Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wed 12/10 - Pull Day

Workout: Work Gym

50 mins + 5 w/u = 55 mins

Got in a good pull WO over lunch at work. My R elbow is pretty bad so wasn't sure how a pull day would go. I wore the elbow sleeve again. I'll be wearing it for the foreseable future.  BOR's bothered my elbow, but I was getting great activation in my back so I added a set and did 4. Worked fairly hard on these. I started off with much heavier v-bar pulldown weight and had to lower it. 150 was good today. supersetted these with crunches with a 10# disk on my chest.

Seal rows were good. Did them face down on the incline. 3 good sets and then a drop set to 30#'s. That felt awesome. I supersetted with 2 sets of barbell curls and 50#'s felt really heavy and really bothered my R elbow. Should've probably skipped these, but kept it to 2 sets.  DB rows were good. Finished up the WO with rear delt fly's and some tri work (just for some extra volume).  Really good pull WO.  Need to do some deadlifting, but I've just felt too weak from being sick to give it any real strenuous effort.

Nutrition:I weighed 172.4 this morning. Losing weight when I'm not intending. I just haven't been eating enough while sick.

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