Monday, December 29, 2014

Mon 12/29 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
(60#IsoShldr)11,10,10 Great

61 + 9 w/u = 70 mins

Sarah and I worked out together and did an upper WO. Since I did a push WO yesterday, I did incline fly's today. During w/u my R shoulder was really sore. I started first set of fly's with 30#"s and stopped right away. Dropped to 25#'s and got warmed up, then jumped back to 30#DB's and then 35#DB's. Felt much better after I was warmed up. Seated rows were OK, but my R elbow was REALLY sore the last 2 days, so I only did 2 heavy sets and 1 back-off set. Superetted these with crunches.

Iso shoulder was great today. Bumped up weight and got more reps than I thought. I don't normally do this movement without a lot of pressing before, so I'm sure that was the big reason, but felt good. Pulldowns were good. Got 3x10 fairly easily. Supersetted these with leg raises in the Captains Chair. Finished up with Seal Rows and heavy pushdowns. Seal rows normally really bother my R elbow, but today I didn't retract my arm quite as far and really tried to focus on shoulder retraction (the point of the movement anyway) and they didn't hurt that bad.  Decent WO.


I weighed 176.2 this morning.

Sun 12/28 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness

60 + 10 w/u = 70 mins

Gained a rep on incline today. That's promising I progressed, even by 1 rep during the holiday. Shoulder press was good. Weird that again today I got 8 reps on 1st set and 9 on others. I guess I'm still fatigued for first set from inclin. I increased the angle of the incline and got 2 good sets. I almost went lighter because I thought it would be harder after flat incline and shoulder press.  I supersetted these with lying leg raises.  Good work.

I did "heavy" overhead rope extensions followed by lighter rope pushdowns. Supersetted with lateral delt raises.  Finished with a couple sets of chest fly's and rear delt fly's.

I weighed 176.0 this morning. Exactly what I weighed before leaving for Williamsburng. First time I've ever gone for a visit at Mom's and not come back at least a few pounds heavier :)

Fri 12/26 - Upper (Ironbound Gym)

Workout: IronBound Gym

80 + 8 w/u = 88 mins

Another WO this morning with Sarah at Ironbound Gym. Incline was good. Only 75#DB's, but worked hard on all sets. Did t-bar again and stuck with 70#'s. First set was "easy" but they got progressively hard. Iso shoulder press was really good. Supersetted with lying leg raises again. Liking these again. Pulldowns were OK, but R elbow really bothering me. We supersetted pulldowns with chest fly.

We finished up with tri, delt and ab work.  Great WO.

I weighed 175.5 this morning on Mom's scale.

Thu 12/25 - Run

Christmas morning Sarah and I ran ~3miles together and then she and I split up. I did about another 2 miles for a total of 50 minutes. Then after brunch we went for 2 walks, one alone and one w/ her parents for about 2 hours of walking. This helped keep weight under control with big brunch and dinner today.  I weighed 175 this morning on Mom's scale.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wed 12/24 - Upper (Ironbound Gym)

Workout: IronBound Gym

70 + 10 w/u = 80 mins

Sarah and I went to Ironbound gym this morning.  We did an upper WO, but since I did a push WO yesterday, I didn't go too hard on pressing. I did incline fly's instead of press and it flet surprisingly good. T-bar rows were OK. Had a hard time settling in on a weight and it really bothered my R elbow. Next we did iso-shoulder press. The hammer strength machine at Ironbound is great. The angle/leverage is much better than the one at LA Fitness. These were great.

Next we supersetted lying leg raises with pulldowns. Pulldowns were ok, leg raises were really good. Hadn't done them in a while and they felt awesome. Since T-bar wasn't great, we did 3 sets of seated rows. This machine is really old, but it's great. Really good smooth motion.  We supersetted overhead tri extensions with lateral raises. Both were good.  We finished up with crunches to finish off our abs and rear delt fly's.  We video'd some crunches at the end to check form.  Good WO.

I weighed 175.0 this morning on Mom's scale.

Tue 12/23 - Push Day

Mon 12/22: Rest day. Spent day on my feet running errands, packing, etc.

Tue 12/23: Push day before picking up the kids and Sarah to head to Mom's for Christmas.
Workout: LA Fitness
(80#Inc)9,8,8,7 Progress
(65#Inc)10,9,10 Very good
(50#DBShldr)9,9,9,9 Great


60 + 10 w/u = 70 mins

Worked out this morning before heading to Mom's. Incline was better today. Got 2 more reps than last WO, so starting to make progress (slowly) back to before I got sick. 80#'s felt pretty good and I did 3 sets w/ 65#'s on steeper angle incline instead of my normal 2. I had a little more rest before the 3rd set, which is why I think I got 10 reps, but not a lot more so I was really happy w/ these back-off sets.

DB shoulder press was great. After the first set I thought I'd start dropping reps because of all the incline pressing I'd already done, but I pushed fairly hard and got 9 reps across.  Supersetted these with crunches. I had weighted dips penciled in next, but decided to skip them becuase of my R shoulder/pec issues and because of all the pressing/chest work already done.

I did rope pushdowns with a heavier weight than normal and they felt good. Supersetted with rear delt fly's. Finished off the WO with 2 sets of chest fly's.  Great push WO.

I weighed 175.8 this morning. This will undoubtedly increase over Christmas at Mom's :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Sun 21/21 - Lower

Workout: LA Fitness

60 mins + 10 w/u = 70 mins

Deadlift felt REALLY heavy. Maybe back fatigued from yesterday's WO? I barely got 2 reps with 345#'s and dropped back down to 325#'s and continued doubles. Shoulder press was really good. Worked hard and shoulder felt good. This leads me to believe that my problem on the right side right now is more my pec than shoulder. We supersetted shoulder press with Pallof presses. Hadn't done these in a while and I could tell...they were tough. Leg press was good for high reps. Reverse grip pulldowns felt really good. Leg extensions finished off the legs for today.  Good "full body" WO. We hit a little bit of everything but was lower body focused.

I weighed 176.0 this morning.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sat 12/20 - Upper

Fri 12/19:  Rest day. Needed a rest and a ton going on w/ work and Christmas stuff.

Sat 12/20:
Workout: LA Fitness

75 + 10 w/u = 85 mins

Worked out with Sarah this morning. Incline was ok. Something definitely wrong with my R pec/shoulder, but the 80's felt good. Not near as many reps as I was getting, but because of my shoulder, I'm keeping the negatives really controlled and slow so that makes each rep more difficult. The effort is there. Increased angle of incline and did 2 more sets.  Bumped up weight on seated rows and supersetted with cable crunches. Bumped weight on those too.

Next we supersetted dips and leg raises. I bumped the weight on dips to a 25#DB between my legs. These may not be that great for my shoulder though. Bumped weight on pulldowns and finished up with seal rows and rope extenstions. Got more reps on these than last WO and think I'll bump the weight on seal rows next WO. They take a lot out of me at the end of a WO and I might want to move them up in the order.  Good WO.


I weighed 173.6 this morning. Too light.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thu 12/18 - Push Day (5x8's)

Wed 12/17 was a rest day. I weighed 173.8.

Workout: LA Fitness

61 + 9 w/u = 70 mins

Wow. Something definitely wrong with my R shoulder/pec. 75#DB's was supposed to be a warmup set of 3 reps, but first rep felt like work so I finished out the set w/ 8 reps. Left arm goes up fine, the R one just feels week w/ no power after about half way up. A few weeks ago I got reps of 13,11,9 with 75#'s but couldn't get more than 8 today. The effort was there, but I just couldn't do any more weight. I did 5x8 on shoulder press and these felt fairly good.

Next I did weighted dips supersetted with crunches. Both with a 20#DB.  R shoulder/pec was tender on dips. Probably should've kept it to 3 sets. Next I supersetted rope extensions and lateral delt raises. Finished up with 2 sets of machine fly's.  Good WO, but disappointed w/ my R pec/shoulder. Going to need to rest it I think.

I weighed 173.8 this morning.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tue 12/16 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

90 + 10 w/u = 100 mins

Got up at 4am and hit the gym w/ Sarah at 5am. Incline was a LITTLE better today. Still a long way back. Really good WO. Did well on dips today and am enjoying them a lot. Sarah did them today also and used the assist machine. She'll be doing them w/ body weight in no time.

I weighed 177.6. Ate at a new restaurant for b'day last night and it was opening night so they were training and meal was half price. So.., So we had 2 appetizers, meal and 2 desserts.  Oh, and then had big bowl of ice cream at home late night. Weight was understandably high this morning. :)

Sun 12/14 - Lower

Workout: LA Fitness

64 mins + 6 w/u = 70 mins

I hadn't done a lower WO in a couple weeks and I was putting it off while sick. I didn't think there was any way I had the energy to do deadlift with any weight that would have much of an impact.  Today's session was pretty good for the first time back at it. I didn't get as many reps on my backoff set w/ 275#'s as I normally do, but a good effort. I mixed in a little upper body today. I didn't go heavy on leg press, but 4 sets of 20 reps was brutal. Not a lot of volume otherwise, but this was enough for first time hitting legs in a while.  As I write this a couple days later (catching up on my logs), I'm still walking funny.

I weighed 175.0. Now that I'm starting to get over being sick, I'm upping the calories and will try to slowly put back the weight I lost the last 2 weeks while sick.

Sat 12/13 - Upper

I took Thursday and Friday off. I needed a rest day on Thursday and Friday I was busy and still feeling like crap. This bronchitis has lingered for two weeks.

Workout: LA Fitness

80 + 10 w/u = 90 mins

Good Upper WO today, but it's amazing (and frustrating) how much strength I've lost while being sick. I think I'll rebound fairly quickly, but EVERYTHING felt heavy today. I was getting more reps with 85#Inc vs. what I got w/ 80#DB's today.  The effort was there though. I did one set of decline today andit bothered my shoulder so I substituted dips. Enjoying doing dips again.

I weighed 174.4 this morning.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wed 12/10 - Pull Day

Workout: Work Gym

50 mins + 5 w/u = 55 mins

Got in a good pull WO over lunch at work. My R elbow is pretty bad so wasn't sure how a pull day would go. I wore the elbow sleeve again. I'll be wearing it for the foreseable future.  BOR's bothered my elbow, but I was getting great activation in my back so I added a set and did 4. Worked fairly hard on these. I started off with much heavier v-bar pulldown weight and had to lower it. 150 was good today. supersetted these with crunches with a 10# disk on my chest.

Seal rows were good. Did them face down on the incline. 3 good sets and then a drop set to 30#'s. That felt awesome. I supersetted with 2 sets of barbell curls and 50#'s felt really heavy and really bothered my R elbow. Should've probably skipped these, but kept it to 2 sets.  DB rows were good. Finished up the WO with rear delt fly's and some tri work (just for some extra volume).  Really good pull WO.  Need to do some deadlifting, but I've just felt too weak from being sick to give it any real strenuous effort.

Nutrition:I weighed 172.4 this morning. Losing weight when I'm not intending. I just haven't been eating enough while sick.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tue 12/9 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness
(Dips)14,12,11 Felt good

59 + 10 w/u = 69 mins

The weights aren't quite there, but the effort was. This was a good push day. Lots of incline volume. 4 sets low angle, 4 sets higher angle. Something is definitely wrong with R shoulder. Half way up I just lose strength. L side is fine. Not a good recipe w/ DB's.  Deline was OK. I supersetted dips and cable crunches. Loved this. Dips felt good. I did them real controlled because they can be hard on shoulders. These didn't seem to bother my shoulder at all.  Iso shoulder press was OK. Finished up with some tri and rear delt work. I wore an elbow sleeve on my R arm today. R elbow is really painful.  I tried to do face pulls for rear delt work but quit after 2 reps because it was so painful. Switched to rear delt fly's.  Good WO despite all the coughing throughout.


I weighed 173.2 again this morning.

Sun 12/7 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

85 + 5 w/u = 90 mins

Upper WO with Pull focus this morning (since I did push yesterday). Worked out w/ Sarah. Really enjoy working out w/ her and having a partner once in a while.  Good WO. Effort was good. Still sick but pull poundages haven't slipped as much as push poundages. Nothing significant to note really. Just trying to get some work in while sick. still loving seal rows. Wish I would've found them a while ago.


I weighed 174.2 this morning. Trying to keep from losing too much weight while not adding fat while I'm sick.

Sat 12/6 - Push Day (sick - big steps back)

Workout: LA Fitness

72 + 9 w/u = 81 mins

Still sick. Took Thursday and Friday off because I felt just terrible.  Started antibiotics yesterday.  Push day today and I'm feeling really weak. Worked as hard as I could and was happy with the effort. Right shoulder really giving me trouble, as is right elbow.  On pressing, I get about 1/2 way up and shoulder just starts to hurt and feel real unstable. 

Frustrated that I wanted to do a quick cut and get right back to bulking and continuing the great progress I was making. I'll have to re-set once I get over this bronchitis and basically start building back up from where I started the bulk.  All that progress is gone. 9 weeks of pushing hard vanished in a week.Hopefully once I'm feeling better I'll bounce back quickly and it won't take 8-9 weeks to get back to that point.

I weighed 175.2 this morning. Trying to eat at maintenance while sick.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wed 12/3 - Upper (Ending mini-cut)

No WO Mon/Tue because I'm really sick.

Workout: LA Fitness

35 + 8 w/u = 43 mins

Went to the doctor this morning and I have bronchitis. I needed to end my cut today because I just don't think I'm going to get helthy on a massive caloric deficit. I REALLY didn't want to just start eating w/o a WO, so against my better judgement I did a quick WO. My lungs were BURNING badly during the WO and it was a fairly miserable experience. But I got it in. Not a lot of volume, but hit all the main upper movers.My R shoulder is pretty bad and 80#DB's on incline didn't feel so heavy, but I just didn't have a lot of pressing power on my R side. It just needs some rest I guess. It was doing well for quite a while, but I think I just pushed too hard for too long w/o a break. I always seem to do that and don't listen to those little signals my body sends me along the way. One day I'll learn this lesson...maybe.  One can hope. :)

I weighed 172.4 this morning. Ending cut today because I'm sick a day or two before planned. Oh well. Feeling pretty lean anyway.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sun 11/30 - Upper Depletion

Workout: LA Fitness - Upper Depletion

93 + 7 w/u = 100  mins.

Started a cut with Sarah on Sunday and decided to kick it off with a depletion WO. This was lighter weights/higher reps. This was a fairly brutal WO with short rest periods between sets. They start off feeling SO easy and then the reps just beat you up.  Fun stuff to do w/ Sarah :)

I weighed 178.6 this morning.

Sat 11/29 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

80 + 10 w/u = 90 mins

Another upper day. Wanted to do 2 heavy sets w/ 85#DB's. Did the first set and only got 7 reps. Normally get 9 reps w/o too much struggle. Dropped weight and still had some decent pressing and volume. Just worn out I think.  The rest of the WO was really good. Bumped weight up a bunch on rows. Decline was really good. Bumped up the weight on seal rows.  Good WO.

I weighed 179.6 this morning.

Fri 11/28 - A Run!

I got a cortisone shot in my let knee last week and it feels SO much better. Went for a run today and didn't really feel any pain.  Before, I felt pain on almost every step and it just wasn't enjoyable at all.

Did a nice 30 minutes for 3 miles.

I weighed 179.8 this morning.

Thu 11/27 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

Just catching up on logs and this WO was about a week ago so I don't remember a whole lot about it other than that it was my 2nd day in a row of doing anupper WO because Sarah and I were working out together.

I weighed 176.8 this morning.