Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tue 4/29 - Upper

Mon 4/28 - Rest Day
I weighed 185.0

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 204 150 26  1,656
Calories 816 598 232  1,647
Percent 50% 36% 14% `
Tue 4/29 - Upper
Workout: LA Fitness
(85#Inc)9,8,70x10,8,50x11,10 Very good
(205#Fly)10,10,8 Bumped weight for 3rd WO in a row
70 + 12 w/u = 82 mins

Sarah was running late tonight and I wanted to meet up w/ Pete to talk this evening, so we worked out separately. Incline was good again. I stuck to 2 heavy sets, dropped for 2 and then dropped again and did 2 more w/ a steeper incline. I'm really liking this combo. Whether or not it's any good is still TBD, but I think it's a good mix and change up. I did pulldowns before rows tonight. I thought it would feel lighter doing it first, but it still felt heavy.

I started with 195# fly's, but it felt light so I bumped up again for the 2nd or 3rd WO in a row. I'm liking the incline/fly combo. I need to mix in some cable fly's instead of peck deck every WO though. Seated rows felt heavy. Dropped weight for the 3rd. Reverse grip decline was good again. Getting the hang of this movement and will probably start increasing weight soon as long as my shoulder tolerates it.

Done with the heavy movers, I finished up with bi/tri/delt/abs. Nothing stands out, but decline weighted crunches followed by cable crunches was good. Great WO again tonight.

I weighed 185.0 yesterday (rest day) and 180.8 this morning. I've got to quit taking 2-steps forward during the week and then 2-steps back on weekends.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 231 178 27  1,875
  Calories 924 712 246  1,882
  Percent 49% 38% 13% `

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sun 4/27 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
65 min + 6 w/u = 71 mins

Got back from the retreat around noon and went straight to the gym. I was afraid if I went home, I'd delay, relax, and most likely nap. Only got about 6 hours of sleep comined all weekend. I wasn't expecting much from the WO, but I ended up eating a lot Saturday and wanted to get a couple heavy sets in. I'm also not going to be able to work out on Monday, so I didn't want a 5-day gap.

Anyway, first set of incline was really good and I did 9 reps. 1 more than usual. 2nd set I got 9 again. Wow! Plan was only to do 2 heavy sets, but I was feeling good so I did a 3rd set and got 7. Might've been able to get 8, but didn't want to fail.  I worked really hard for the 9th on the 2nd set. Droped to 70 and did some long paused reps. Then raised the angle of the incline and did 2 sets w/ 50's with long pauses.  This felt AWESOME. Great work.

Nothing really stands out from the rest of the WO other than maybe increasing the weight on fly's by quite a bit. Still getting the hang of reverse grip decline.  Great work overall. Very pleased to get such a good WO on such little sleep.

Didn't weigh myself all weekend. Ate a lot of crap (cookies, candies, etc.) on Saturday, but was pretty good Friday and Sunday... so far, but I smell some more FROYO in my near future :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thu 4/24 - Upper

Wed was a rest day. Cals were 1,556.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 224 128 17  1,556
  Calories 894 512 152  1,559
  Percent 57% 33% 10% `

Workout: LA Fitness
73min + 12 w/u = 85minutes

Worked out solo tonight and was able to go the gym a little bit earlier before it got crowded. I missed having a partner, but it was also really nice not having to wait for equipment or move things around in the WO for what equipment is available.  My R shoulder has been pretty bad last couple of days so I decided tonight that I would try to get 1 or 2 heavy sets of pressing and back off. First set was really good and very little pain, so I did a 2nd. I was tempted to do a 3rd (of course I was!), but stuck to the plan and dropped weight. At 75#'s, I really tried to not go below parallel and pause at the bottom. For the 50#'s I increased the angle of the incline. These felt really light at first, but got tough with the high reps and strict pauses. This combo of heavy/light/paused felt great.

Seated rows felt really good again. I feel the contraction (and pump) in my back a lot more than heavy BOR. Can't get too far away from BOR though. I wanted another chest movement, so I did fly's and went heavier than normal. It just felt good/light. Pulldowns felt heavy, but good. I went light on decline and it didn't bother my shoulder too bad so I did 3 sets and didn't get close to failure. These were reverse grip, and fairly narrow. Seems to be mostly a triceps exercise with a little chest.

Finished the WO with some direct bi/tri and delt work and then heavy crunches on the pulldown w/ a rope.

Awesome WO! Some great work and strategy seemed to work to keep stress off shoulders. I think the 3rd heavy set where I end up grinding for the last reps is really what does me in.  Go figure, right? :)

I weighed 178.4 this morning. Feeling good, and in a fairly large deficit, but much more manageable than RFL.  Keeping 150-185 grams carbs in and protein isn't quite as high as on RFL.  So, scale won't drop as dramatically due to water loss, but fat should still come off at a fairly good rate.  But, I've got to commit for a much longer time and make sure I structure in refeeds and free meals. I'll have to refeed to some extent this weekend on the retreat, but hopefully it won't get too out of control. I don't want to be back at square one on Monday.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 239 185 13  1,799
  Calories 955 738 118  1,812
  Percent 53% 41% 7% `

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tue 4/22 - Full Body (kinda...not a lot of leg work :) )

Workout: LA Fitness
(165#RevDecline)9,8,6 Reverse grip benching
82min + 12 w/u = 94minutes

Sarah and I worked out after work tonight. Incline was pretty good, but I needed an assist on the 2nd set and could only get 6 on 3rd set. Then we moved the incline steeper by 1 notch and did a back-off set. I bumped up the weight on seated rows since we weren't doing BOR tonight and it felt really good. Could really feel it in my back. 3rd set got real heavy. Since my R shoulder has been really bad lately, I decided to give reverse grip benching a try on the decline. I did 1 warmup set and then did my first working set after w/u felt good. With the heavier weight, it felt a little awkward, but I liked it. On the 2nd set, I tried normal grip and it REALLY hurt my shoulder. I stopped after 2 reps, took a quick break and continued the set with reverse grip. I guess this might be a better alternative until I can get my shoulder fixed. (NOTE: best alternative would be rest and recovery, but I'm stubborn as hell).

Shoulder press was good. We did 2 sets each of overhand and underhand gripped pulldowns. Leg press was next and I only did 2 sets because my left knee has been bothering me and these were a bit painful.  Curls and rear delts were next, then overhead tri extensions. These felt good.  All the cable pushdown stations were taken so while we had a minute we did 2 sets of light incline set at a fairly steep angle.  Finished WO w/ some pushdowns, weighted crunches and some leg curls.

Good WO. Wish my shoulder wasn't so messed up. Makes things quite difficult, and painful.

I weighed 180.2 this morning. Water has more/less dropped off at this point I think. Back to a deficit after refeed, but not as drastic as RFL. I'll be cycling carbs on WO and non-WO days more or less to just keep a moderate deficit (10cals per pound of body weight) with a free meal or small refeed on weekends.

Sun 4/20 - RFL Progress Pics

OK, so these pictures aren't that impressive, but I did see some major changes in 12 days. A large percentage for weight loss was water (obviously), but did lose a fair amount of fat too. Overdid it on the refeed.  Went from 187#'s to 173.8#s in 12 days. Probably 4 pounds of actual fat loss. Not too bad, but quite a ways to go to get as lean as this past October. Goal is to strip the fat from the bulk and see what progress I've made.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sat 4/19 - Full Body Power WO

Workout: IronBound Gym (Williamsburg)
89min + 12 w/u = 110minutes

Up for Sarah and I this morning was the "power workout". Ideally, this would've been tomorrow after a day refeed and recover from the tension WO, but tomorrow is Easter and the gym is closed. So, back to back fun WO's for us.  The workout went fairly well. Felt much stronger after eating yesterday, but still not back to 100%. An extra day really would've helped. Incline was tough, but good. Since I can't really flat bench, we did 6 sets of incline and some peck deck for volume. We skippedRDL's today because 2-days straight of BOR and RDL might've been too much for my lower back. It's already pretty damn tight as it is.

Not a lot of commentarty for this WO. Was happy to get through it.  Reps were higher than a true "power" WO, but we upped the weights back to normal WO levels and pushed as hard as we could.  Good WO.

I weighed 181.4 this morning. I weighed 185 last night before bed, so I put on 11-12 pounds in 15 hours yesterday. I plan to eat normally today and will be in a caloric surplus, but am not going crazy with the carbs like yesterday.  And, even though I ate a lot yesterday, I didn't come anywhere near the true carb load as outlined in UD2.0. My body had a hard time dealing with what I did throw at it...and it didn't like it :)  I assume I'l be dropping a couple more pounds of water over the nextfew days so it won't be until then that I'll get a better sense of how the diet + refeed went.

Fri 4/18 - FRL DONE - FB Tension WO

Workout: IronBound Gym (Williamsburg)
(70#Inc)10,9,8 Wow - felt REALLY heavy
Brutal WO. Really drained.

RFL cut ended last night, so I had an apple, 2 oatmeal raisin cookies and a whey shake before this full body tension WO. Incline felt really heavy for being this light.Very clear to me that energy is gone. Last WO I was able to maintain weight/reps. There's no way in hell I would've been able to do that today. Glad I didn't have to try. Would've been demoralizing. I think sarah felt much the same way. Her incilne (traditionally our first main movement) was light, but felt real heavy too.

Nothing really stood out about the WO. It was hard, but not that "good kind of hard" where you feel like you're making progress, adding a rep, adding some weight, whatever.It's just a matter of grinding through.  Fairly pleased with the WO though. It was what it was supposed to be.

I weighed 173.8 this morning. First apple, cookie and cereal were amazing. Quite honestly, after that, it wasn't even all that enjoyable. We had Sushi for lunch and it was good, but really it was just about getting the carbs in and eating when I didn't really even feel like eating.  Such a strange feeling after eating such a limited diet for 2 weeks.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Thu 4/17 - RFL Day11 - Rest/Travel Day

Another rest day on last day of the cut.  Busy with work and want to save energy for back-to-back workouts on Friday and Saturday.  Feeling pretty good.  Hardest part of the day was baking fat free oatmeal raisin cookies. It was torture not being able to lick the spoon and taste a warm cookie right out of the oven.  Just had to get through the day and keep busy.

Carb load tomorrow. Craving apples, cookies, sushi and Sweet Frog!

I weighed 174.6 this morning.  Tight nutrition day and I abused the EC stack today (4-doses).

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 244 6 14  1,131
  Calories 976 25 129  1,130
  Percent 86% 2% 11% `

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wed 4/16 - RFL Day10 - Rest Day

No WO or Cardio today. My R shoulder is really bad today. Every time I reach for anything, especially at shoulder height or higher, I get sharp pain. Hoping to be able to work out on Friday and Saturday after ending the cut Friday AM. Plan is for a tension WO on Friday AM, carb load and then power WO on Saturday.  I'll just have to wait and see how it feels.

I weighed 174.8 this morning. Very nice! At the end of week1 on RFL my weight actually jumped up almost a pound and stayed at 178.0 for 2 days. Then, as often happens with some patience, I got the "whoosh", and dropped to 176.4 and 174.8 the last 2 days.
Feeling pretty good. Looking forward to eating this weekend but it's been kind of on auto pilot the last couple days. Cramping hasn't gotten worse, and I'm happy about that. Just have to stick it out one more day.  Good nutrition day.  Just more of the same. No BM today, so I won't be surprised if weight is up a bit tomorrow.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 256 13 19  1,252
Calories 1026 52 167  1,245
Percent 82% 4% 13% `

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tue 4/15 - RFL Day9 - FB WO

Workout: LA Fitness
(85#DBInc)8,8,7 Very nice
(175#Decline)8,6 R shoulder bad
80 mins + 12 w/u = 92 mins

Worked out w/ Sarah in the evening. Incline was really good for both of us. She got some reps back she'd lost last WO. I maintained, which is a win for me on day9 of RFL. BOR was good, but we had to find some open floor space by the benches. Gym was crowded and we had to switch up the order of a few exercises. First set of decline felt good, 2nd set not so much. My R shoulder felt fairly good until the last rep and it bothered me the rest of the WO. Really painful now.

RDL felt light and leg press felt heavy. Leg press is getting progressively harder on the cut (which makes sense given the large muscles doing the work and that they're depeleted).  Seated rows were fine. First set of pulldowns felt good. 2nd set got really hard and I didn't get the last rep or two down as far as I would've liked. This might have been a function of already having done BOR/RDL/SeatedRow. 

Finished up the WO with some quick delt, tri, bi work and 3 heavy sets of crunches on the pulldown machine w/ a rope.  Pleased with the WO. I was pretty fried at the end. The gym was warm and I was losing a lot of water. We walked upstairs to do 20mins of cardio, but there weren't 2 treadmills together and though we could've split up and still done it, I was frustrated w/ how crowded everything was and was mentally finished. Glad we got to the gym early because it took a long time w/ waiting for equipment.

I weighed 176.4 this morning. I guess my body finally decided to let go of some water it was holding at 178 for 2 straight days. Feeling pretty good. Getting lean, but really flat and depleted. Getting some cramping in my calves, but hunger hasn't been an issue. Libido taking a dive.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 271 27 19  1,371
  Calories 1084 106 171  1,361
  Percent 80% 8% 13% `

Mon 4/14 - RFL Day8 - Rest Day

Took a complete rest day today. I was fairly active (moving around, errands, etc.), but really wanted to take it easy today after a lot of activity this weekend.

I weighed 178.0 again today. Trying not to get frustrated. I know I'm in a huge deficit and I'm burning fat, it's just mentally difficult to not see the scale go down. I know it will come though.  Protein too low today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 238 13 15  1,170
Calories 951 51 134  1,135
Percent 84% 4% 12% `

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sun 4/13 - RFL Day7 - Rest/Hiking

Went on about an hour long hike at Cunningham Falls in MD. Not a long hike, but nice. Then Sarah and I went into downtown Frederick, MD and walked around for the rest of the afternoon. I was surprised how nice it was. We stopped and had an early dinner at a sushi place by the canal. We just had some tuna sashimi, so it fit the diet.

I weighed 178.0 this morning. That's up .8 lbs from yesterday even though I was at about a 1,500 cal deficit. Still felt and looked leaner this morning. These weight fluctuations happens. Body trying to fight the weight loss and holding water most likely.  Good nutrition day. Given weight on the scale tonight, I won't be surprised if I'm up a little again tomorrow.


Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 264 15 16  1,287
Calories 1056 58 141  1,255
Percent 84% 5% 11% `

8,982 calories for the week. 
7.12 cals per pound of body weight.
3 Full Body WO's
4 cardio/walking sessions
Avg protein: 256g
Avg carb: 19.75g
Avg fat: 15.85g
Avg cals: 1,283 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sat 4/12 - RFL Day6 - FB WO

Workout: LA Fitness
(85#DBInc)8,8,7 Very good. Happy to maintain here half way through cut
(190#PullDn)2x8 + 145x10
64 mins + 12 w/u = 76 mins

Worked out this morning with Sarah. Incline was really good. I had written down 2x8, but first 2 sets felt good, so I went ahead and did a 3rd set of 7. Last WO I needed a touch to get the 7th up. Today I didn't. Happy to maintain here on a cut. In the past, this is the first movement I can't maintain on a cut.  Sarah lost a few reps on incline. We probably should've waited to do this WO tomorrow. BOR was good, and would be the last compound movement today that we'd do 3 sets.

Leg press felt heavy today. Last Tue I was thinking I should've used 8-plates. Thu 6 plates didn't feel quite so light. Today, 2 sets w/ 6 plates was work.  Decline felt good, and 2 sets was much better for my shoulder.  I had written in seated rows next, but we skipped it. Enough back work w/o it.  Finished up with a couple sets for delt/bi/tri's and some crunches.

Great WO. Fairly drained by the end of this one.  Half way through this RFL round and pretty much everything has maintained.  Pleased with progress.

I weighed 177.2 this morning. Still feeling good. This weekend is probably going to be a bit difficult just because I'm used to going out for Sushi with Sarah both Sat and Sun after our WO's. Oh, and no sweet frog.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 266 27 18  1,360
  Calories 1062 106 163  1,332
  Percent 80% 8% 12% `

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fri 4/11 - RFL Day5 - Cardio

Walked for 46 minutes fasted this morning before work.

I weighed 177.6 this morning. Another good nutrition day. ~1.6 g protein per lb LBM. No real cravings today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 251 18 15  1,234
  Calories 1004 74 137  1,215
  Percent 83% 6% 11% `

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thu 4/10 - RFL Day4 - Cardio & FB WO

Walked 41 minutes fasted this morning before work.

Workout: LA Fitness
78 mins + 12 w/u + 21 c/d = 111 mins

Sarah and I worked out after work tonight. Goal of these WO's is to do whatever we can to keep weights up and hold onto reps.  Maintained on incline even though I needed a touch on the last rep of 3rd set. We did BOR today instead of RDL and it felt good. Pulldowns got hard on 3rd set again. Supersetted with decline crunches, but used a 25# plate tonight. Leg press felt a little heavier than last WO.

I bumped weight up on decline tonight, mainly because it was just easier because the weights Sarah was using (less plates to take on/off). Only did 2 sets, but felt ok with this weight. R shoulder had enough by end of 2nd set. Doing a 3rd would've been a bad move. Seated rows felt easier than I thought. I assumed they'd feel heavier since we did BOR earlier. We supersetted shoulder press with lying leg raises. I didn't go real heavy on shoulder press because my R shoulder was starting to bother me. I hope it holds up. Leg raises were good, but they're too time consuming to do during this WO.

We supersetted bi's/tri's. For tri's I did a set of 80# overhead tri extensions and a set of overhead rope extensions. Finished up the WO with some leg curls since we swapped out RDL's and 2 sets on the peck deck.  Cooled down on the dreadmill for 20 minutes. This felt like an eternity.

I weighed 178.4 again this morning. Cravings not too bad yet. Good nutrition day. Only carbs besides some spinach today was a cup of FF Fage yogurt (9g) pre-WO and beef jerky that had 6g for 2oz.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 258 29 17  1,306
  Calories 1034 116 155  1,305
  Percent 79% 9% 12% `

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wed 4/9 - RFL Day3 - Cardio

Walked fasted for 42 minutes this morning. Felt good to get out before work. Also walked (leisurely) with Sarah for 20-25 minutes this evening.

I weighed 178.4 this morning. First time in the 170's since January which was part way into my winter-long bulk.  Good nutrition day.  Already noticing bowel movements not on normal schedule.  First couple days has been fairly easy. In the past, the first couple days have been a bigger adjustment to no/low carbs. I think this time was easier because last week I really brought carbs down, dropped a bunch of water before a 1-day refeed on Sunday.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 253 19 17  1,264
Calories 1013 76 157  1,247
Percent 81% 6% 13% `

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tue 4/8 - RFL Day2 - FB WO

I weighed 180.8 this morning, so I lost 6.2 of the 7 pounds from Sunday's refeed. Full body WO planned for this evening.

Workout: LA Fitness
63mins + 10 w/u + 24 c/d = 97mins

First WO on this RFL cut with Sarah. More volume on this WO than what we'll probably do for the rest of the cut.  Incline was good. Kept reps from last WO and was happy with that. RDL and leg press were good and felt fairly easy. Was really tempted to bump the weight up on both, but knew better (maybe). We supersetted pulldowns with decline crunches. First two sets of pulldowns felt really good. The 3rd got heavy.

Finally the decline bench opened up and I started with a set of 135#'s. Felt real easy so I did bump the weight here. 2nd set felt good, 3rd set felt fine, but it bothered my R shoulder. Should've stopped at 2. Seated rows felt REALLy easy, so I stopped and bumped up the weight. I've been doing these after BOR the last couple weeks and therefore was used to having to use a lighter weight.

Iso shoulder press was good for a quick 2 sets on short rest. We were running out of time now. Finished up with bi's/tri's and then walked on the treadmill for 20+ minutes to cooldown. Hit the peck deck for 2 quick sets on short rest on the way to the locker room.  What can I say...I just can't help myself.

Overall a very good WO. Sarah did great and got more reps than she has in a while on incline after stalling there for a while. I think the deload the last week+ really helped her. We'll probably have to reduce volume a bit going forward.

I weighed 180.8 this morning. Good RFL nutrition day. Carbs a bit higher today from more broccoli and spinach than yesterday. It adds up. Fat is from 10gr fish oil and other trace amounts from protein.  I can't really reduce it much below that #.  Have to admit that a post-WO meal of whey shake, poached chicken breast (eaten cold on the road) & 4oz raw broccoli was not extremely satisfying.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 249 36 19  1,329
Calories 997 144 174  1,315
Percent 76% 11% 13% `

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mon 4/7 - RFL Day1

No WO today. I wanted to walk for a bit of cardio, but it was raining and not really necessary. I was also tempted to hit the gym for a depletion WO, but that would've messed up my WO schedule the rest of the week.  So, rest day today.

I weighed 187.0 this morning (up from 180.0 yesterday) after refeed.  Good first day. Protein on the lower end of recommendation. EC stack X3 today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 247 21 19  1,274
Calories 990 84 169  1,243
Percent 80% 7% 14% `

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sun 4/6 - Push & Legs

Workout: LA Fitness
(85#DBInc)8,8,7,70x9 Good
72 mins + 125w/u =  87 mins

Worked out solo again this morning. Bit of a wierd WO mixing push day w/ some legs, but I'm doing a refeed today so I wanted more of a FB WO. Incline was good and I got 1 more rep on 2nd set than last WO. I got Max to spot me on the 3rd heavy set. RDL was fine. Decline was good. All paused reps and shoulder help up fairly well. I was tempted to go a lot heavier, but thought better of it. Leg press was good.

I supersetted cable fly's and decline crunches and then did shoulder press supersetted with lying leg raises on a flat bench. I liked these and they felt good after already doing crunches.  Finished up the WO with some triceps and delt work (plus 2 quick sets on the peck deck). Very nice WO. Felt good and didn't lack energy. I think I could make good progress cutting the way I did this week, but it would just be drawn out. Refeed today and then CAT1 RFL starting tomorrow.

I weighed 180.0 this morning. Veins in abdomen already showing.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sat 4/5 - Pull Day

Workout: LA Fitness
(185#BOR)4x8 Very good
(190#PullDn)3x8 Good
54 mins + 8 w/u = 62 mins

Worked out solo again this morning. Today was just a pull day instead of legs and pull. I'm saving some leg work for tomorrow with push day before re-feed. I did my normal shoulder mobility stuff for warmup and also did a quick set of 10 BW pullups. Felt super easy. BOR was good. Did full stop reps and thought about adding weight, but didn't. I supersetted heavy pulldowns with crunches on the decline bench and followed that with some lighter reverse grip pulldowns.

I bumped the weight on barbell curls today and still stayed in rep range I wanted and just did 2 sets supersetted with light rear delt fly's. Seated rows felt good and I held for a 1-2 count at contraction. Supersetted these with planks. Finished up with some light DB curls on an incline supersetted with "heavy" rear delt fly's.

Great WO. Had a lot more energy than I thought I might after dropping close to 7 pounds this week. Most of that's water, but definitely looking/feeling leaner already. Hope I didn't go overboard this week with deficit before running a CAT1 RFL cycle starting Monday.

I weighed 180.2 this morning. I was 187 on Monday. Dropping nicely. Will re-feed tomorrow before jumping into RFL on Monday.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 239 209 22  1,965
  Calories 954 834 194  1,982
  Percent 48% 42% 10% `

Fri 4/4 - Cardio

Cardio: Walked for 40 mins fasted in the morning.

I weighed 181.2 this morning. Down from almost 187 on Monday.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 227 183 20  1,830
  Calories 906 732 183  1,821
  Percent 50% 40% 10% `

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thu 4/3 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness
63 mins + 12 w/u =  75 mins

Worked out solo this afternoon and since I ended up cutting harder than planned this week, I ramped the weights back up rather than another deload WO. Never a good idea to cut calories and drop weights at the same time. That's a recipe for muscle/strength loss.  Incline was good. I wrote down 3x7, but really I was hoping to be able to get 3x8. Didn't happen, but good work. Paused all reps. Drop set felt super heavy on short rest. Decline was good. Did all paused reps, but by 3rd set my R shoulder started barking at me. Cable fly's were good, as were rope extensions supersetted w/ torture twists.

Finished up the WO with some more ab, tri and delt work. I was done w/ WO but added in some fly's on the peck deck and a couple sets of decline crunches.  Good WO on a cut. Hard cut starts Monday.


I weighed 181.8 this morning. Lowest in about 2.5 months after long slow bulk since Oct.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 221 204 26  1,908
  Calories 884 814 238  1,936
  Percent 46% 42% 12% `

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wed 4/2 - Fasted Cardio

Decided to do some fasted cardio this morning. Started off running, but L knee was really bad, and my legs were generally dead from doing leg work in the gym last night.

I weighed 185.2 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 227 220 23  1,980
  Calories 908 880 203  1,991
  Percent 46% 44% 10% `

Tue 4/1 - Legs & Back

Workout: LA Fitness
69 mins + 5 w/u = 74 mins

Sarah was running behind, so I got started on BOR/RDL combo w/o her. Really good on these tonight. I was trying to kill time before Sarah arrived so I did 3 sets of leg raises. Leg press was OK. Fairly easy as it's supposed to be tonight, but L knee is pretty darn bad. Pulldowns were good. Since I've started cutting this week, I did 2 heavy sets. I don't want to go too light on everything when dieting. I did go light on reverse grip pulldowns though. Supersetted these with crunches and planks. 2 min planks weren't too hard, which is good :)

Curl + rear delt combo was good, but I was starting to run out of steam. I hadn't eaten much all day prior to the WO. Finished up with seated rows and DB curls. Nice WO. One more deload on Thursday, then I'll ramp weights right back up and try to hold on to them during RFL cut starting Monday. Hope it goes well.

I weighed 185.4 this morning. Started moderate cut this week. I want to drop some water before starting RFL cut on Monday. I'll re-feed over the weekend before jumping into cut.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 222 280 29  2,238
  Calories 888 1118 262  2,268
  Percent 39% 49% 12% `