had today on other movements. R shoulder is still a mess. Really bothering me. And my neck is still really painful from yesterday's WO. Still can't move head to the right and/or down w/o serious pain at times. Feels like I pinched something.

I weighed 176.2 this morning. Not cutting this week and trying to keep calories at maintenance or slightly above for a break from dieting. Not bulking, but just need to eat more normally for a week or so.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 237 366 21  2,594
Calories 947 1465 193  2,604
Percent 36% 56% 7% `

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tue 7/22 - Push Day

Mon 7/21 - Rest day
I weighed 176.6 this morning. Ate a lot for a rest day - over 2,700 cals.

Tue 7/22 - Push Day
Workout: LA Fitness
(75#DBInc)3x10,65x10,10 Weight bump on the 65#'s at steeper incline
60 mins + 10 w/u =  70 mins

Push WO this morning. My R shoulder was killing me all day yesterday, so I warmed it up real well. It wasn't too bad during the WO.  I was still feeling fatigued from last 4 WO's and could've used another day of rest, but wanted to get this in today. Incline was very good. I bumped up the weight on the lighter, steeper incline sets and got great reps. Killed tri's at the end.  Good WO.  I did something to my neck during the WO. Not sure when or what happened, but can't turn my head to the right or down w/o fair amount of pain.  Pull day tomorrow.


I weighed 177.6 this morning. Weight reflective of nutrition yesterday. I ate a lot for a rest day since I'd had 4 straight days of WO's and didn't want to go right back to cutting. Figured I could use the extra food for recovery.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 239 340 33  2,607
Calories 955 1361 299  2,615
Percent 37% 52% 11% `

Sun 7/20 - Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness
(Inc)85x8,8,8,7,60x12,10 Good work
69 + 5 = 74 mins

Worked out w/ Sarah and had a great FB WO! This was the 4th straight day in the gym and I desperately need a day off. Incline was good. Did 4 heavy sets. Sarah helped with last rep on last 2 sets. Squat/RDL combo was good. Nothing else stands out. Just a good overall WO. Didn't go real heavy on anything other than incline given volume and frequency the last 3 days.

I weighed 174.4 this morning.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sat 7/19 - Pull

Workout: LA Fitness
(165#BOR)5x10 2 underhand, 3 overhand
(135#IsoRow)2x10 one arm at a time
(205#RevPullDn)3x10 Weight bump
(30#IncCurl)10+10,8+10 Curl + pinwheel
52 mins + 8 w/u = 60 mins

Worked out solo this morning while Sarah went for a run. She's starting marathon buildup and I miss working out with her. We're working out together tomorrow AM. I did Bent Over Row's in the smith machine. I like to do these sometimes because I can't cheat as much and sometimes get better back activation. I did 2 sets w/ underhand grip, 2 sets overhand grip and 1 set with a barbell w/o the smith. Pulldowns were OK. 220 felt pretty darn heavy. 170 sets were good. Supersetted crunches here. Then I did 2 sets of hammer strength rows one arm at a time.

I wanted to do some heavy curls today, and 3x7 with 95#'s fit the bill. I started reverse grip pulldowns w/ 190 and it felt light, so I stopped and bumped up the weight. 205 got heavy later in the sets, but manageable.  I'm slowly progressing with these, but am stuck on regular overhand pulldowns. Supersetted rear delt raises with these.  Finished WO with incline curls + pinwheel curls and face pulls. I started face pulls w/ 50#'s, but had to drop the weight.  Great WO. Now I have to trim the yard with the weed-eater. Not going to be fun after this back WO.

I weighed 173.0 this morning. Not bad after big Thai dinner last night w/ lots of sodium.

Fri 7/18 - Push

Workout: LA Fitness
60 mins + 10 w/u =  70 mins

Solo this morning and since I want to work out F/Sa/Su I decided I'd do a push/pull/FB. So today was a push day and it was nice to focus on pushing and less overall variety of movements for a change up. I didn't go realy heavy on incline, but some good pressing. I supersetted hammer strength shoulder press and crunches. I've been doing crunches lately w/ on leg bent, one straight and it seems to help me focus on lower abs a bit more. I do a number of reps w/ 1 leg bent, then switch legs and try the same # of reps on the other side. Today I did them w/ a 10# disk on my chest. The superset gave my shoulders a break between pressing sets, which I needed.

Peck deck (fly's) and incline fly's were good. I did reverse grip decline with Cliff and then was able to help him with some tri exercises. Got a lot less reps on decline with this weight than normal.  OH DB tri's felt super heavy after all the pressing and right after close grip decline. Finished up with some rope pushdowns and lateral delts (not a push movement, but whatever). Great WO.

I weighed 172.4 this morning. It's going to be a refeed weekend. Hope I can keep it somewhat in check. Went out for Thai with Sarah and friends for dinner. Something must be wrong with me - I didn't want Sweet Frog for dessert tonight. ????

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 215 334 48  2,632
Calories 860 1335 429  2,624
Percent 33% 51% 16% `

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thu 7/17 - Lower

Wed 7/16 - Rest
I weighed 173.6 this morning. Coming back down nicely.  Tight nutrition day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 200 117 19  1,444
Calories 798 470 168  1,436
Percent 56% 33% 12% `

Thu 7/17 - Lower
Workout: (LA Fitness)
67 mins + 6 w/u = 73 mins

Great lower WO today. I was planning on just doing 135# light squates, but 155#'s was sitting on the bar so I decided to do that. It felt light, so I bumped the weight. Basically same thing for RDL. Squat/RDL were supersetted and this is always pretty brutal. And, it's a reminder that I need to do some cardio.  Good lord! Then I did something really stupid. I wanted a little bit of upper body work, just to get some blood moving through those muscles.  So, the genious I am, I decided to do OHP with the heaviest weight I've ever done for reps, after having not done OHP for at least 2 months.  Brilliant. My R shoulder didn't like it much when I was done.

Leg press was good. Supersetted abs here. After the 3rd set, I immediately did 12 half-reps. This completely fried my quads. Hated and loved it. Burned like a mutha...  Gave my legs a breather after that and did a couple sets of bi/tri's.  Bi's I did 2 sets of incline curls, followed immediately after the 2nd set w/ as many pinwheel curls as I could do (not many). For tri's I did overhead rope extensions followed by a drop set of pushdowns. Finished the WO with leg extensions and leg curls. Legs fried.

I weighed 172.0 this morning. Dropped the weight from the weekend gorge faster than I thought. I'd better eat today. Ate around maintenance today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 224 326 27  2,448
Calories 895 1306 240  2,441
Percent 37% 54% 10% `

Tue 7/15 - Upper

Mon 7/14 - Rest
I weighed 179.0 after yesterday's monster refeed. Ugh. Back on tight diet today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 207 104 18  1,414
Calories 826 416 163  1,405
Percent 59% 30% 12% `

Tue 7/15 - Upper
Workout: LA Fitness
59 + 11 w/u = 70mins

Was still feeling it from this weekend, but a good WO. Incline was OK.  Rows good.  Bumped up weight on fly's. Still progressing there, which is surprising me on a cut. Good OH tri's too.

I weighed 176.0 this morning. Down from 179.0 yesterday after a monster gorge on Sunday. Good nutrition day, but more carbs peri-workout.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 211 190 21  1,798
Calories 845 761 189  1,794
Percent 47% 42% 11% `

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sun 7/13 - Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness
69 + 5 = 74 mins

Sarah and I went camping last night. I didn't get much sleep, but we wanted to do something today, so plan was to hit a lower body WO and throw in a little upper body since Sarah hadn't done it in a couple days. It ended up being a great WO. Sarah went heavy on everything, I did normal lower weight and lighter upper weights since I did upper yesterday. Ended up being a great WO for both of us.

I didn't weigh myself this morning (in the woods camping), but i wasn't all that high. Didn't pig out yesterday. Today was a different story.  Ate a shit ton of chips and salsa/guacamole and a bunch of fish tacos and black beans.  Whoah, my stomach hurts. I haven't had a real pig out day in a couple months. Going to be heavy tomorrow.

Sat 7/12 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
83 + 11 w/u = 94mins

Solo this morning. Went fairly heavy on everything. I was very pleased with incline. BOR was was 2 sets underhand, 2 sets overhand.  IsoRows were mix of double and single arm.  Increased weight on rope extensions and face pulls. Lots of ab work.  Holding strength well. Very good WO.

I weighed 171.8 this morning. Feeling great. Going camping tonight and won't be tracking macros carefully. I'll just make sure to hit protein and let carbs fall where they may.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thu 7/10 - Full Body (brutal today)

Wed 7/9 - Rest
I weighed 172.8 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 200 141 19  1,534
Calories 800 566 170  1,536
Percent 52% 37% 11% `

Thu 7/10 - Full Body
Workout: LA Fitness
84 + 10 = 94 mins

Full Body solo this morning. I REALLY could've used another day off before this WO (or split it into lower/upper), but weekend plans kind of necessitated getting this in today. I was torn about going heavy on incline today, so I did 1 heavy set, 2 back-off's, increased the incline and did 1 more. Good work. Iso rows were good. Leg Press/RDL superset was really good, but about this time I already started hitting the wall in this WO (30 minutes in). I was really light this morning and didn't eat enough before this FB WO.

Pulldown/crunch combos were good. I keep increasing weight or reps on weighted crunches. Been doing a lot of ab work lately.  Fly's were good. Leg curl/extensions were brutal, even though only 2 sets each. Finished up with a barage of tri/bi/delt work.  Increased weight on OH Tri's and Face Pulls. Very good, but really brutal WO. I wasn't planning on a refeed until the weekend, but w/ my weight being low today and this WO, I feel I've got to eat.

I weighed 171.2 this morning. Lowest of the year. Veins where I haven't seen them before. Feeling real lean but am going to have to eat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tue 7/7 - Upper (Great Incline!)

Mon 7/6 - Rest day
I weighed 175.6 this morning. Not bad for after a holiday weekend. Kept things in check.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 205 160 20  1,644
Calories 820 639 184  1,643
Percent 50% 39% 11% `

Tue 7/7 - Upper - Great Incline!
Workout: LA Fitness
75 + 11 w/u = 86 mins

Solo WO this morning. I've been chasing 75# incline for 3x10 on light days for a while now and kept getting stuck at 10,10,9.  Today I got 3x10 and it felt good so I did a 4th set and got 10. So I surpassed my goal and got 4x10. Awesome on a cut! Increased angle of incline and did 2 sets w/ 60#DB's. Awesome work. Iso rows were really good. 3 sets 2-handed and a set single-handed. Fly's were good. Only did 2 sets since a lot of chest volume already.

I supersetted pulldowns with crunches, then superstted reverse grip decline with BB curls. Decline was good. Gotta go heavier here.  Finished up with a little bi/tri/delt work.  Awesome work. Plan seems to be working. Getting leaner and maintaining, if not gaining, strength.


I weighed 173.6 this morning. Feeling great.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sun 7/6 - Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness
(DBInc)85x9,8,7,6,60x12,11 Very nice
78 + 10 = 88 mins

Full Body w/ Sarah this morning. Great incline. Really happy with the effort here. Pushed every set for max reps. Good volume. Increased angle of the incline for 2 more sets after the 4 heavy sets. Wanted to do BOR/RDL superset, but equipment wasn't available, so we did seated rows. 3rd set got real heavy. Dropped reps big time on shoulder press again. Gotta be because it's always after incline and fatigue sets in. Pulldowns were good. Increased weight again on cable crunches.

Leg press/RDL superset was great for 4 sets. Hamstrings fried at the end of these. Fly's were good. I tried to do a drop set after the 3rd set. I dropped the weight to 100#'s and was just fried. Did 6 reps and threw in the towel. we were going to to decline bench, but it was taken, WO was already getting reallly long and the kayaks were calling, so we just hit 2 quick sets of bi/tri's and called it a day.  Great WO. Really pleased.

I weighed 175.4 this morning. Aside from the sweet frog last night, I really kept yesterday in check. Not my normal Saturday feed day for sure, but it was also a rest day. Walked around Anapolis, MD and the Naval Academy all afternoon.  Great day w/ Sarah. After the gym, Sarah and I went kayaking on the Patomac. Another great day!

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 224 434 45  3,038
  Calories 898 1734 403  3,035
  Percent 30% 57% 13% `

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fri 7/4 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
(DBInc)75x10,10,9,60x11,9 Good work. Paused controlled reps
(235#Fly)12,10,8,130x10 Good. Drop set felt good.
(145#RevDecline)13,13,10 Good
85 + 10 w/u = 95 mins

Solo WO. Fairly depleted this morning. Good incline. Seated rows were good - hadn't done them in a while. Reps didn't fall off shoulder press like usual this morning. I did hammer strength rows single handed. Went lighter on pulldowns because a lot of rowing already and supersetted with crunches.

Fly's were surprisingly good at this weight. Reverse grip decline was good. I went fairly light because I didn't have a spotter. Finished with some bi/tri/delts. Very good WO. Refeed today and a rest day tomorrow.

I weighed 172.0 this morning. Still leaning out slowly and maintaining strength well. Holiday weekend will mean a lot of eating. Will try not to let things get out of control too much.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thu 7/3 - Lower + arms

Wed 7/2 - Rest
I weighed 174.6 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 221 118 17  1,510
Calories 882 473 153  1,508
Percent 59% 31% 10% `

Thu 7/3 - Lower + Arms
Workout: (LA Fitness)
67 mins + 6 w/u = 73 mins

Awesome WO today. One set of w/u, but working, squats and then 2 working sets. RDL was good. Really felt it in hams/glutes. Leg press was brutal for fairly high reps with a decent amount of weight for me. My legs felt like jell-o after these 3 exercises. I did 2 sets of bi/tri's to give my legs a breather. Then I did leg extensions and curls. Quads and hams were on fire! Finished up with a bit more bi/tri/core work. Very pleased w/ this WO, especially on a cut.

I weighed 172.6 this morning. Feeling good, but really looking forward to refeed this weekend.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 217 231 20  1,956
  Calories 870 923 177  1,970
  Percent 44% 47% 9% `

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tue 7/1 - Upper

Mon 6/30 - Rest
I weighed 176.6 this morning after weekend refeed.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 199 106 17  1,379
Calories 796 424 151  1,372
Percent 58% 31% 11% `

Tue 7/1 - Upper
(DBInc)85x8,8,75x9,60x10,10 Great
(155#BOR)3x8 Back fatigued after these
(175#PullDn)3x8 Felt really heavy
(220#Fly)12,10 Good
63 + 10 w/u = 73 mins

Early morning solo WO. Incline felt great today. R shoulder still tender, but not too painful. Real good controlled paused reps. Did 3 sets of reverse grip BOR in the smith machine, then 3 more sets of standard BOR. Back was really fatigued after these. First set of shoulder press was good. 2nd set, as has been the norm lately, fell off dramatically.

I went fairly light on pulldowns after all the rowing and it still felt heavy as hell. Supersetted with heavy cable crunches. Hadn't done these in a while and need to keep them in the rotation. Fly's were good. Finished up w/ a few sets of bi/tri work.  Great WO.

I weighed 175.4 this morning. A little heavier than I thought I'd be, but still feeling pretty lean. Goal is more/less to just maintain now for a while. I'm going to stick with low carb/cal on rest days and weekend refeeds. It's been a great setup because I continue to lean out (slowly) and really enjoy some eating on the weekends.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 223 235 17  1,965
  Calories 893 941 150  1,984
  Percent 45% 47% 8% `