Monday, December 29, 2014

Sun 12/28 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness

60 + 10 w/u = 70 mins

Gained a rep on incline today. That's promising I progressed, even by 1 rep during the holiday. Shoulder press was good. Weird that again today I got 8 reps on 1st set and 9 on others. I guess I'm still fatigued for first set from inclin. I increased the angle of the incline and got 2 good sets. I almost went lighter because I thought it would be harder after flat incline and shoulder press.  I supersetted these with lying leg raises.  Good work.

I did "heavy" overhead rope extensions followed by lighter rope pushdowns. Supersetted with lateral delt raises.  Finished with a couple sets of chest fly's and rear delt fly's.

I weighed 176.0 this morning. Exactly what I weighed before leaving for Williamsburng. First time I've ever gone for a visit at Mom's and not come back at least a few pounds heavier :)

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