Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sun 3/29 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
(80#Inc)10,8,8,7,55x13P Shoulder not great
(80#SeatRow)10,10,10,8 Big weight bump. Good
(60#IsoShldr)10,10,9 Weight bump. Very good.

66 + 10 w/u = 76 mins

Drove home from Chesapeake with Sarah and we decided to hit the gym. Incline went OK. R shoulder progressively worse through sets. My R peck is starting to look noticeably (to me) different than my left. Not good.  The back-off set was good. We supersetted seated rows and reverse crunches. I bumped up the weight on rows a lot today. Almost wussed out on the 4th set and dropped the weight, but stuck with it.  Good work on this superset.

Next we supersetted shoulder press with curls. I bumped the shoulder weight by 10#'s. Real good work. The rows worked my back hard, so I didn't go heavy on pulldowns and still only got 8 reps/set. Supersetted with some lackluster crunches. 4 sets of reverse crunches had already done them in.  Finished up with some rear delt and triceps work. Rope extensions were really good. Pushed these hard and didn't have much left for rope pushdowns. 

Good WO. Hadn't eaten much all day, so we went out for sushi after the WO and made up for it. :)


I don't know what I weighed this morning. Got home from the trip and weighed 186.0, but that's light because of not eating much all day until post WO.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fri 3/27 - Upper (IronBound Gym)

Workout: IronBound Gym

79 + 5 w/u = 84 mins

Sarah and I went to IronBound gym this morning. Love this little gym in Williamsburg. We supersetted shoulder press with t-bar row. Great shoulder press machine at this gym, and we don't have a t-bar row at LA Fitness, so nice combo here. Then we supersetted incline with reverse crunches. First set of incline sucked. Shoulder hurt, couldn't get a good groove. Other two sets were good. We spent a lot of time working on reverse crunch form.

Next we supersetted pullovers and pulldowns. First time doing pullovers for Sarah.  We took some video I may try to post up. Next we did seal rows with incline curls. Seal rows felt heavy as heck for this light. I bumped the weight up on incline curls and they were hard, but good. We did pushdowns next. 2 sets and after the 2nd set we ran the stack back up 5-10#'s at a time. Burned like crazy. Finished up with some planks and crunches.  Good WO.

I weighed 186.0 this morning on Mom's scale...which is usually light.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wed 3/25 - Lower

Workout: Work Gym

39 + 4 w/u = 43 mins

Not much time for a WO but got in a quick lower body day. Supersetted squats (ass to grass) with cable crunches. Cable crunches felt awesome today. I think the leverage/angle is a bit different from the setup at LA Fitness, because these felt different and MUCH better. Next I supersetted SLDL with torture twists. Holding heavy DB's bothered my left forearm and I could barely hold the weight for all reps.  Finished up with leg ext, leg curl and a little triceps work (just for a little more volume). I only did 2 sets of leg curls. I was planning on 3 but my hamstrings were on fire and started cramping.

Nice quick WO.


I weighed 186.4 this morning.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tue 3/24 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness
(80#Inc)10,8,8,7,50x13P (best incline work in a couple weeks)

67 + 10 w/u = 77 mins

Started with incline today. I haven't gone heavy in a while and thought 80#DB's were going to feel real heavy, but they didn't. I wanted to do 2 heavy sets just to get a little bit of heavier work, but it felt good and shoulder didn't seem too bad so I did 4 sets plus a back-off set. The backoff set felt super light at first and I thought I should've gone heavier, but these got plenty hard the last 3-4 reps. I supersetted incline with barbell rows. Felt good to do them out of the Smith machine. These got heavy as well but felt good.

Next I supersetted shoulder press in the iso-lateral machine with seal rows and revers crunches. I bumped the weight on shoulder press, went lighter on seal rows after just doing 4 sets of BOR. Tough triple set. Worked hard on all.  Then I supersetted DB pullovers with incline curls. I bumped the weight on pullovers. Still working on these. Feel them working, but still not quite sure about them. Going to keep at them because I want the extra upper chest work. Curls were good.

Next I supersetted pushdowns with pulldowns. Had to go lighter on pushdowns because pullovers really end up working the tri's quite a bit. Finished up with fly's and crunches.

I weighed 187.2 this morning. Felt pretty big after WO. Not looking forward to shrinking when I start my cut here fairly soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sun 3/22 - Back/Bi's

Workout: LA Fitness

60 mins + 5 w/u = 65 mins

Bumped weight on seal rows and got good reps. Took video to check form. 65#DB's felt heavy for these. 4 heavy sets and 1 back-off set. Next we supersetted pulldowns with crunches. I bumped the weight on pulldowns, and they were heavy. 3 heavy sets and 1 back-off. Bumped weight on weighted crunches. Abs still sore from yesterday.

Next I supersetted seated rows (bumped weight here too) with barbell curls. I went heavier on curls than I have since doing them again. Left forearm started getting fairly painful at this point and started cramping a bit.  Next I supersetted incline curls with rear delt fly's. Left forearm getting progressively worse so after 2 sets of incline curls, I tried to switch to hammer curls. Couldn't get a single rep in left arm. Stopped and gave them up for today. Finished up with upright rows. Bumped the weight here too.

Good WO. Pushed weight up on nearly every exercise.

I weighed 186.6.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sat 3/21 - Chest/Shoulders/Tri

Workout: LA Fitness

67 + 10 w/u = 77 mins

Got 1 more rep on shoulder press than last WO at LA fitness, but not as good as at work gym. I'm either fresher at those WO's or more likely, the DB's are slightly different weight. Anyway, 4 good heavy sets and one back-off paused set. I supersetted these with 5 sets of reverse crunches that felt great.  Incline was OK. Still doing partials to save shoulder. 3 good paused sets followed quickly by a back-off paused set.

Next I supersetted pullovers and lateral delt raises. I'm  still not sure about the pullovers, but it gives me some more chest volume w/o the pressing that's so tough on my shoulder. Next I hit the iso shoulder press and did better than I thought after already hitting shoulders pretty hard.  Finished up with some pushdowns supersetted with fly's. The fly's weren't too heavy, but again, some extra volume and they felt really good. Squeezed hard at contraction.  Good WO.

Went for a nice hike with Sarah and the kids along the Potomac near Harpers Ferry. Wore shorts for the first time this year.

I weighed 186.6 this morning.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thu 3/19 - Lower (work gym)

Workout: Work Gym

57 + 4 w/u = 61 mins

Super busy at work, but really needed to let off some steam. Today was a lower day with abs, curls and some shoulders. Started off with leg press and crunch combo. Crunches I did reversed on the back extension machine so I could get good extension and flexion. Leg press was decent work. Could hear a grinding sound on each rep in my left knee.  That can't be good?!?!  Next I supersetted DB SLDL's with torture twists. My left forearm is still kind of bunged up, so holding the 75#DB was really difficult and painful in the latter reps.  I got a call from work that they needed something handled ASAP, so I ran back to the office in my gym clothes and took care of it, then back to the gym to finish up.

After the break I supersetted leg extensions and barbell curls. Bumped up weight on leg extensions. Then I supersetted leg curls (weight bump also) with hammer curls. That was all I had planned, but after the break to run back to the office, I felt I needed to do a little more to make the 2nd trip worthwhile.  So, I did pullovers and upright rows. Both these work a weakness I have, so was happy to add the extra volume there. Liking the pullovers. They work chest, shoulders, and surprisingly hammer the long head of the triceps too. Good WO.


I weighed 185.8 this morning.