Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wed 10/7 - Upper & Doc Appt

Workout: Work Gym
(75#Inc)3x8 Paused

30 mins

Went to the doc first thing in the morning. Not good news right before a 5-day hike on the AT. Fluid in ears, glands swollen, sinus infection and lungs are rattling. Hiking up to, and at, 6,000 feet may not be very fun. Anyway, had a small window after doc appointment and before a team meeting at work, so I stopped into the gym in my work clothes (jeans and a sweater today). Just worked out in jeans and t-shirt.

This was actually a good little WO in under 30 mins in and out the door. Supersetted incline and pulldowns. Incline was real controlled paused reps. Then I supersetted skull crushers and incline curl. I was going to add some ab work to this superset, but I was starting to get sweaty and didn't want to get wet and chilled.

I weighed 169.6 this morning.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sun 10/4 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

64 + 10 = 74mins

Incline was fairly good. 3 good heavy sets and a long paused back-off set. Supersetted incline with seated rows. Then we supersetted v-bar pulldowns with abs (crunch+legraise combo). Next we did 3 heavy sets of skull crushers + 1 backoff set. Finished up with some biceps and rear delt work. Very good WO, especially with reduced volume lately due to shoulder, and how lean I still am. I'm surprised my weight is this low, this late in the year and I'm still
maintaining strength fairly well.

I weighed 168.0 this morning. Weight dropping more than I want. Going to be a refeed day today. I ate ~5,000 cals today. Weight will spike fairly high tomorrow.

Sat 10/3 - Cardio + PT

The weather has been terrible with a ton of rain lately. Wanted to get out for a hike, but treadmill had to do today. Walked at a STEEP incline for an hour. Finished WO with about 20 mins of shoulder PT and stretching. Felt GREAT walking out of the gym. Super relaxed.

I weighed 168.8 this morning. Trying to up the cals a bit and keep weight from dropping to much further.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 240 362 70       3,064
  Calories 958 1446 632       3,036
  Percent 32% 48% 21% `

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thu 10/1 - Upper + PT

Workout: Work Gym

62 + 10 = 72mins

Today I decided that while warming up my shoulders, I'd go ahead and superset my warmup sets of incline with bent over rows. I liked this setup and it let me get some good work in while warming up my body parts that need the attention most. 4 sets of BOR, 2 underhand grip, 2 overhand. Then I did 4 working sets of incline supersetted with v-bar pulldowns. I didn't want to go heavy on incline today, and did long paused reps, but 65#DB's felt heavier than they should've. Good work though.  V-bar pulldowns had to be lighter after 4 sets BOR, but they were good.

Next I did skull crushers supersetted with incline curls. Skull crushers first set felt real heavy (normally get 9-10 reps here) so I dropped after 1st set. Incline curls were OK. 2 sets, then a set of hammer curls. Then I did rear delt fly machine with crunches. I did one set of rope pushdowns and that bothered my shoulder, so I stopped w/ 1 set. Finished up with shoulder PT and stretching for shoulder/bicep and legs. Legs are quite sore after my leg WO on Tues.


I weighed 170.0 this morning.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tue 9/29 - Lower + PT

Workout: Work Gym
Shoulder PT
Quad/Ham Stretching

50 mins

Wanted to get to the gym, but went I went heavy on Sunday and I'm really trying to be good about WO frequency and give my body (especially shoulder) time to heal up. So, I did a quick leg WO and went ahead and did my PT and stretching work so I don't have to do it tonight. Legs felt OK. Left knee didn't feel very stable on leg press. I didn't go as heavy as I had been before. Just wanted to get some work in. SLDL's felt really good. Hadn't done a leg WO in forever. So although it wasn't heavy, nor a lot of volume, I'll probably feel it the next 2 days.

After legs, I did my shoulder PT and some hamstring and quad stretching.

I weighed 169.4  this morning. Feeling good. Keeping weight down for backing trip. I don't want to go into it too lean though, because I'll be at a fairly large deficit for 5 days during the trip. I should probably try to put on 2-3 pounds prior to leaving. Hoping knee will round into shape before backpacking trip in 1.5 weeks.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sun 9/27 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

68 + 12 = 80

Incline warmup felt good, so I did 2 sets w/ 80#DB's and it felt good. I haven't gone that heavy due to my shoulder in a couple of weeks, so I was pleased with those first 2 sets. Then I dropped to 70#'s for 2 sets of paused reps. Dropped again to 60#'s for paused reps followed by a drop set to 45#'s long paused reps. Way more volume than I've done the last month. Very good work. I supersetted incline with body weight pullups. Next I supersetted seated rows with decline crunches. I wanted paused reps on rows, so I dropped the weight to keep reps at 10.

Next I supersetted 4 sets skull crushers with 2 sets of incline curls and 3 sets of rear delt work. Finished up with heavy DB rows and light rear delt fly's. Really good WO.

I weighed 169.8 this morning. Feeling good. Made chicken souvlaki's tonight for dinner at Sarah's parents. Ate a lot and then had ice cream late night.

Sat 9/26 - 20 mile ride

Ride to Purcellville and back on the W&OD Trail
20 miles in 44:00 (10) + 35:00 (10) = 79 mins. 15.2 MPH.  1,150 cals.

I weighed 167.8 this morning. Lowest of the year.