Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thu 5/21 - Full Body

Workout: Work Gym

44 + 6 w/u = 50 mins

Full body at work gym today. Good work in short time. I didn't want to go heavy today so I can be up for a heavy WO on Saturday morning. My ego got the best of me on 1 set of incline, but with that one set of 75#'s I didn't push toward failure. All good paused reps. I supersetted with BOR with 50#'s lighter than normal. I paused at contraction on each rep and squeezed my back. Really felt this. Next I did "legs". Wimpy legs. I supersetted leg curls, leg extensions and crunches.

Then I supersetted 2 sets of shoulder press and pulldowns. Then I did some bicep and tricpes work. Finished up with some more triceps work and a set of fly's. Felt good throughout the WO and got in some decent work to get some stimulation.

I weighed 178.0 this morning.

Wed 5/20 - Blue Angels

Took the day off and went to USNA to watch the Blue Angels.

My spot to watch.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tue 5/19 - Pull Day

Workout: Work Gym

68 mins + 6 w/u = 74 mins

Pull Day at work gym over lunch. Similar to yesterday, I went for a bit higher volume. BOR felt heavy. Back still fatigued I think from all the weekend lifting work in the yard.  V-bar pulldowns were good. I supersetted seal rows with cable crunches. Had to go lighter than normal on seal rows. Next I supersetted Hodge pulldowns with EZ bar curls. The Hodge pulldowns are hard to describe, and that's not the correct name, but they target the Latissimus Dorsi (lats). First time I did them and could really feel them in my lats and lower traps. Finished up the WO with upright rows, DB rows and rear delt fly's. Really hammered back today.


I weighed 179.4 this morning.

Mon 5/18 - Push Day

Workout: Work Gym

49 + 8 w/u = 57 mins

My back feels really fatigued from all the yard work the last 3 days, so I decided to to a push WO today. Since I'm eating a little more, I wanted more volume than what I've been doing the last 6 weeks on the diet.  So, I decided to start with incline and do sets of 8 until I failed to hit 8 reps. I started each set at strict 3-minute intervals.I failed on the 6th set. Great work and nice volume bump. Then I basically did the same thing with shoulder press. Got 5 sets of 8 reps. Supersetted these with crunches with a 25# plate on my chest. Finished the WO with fly's, triceps and delt work. Great workout and a nice challenge.


I weighed 189.6 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 248 375 38       2,823
Calories 990 1499 338       2,827
Percent 35% 53% 12% `

Sat 5/16 - Full Body - End Phase1 of Diet

Workout: LA Fitness

78 + 10 w/u = 88 mins

Full body WO this morning to end the cut. Refeed today, then plan is for maintenance for a few weeks before back to diet. Feeling really beat up this morning from a lot of yard work, building small retaining wall, firepit, and was at a massive calorie deficit yesterday from all the activity. I figured this full body WO was going to be a real bear.

Warmups felt good, surprisingly. Incline was really good. 3 good sets and didn't lose anything from last couple of WO's. I even bumped up the weight on the back-off set because when I grabbed the 65#DB's they just felt really light. Seated rows felt heavy. Probably from lifting all the stones for the wall and fire pit. Next we did leg press supersetted with crunches. I worked hard on leg press for sets of 12. I bumped the weight on crunches. Both were good.

Next we did shoulder press/pulldown combo. I bumped the weight on pulldowns. They've been feeling good lately and I've been adding weight. Surprising on a cut. Then we did barbell SLDL paired with curls. For curls we did seated incline curls + hammer curl combo.  Finished up with some tri and delt work.  Great WO at the end of this phase of the diet.

I weighed 175.0 this morning. Goal weight exactly for this first 6 weeks of diet. Sweet.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 222 619 41       3,715
Calories 889 2475 365       3,729
Percent 24% 66% 10% `

Friday, May 15, 2015

Fire Pit

So we decided to build a fire pit last weekend.  Not sure what the HOA is going to say about it, but I already got all the materials home before it occurred to me that might be a problem.  So anyway, here's the project pics.
Hole for the base material

Base material poured in and spread
Base material tamped down.
Added sand to base.
Leveled and tamped the sand.
Added pavers to support the fire pit.
Placed fire pit.
Laid first ring of stone.
2nd ring of stone.
3rd ring of stone.
4th ring of...err, ran out of stone before 4th ring went up :)
Mulch this weekend and then planting.
It'll look better with mulch and some plantings...

...but it's coming along.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thu 5/14 - Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness

54 + 10 w/u = 64 mins

Full body at lunch today. Started with inc/seat row combo.  Incline was ok. Good reps, but felt fairly heavy 2nd and 3rd sets for this weight. Rows felt heavy. Next I did leg press and decline crunch. Both of these were good. Bumped weight on crunches.  Next I did 2 sets of iso shoulder/pulldown combo. These felt good, especially pulldowns. I thought it was going to feel heavy, but it actually felt pretty light until late in each set.

Next I did 2 sets of SLDL and EZ-bar curl. These were good, and grip was much better with barbell SLDL as compared to DB's.  Finished up with some triceps and rear delt work.  Good WO, but incline wasn't as good as it has been. Not bad though 6 weeks into hard cut.

I weighed 175.4 this morning. Lowest of cut, and about goal weight for this phase. Time for a diet break starting Saturday.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 261 175 32       2,040
  Calories 1042 700 292       2,034
  Percent 51% 34% 14% `