Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wed 8/16 - Pull

Workout: Golds

36 + 4 = 40 mins

Another quick WO over lunch.  Pull day today. Feeling a bit worn out today. I don’t think I’m doing a very good job on sub-maximal run-up. I think I’ve gone too heavy, too hard, too frequent. These WO’s should really be fairly comfortable before transition to really pushing things in another week.  So, today I decided to try to take it a bit easier. Also, my left elbow is already getting tender from pull-ups, so I stayed away from them today. That didn’t keep me from going too heavy on pulldowns though. Doh! I supersetted with a new ab exercise today. Not sure what to call it. Lay flat on back with arms & legs stretched out length-wise. Then raise leg and torso/arms toward each other, hold for a second and back down. That’s a rep. These are freaking hard. 3x10 went in the log, but I think it was really 10,10,8, plus 2 attempts :)

Next was seated rows. Started at 140#’s.  Too heavy after going too heavy on pulldowns. Clusterfuck. 120#’s felt better for next 2 sets. Supersetted with crunches.  Then I did back extensions with band pulls for rear delts. I started with face pulls, but that moment just generally sucks for me. Also aggravates my left elbow.  Finished up with a myo-rep set of curls.

I’d planned to start this WO with deadlifts. During warmup I realized that my hamstrings are still too tight from Sunday’s WO to do them. Plus, they were really bothering my left knee.  Every time I start doing any leg work, my knees start acting up.  Maybe I should just quit trying.

Anyway, decent WO. Made the mistake of continuing to go too heavy. I need to up my calories a bit and keep intensity and volume in check next week before trying a 6-week hard push.

I weighed 169.6 this morning.  Good.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tue 8/15 - Push Day

Workout: Golds

35 + 5 = 40 mins

Quick WO over lunch. Still in 1st week of sub-maximal run-up, so pretty much same weights as over the weekend but less volume. Rest periods were about 2.5 mins. Started with 3 sets incline. Reps with a slow negative get freaking hard, even without a lot of weight. This feels good now, but I’ll either have to increase cadence a bit (while keeping good form) as weights get heavier, or just plan on not moving up in weight very much from where I am starting this run-up. I raised the angel of incline 2 positions and did 2 more sets.  Then I did leg press machine with a myo-rep set of leg raises in the captain’s chair.

Then I did shoulder press. Paused reps. Felt good. Ready for weight increase here.  Then I did cable fly’s with a myo-rep set. Felt great. Finished up with rope extensions and weighted crunches.  Solid WO, in and out fairly quickly.

I weighed 169.4 this morning.  Down from 172 yesterday.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sun 8/13 - Pull Day (sub-max run-up)

Workout: Snap Fitness

75 + 5 = 80 mins

Day 2 of sub-maximal run-up and pull day. Started with 5 sets of pull-ups. Controlled on the way down. Good. Then we did seated rows for 4 sets. Then SLDL with leg raises in the captain chair and reverse crunches.  Next we did leg curls and Russian twists.

Then we did a myo-rep set of standing cable rows. Next was new rear delt exercise (not sure what I thought of it), a myo-rep set of EZ bar curls and a set of hammer curls. My left forearm, near the elbow, was really painful on hammer curls. Have to keep an eye on that, especially if I’m going to increase load on pull-ups. Those are always hard on my elbows. Finished up with some back extensions/raises, band pulls (for rear delts) and 2 sets of crunches.  Good WO. Lots of volume compared to what I’ve been doing while dieting.

I weighed 172.0 this morning. About 3,000 cals yesterday. Probably right calories, but way too many carbs. Bloated today.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sat 8/12 - Push Day (Begin sub-maximal run-up)

Workout: Snap Fitness

70 + 5 = 75 mins

Sub-maximal run-up starts today. Started with DB incline and it was a lot harder than I thought, but that’s because reps were slow, controlled negatives, explosive on the press and rests were 3 mins or under. First two sets felt great, but 3rd and 4th got hard with slow negatives. Perhaps I should’ve started run-up to heavy weights a little lighter. Anyway, good work, chest already felt worked. Then we raised the angle of incline 2 positions and did 2 more sets. Slow negatives, explosive up on reps again. Good work.

Then we did leg press and weighted crunches, followed by leg extensions and crunches.  Then we did a set of myo-rep shoulder press. Went a bit too heavy. Next was incline cable fly’s with OH triceps extensions. Incline cable fly’s didn’t feel great, so we did 2 more sets of standing cable fly’s. Finished up with Overhead Press in the smith machine for some more shoulder volume.  Good WO. Higher volume and shorter rests than I’ve been doing. Harder WO than a sub-max WO should’ve been. Going to have to start eating above maintenance to keep this going for sure.

Plan is to have about 2 weeks sub-maximal run-up and then push as hard as I can for 6-8 weeks. We’ll see how the body and shoulder hold up…

I weighed 167.6 this morning. Good, but have to be ready to start gaining to keep up with work load coming.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wed 8/9 - Upper (BARBELL INCLINE!!!)

Workout: Golds

43 + 5 = 48 mins

Monday was a hard WO and I know this weekend will be another hard/heavy WO, so today had to be a bit easier…but what to do? My R shoulder issues has prevented me from doing any barbell pressing for a LONG time; several years.  But I decided to see what the bar, just the bar, felt like on incline.  It felt good, so I added a 25# plate on each side and did a couple reps. That felt good too. I put a 45# plate on each side and did a couple reps. It felt good so I did a set of 8 and the workout started. I supersetted incline with BOR. I ended up doing 4x8 on incline. This isn’t heavy weight for me, but in the past I couldn’t even press this w/o significant pain.  By the 4th set I did feel it in my shoulder a bit, but not bad. Super excited about this. I’ll have to take it slow, but will try to start incorporating some barbell pressing into my routine; at least on incline. Not sure about flat bench press yet. We’ll see.

Then I did pulldowns with shoulder press. Then Overhead Triceps extensions with DB incline and hammer curls and weighted crunches. Next were rear delt raises with body weight crunches. Finished up with  cable chest fly for a myo-rep set.  Very good work and most importantly, SUPER excited about barbell pressing. Whoohooo!

I weighed 168.4 this morning. Trying to eat at or slightly above maintenance but have been dropping weight all week. First day or two was water, but I think I have to up my calories.

Mon 8/7 - Upper (Myo-Reps)

Workout: Golds

42 + 5 = 47 mins

Went heavier where I could this WO. Incline was really hard for the myo-rep set, then I raised the angle of incline and did 2 backoff sets. Not much else of note, but a very good, hard WO.

I weighed 175.0 this morning. Bloated after hiking weekend, lots of carbs and huge sushi dinner last night.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fri 8/4 - Upper (Myo-Reps)

Workout: Golds

38 + 5 = 43 mins

Upper body myo-rep WO today. Tried to keep rest shorter than my the push/pull WO’s this week. 10-15 seconds rest between sets. Gets very hard. Quickly. I also didn’t rest for very long between exercises (1-2 mins).  Started with iso-lateral incline machine (a bit safer on my shoulder than DB’s I believe). Then I did seated rows. Lats on fire toward the end. Next was iso shoulder and then the pulldown machine I like a lot. Good weights selection and pleased with effort on these main exercises.

Then I did rope extensions. For me, I don’t really like mho-reps for triceps work. My elbows have been a bit tender and these seem to irritate them. Then I did EZ bar curls. Love myo-reps for curls.  Next were leg raises in the captain’s chair. These are surprisingly very hard. Feel like my abs are super weak doing these. Then I did rear delt and chest flys. Chest fly’s really activated chest, despite the fly machine at Golds sucking. Finished up with some weighted crunches.

Very good workout. A lot of “effective reps” in a short amount of time.  A similar WO over lunch with traditional set/rest protocol with only 2 sets per exercise would take the same amount of time and have far less effective reps where muscles were working hard in fatigued and close to failure state.

I weighed 168.2 this morning. Been eating  a lot more calories than during diet, but trying to keep carbs moderate. That means I’m eating a lot more fat. More nuts (almonds) and whole eggs.