Friday, April 28, 2017

Fri 4/28 - Upper (great late-week WO)

Workout: Golds

48 + 10 = 58 mins

WO over lunch today. Warmups felt good, so I did 80#DB’s for incline. First set I got 11 reps; great! Most reps at this weight in a long while I believe.  Last rep wasn’t a grinder, but was hard. 2nd set I really wanted 10 reps and got it, but last rep was a bit of a grinder. 3rd set I was finished. Barely got 7 reps. I raised the angle of incline steeply and did a drop set with 55#’s and it was very good. Felt VERY heavy. DONE! I supersetted bent over rows with incline and had 3 very good sets.

Next I did 2 sets shoulder press with pulldown machine.  Then I did overhead triceps extensions with incline/hammer curl combo. My R elbow has been bothering me and the first set of triceps extensions was fairly painful, so I dropped the weight for the 2nd set on short rest. Still good work.  Then I did 3 sets heavy crunches with 2 sets DB rear delt fly’s. Finished up with 2 sets chest fly with 2 sets body weight crunches.  Very pleased with this WO at the end of the week of dieting and where my weight is.

I weighed 171.2 this morning. Plan was to eat slightly under maintenance this week. I’ve been under maintenance, but in a much larger deficit than planned. I’ll start re-feeding after this WO because we’re going on a backpacking trip this weekend and I’ll need the energy. Weight will surely spike by Monday. Can’t NOT eat a ton of carbs while backpacking.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tue 4/25 - Upper

Workout: Golds

37 + 10 = 47 mins

Quick WO over lunch. Incline felt a bit heavier than I thought it would. Reps were controlled and paused, but I think I was still feeling the WO’s from the weekend. Pulldowns on the machine were good. Love this machine.  Then I did shoulder press with 1-arm iso rows. Next I did rope extensions and straight barbell curls. Rope extensions bothered my elbow a fair amount. Have to stay on top of that.  Finished up with some heavy weighted crunches, rear delt fly’s and chest flys. Nothing special, but decent work.

I weighed 176.4 this morning. I was 180#’s Monday morning (yesterday) after weekend refeed. Overdid it. I’ve been dieting for about 6 weeks and got down to 167#’s last week. This week will be a bit of a diet break. I’ll still be under maintenance since I’ve been having weekend refeeds during the 6 weeks, but won’t diet as hard as I have been.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sun 4/23 - Upper Power

Workout: Snap Fitness

53 + 10 = 63 mins

After refeed yesterday, goal of today’s WO is to go heavy and work hard. Started with incline/bent-over-row superset. Incline started well for first 2 sets just like last time with 85#’s. TodayI wanted to do 4 sets with 85#’s rather than dropping to 80’s. On the 3rd set, I couldn’t get the DB’s into place because of my R shoulder. I had to take a minute and then grabbed the 80’s. Barely got them into place. Did 2 sets with 80#’s and then raised incline angle and did a set with 65# DB’s. I was a bit disappointed, but this was still actually fairly good work. The BOR’s went well but definitely got heavy in the latter sets. Then I did shoulder press machine and pulldowns.

Next I did heavy overhead triceps extensions (2 heavy sets + a back-off set) with 2 sets EZ bar curls and a set of hammer curls. Next I did 2 sets heavy rear delt pulls with heavy weighted crunches. Then I did chest fly with more crunches. Good WO.

I weighed 176.0 this morning. Yikes, didn’t want to be quite that high.

Sat 4/22 - Upper Tension

Workout: Snap Fitness

32 + 5 = 37 mins

Quick WO Saturday morning just to get some work in and prepare for high-carb refeed. Not much to say about the WO other than a few movements felt heavier than what I thinkthey should have. Probably just low energy from the diet.

I weighed 169.4 this morning. Feeling pretty good.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wed 4/19 - Upper (great WO!)

Workout: Snap Fitness

41 + 8 = 49 mins

Evening WO with Sarah. I was debating on whether to go heavy or moderate today. I felt good during warmup, so I decided to go fairly heavy, but low volume. Want to go heavy this weekend.We started with incline and I got 2 great controlled sets with 80#DB’s and a back-off paused set with 70’s. First set felt easy. 2nd set went really well and back-off set felt great. Very pleased with these at this weight. Pulldowns were fairly heavy for first 2 sets. Two women were using the pulldown machine when we were up for our 3rd set, so we did a set of pull-ups. I did 15, which was great, especially after already doing 2 sets of heavy pulldowns. Great first superset of exercises.

Then we did shoulder press with inverted rows. Two sets of 10 on shoulder press was an improvement over last WO.  Then we did overhead triceps extensions with curls (1 EZ bar, 1 hammer curl).My right elbow didn’t feel great during tri extensions.  Then we did a combination of rear delt work, heavy crunches and a set of chest raises.  FANTASTIC WO. In and out in under 50 mins. Hit it hard, but with fairly low volume so I should be able to be ready for back-to-back WO’s this weekend. Plan is to do a moderate, low volume WO on Saturday, start refeed and hit it hard onSunday.

I weighed 170.6 this morning. Feeling very strong after last night’s WO for this weight and about 4 weeks into the diet.  As I write this (Thursday AM), I weighed 168.8 this morning. Definite refeed this weekend and then I might take a week at maintenance for a diet break and hopefully help my shoulder and elbow heal a bit.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sat 4/15 - Upper

Workout: Snap Fitness

51 + 10 = 61 mins

Great WO today. Started with incline/pulldown combo. Great incline, controlled reps and pulldowns were good. Next was shoulder press and seated rows. My R elbow has been a little wonky today, so I did rope extensions instead of heavy overhead extensions. Not sure if it helped. Supersetted curls with triceps. Then we did rear delts and fly’s (2 sets each) with 4 sets of crunches.  We did leg raises in the Capt. Chair during warmups.

Maintaining strength very well so far while slimming down. Think I may have even gotten a little stronger based on incline and pulldowns today.

I weighed 172.2 this morning. Feeling strong, weight is coming down.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wed 4/12 - Upper

Workout: Golds

42 + 11 = 53 mins

WO over lunch today. Was debating about doing something moderate in weight or trying to go heavy with low volume. Didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy and this weekend was hard from a WO perspective, plus the diet made me stick with moderation. Incline was good. Not real heavy, but paused reps, so still got some good work in. Pulldowns were good. Then I did shoulder press with bent over rows. Both pretty good.  Overhead triceps extensions were good, although my R elbow was barking at me. Curls were OK. Heavy weighted crunches were good. Going to keep weight progression going here. Finished up with some rear delt, chest raises and body weight crunches. As has been the routine lately, I did leg raises in the captain’s chair during warmups.  Good WO. Really hungry and nothing but a bunch of protein in my future today :(

I weighed 173.4 this morning. Down from 180 Monday morning. Ate enough sushi Sunday night to feed a family.