Monday, June 26, 2017

Mon 6/26 - Upper

Workout: Snap Fitness

57 + 10 = 67 mins

Started with 2 heavy sets incline which were very good, then raised the angle of incline and did 2 more sets. Supersetted with 3 sets pulldowns. Then did shoulder press with DB rows. Next we did triceps with curls and crunches. Finished up with rear delt, fly’s and more crunches.  Good WO.

I weighed 174.4 this morning.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sat 6/24 - Upper (Wedding WO)

Workout: Snap Fitness

63 + 7 = 70 mins

Wedding morning WO with Sarah. Started with heavy incline and pulldown combo. Incline was very good. Then we did shoulder press and inverted rows for 3 sets. Next we did overhead triceps extensions with EZ bar curls, plus a set of hammer curls, and weighted crunches. Finished up with rear delt raises, chest fly’s and crunch twists.  Very good WO. Time for final prep at the house and then getting married at 5pm!

I weighed 168.2 this morning.

Fri 6/23 - Upper (Light)

Workout: Snap Fitness

35 + 5 = 40 mins

Quick WO Friday morning with Sarah. Light upper in prep for refeed and heavier/harder WO tomorrow morning (Wedding Day!). Started with incline and pulldowns. Incline was light, but felt really easy and best of all my R shoulder felt better than it has in a long time. Hope it feels same way tomorrow. Then we didshoulder press with inverted rows. Next was triceps extensions with curls and reverse crunches. Finished up with 2 sets rear delts, 1 set of chest fly and 3 sets of crunch twists. Perfect.

I weighed 165.0 this morning.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wed 6/21 - Push Day

Workout: Golds

27 + 6 = 33 mins

Push WO over lunch. Felt pretty good during incline warmup and wanted to go heavier than 75#DB’s, but really know I shouldn’t and I’ll be working out again Friday and Saturday. Still in a big caloric deficit, so have to be careful about volume and intensity. So anyway, 2 sets incline with 2 sets reverse crunches. Then raised the angle of the incline and did 1 set. Then 2 sets of shoulder press. Supersetted those with 3 sets of crunches. Finished up with overhead triceps extensions 1 very good heavy set, one lighter on short rest, then 2 sets chest raises. Heavy  triceps work is still painful, but that first set of overhead extensions was great. Good WO. In and out in just over 30 mins.

I weighed 167.2 this morning.

Tue 6/20 - Pull Day

Workout: Golds

31 + 4 = 35 mins

Pull WO over lunch. Started with 2 sets iso rows with crunch twists. Then 2 sets pull-ups with crunches.  Next was 2 sets seated rows with twists.  Then pulldowns. Finished up with rear delt work and curls. Quick WO, but really good pulling/rowing. Enjoyed the fast pace and supersetting with abs throughout.

Also went for a 25 minute walk early this morning. Fasted.

I weighed 168.4 this morning.

Sun 6/18 - Upper (Heavy)

Workout: Snap Fitness

72 + 10 = 80 mins

Started with 4 heavy sets of DB incline, raised angle of incline and did 2 more sets, plus a back-off set. Supersetted this with 5 sets inverted rows - 3 sets overhand grip, 2 sets underhand. Very good start to the WO. Then we did shoulder press with pulldowns. Both were difficult after the volume of incline and rows. I had to drop the weight on pulldowns.  Next we did  skull crushers, 2 heavy sets, 1 back-off with 3 sets of curls.  Then we did rear delts with weighted crunches. Finished up with chest fly’s and crunch twists.  Good WO. Maintaining strength fairly well and VERY pleased with the combination of fat loss and strength maintenance.

I weighed 170.0 this morning. Pretty good after refeed yesterday.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sat 6/17 - Light Upper (lowest weight in years - 164.2#'s!)

Workout: Snap Fitness

45 + 5 = 50 mins

Quick “prime the pump” WO on Saturday morning. Dieting hard all week and this WO will start a refeed and then a heavy WO tomorrow morning. Started with incline and pulldown combo. Then shoulder press and inverted row. Then 3 sets of leg press and SLDL. Hamstrings really tight. Haven’t done any leg work except hiking in FOREVER. Will be sore the next few days, even with this light volume.

Thank we did 1 set rope extensions and curls. One set rear delt fly’s and chest fly with crunch twists. Finished up with band pulls and crunches. Good WO. Not too long. Nothing too taxing. Should be good to go tomorrow AM.

I weighed 165.2 this morning. I weighed 164.2 yesterday morning. Lightest in 3-4 YEARS!