Friday, June 24, 2016

Fri 6/24 - Upper

Workout: Golds

47 + 6 = 53 mins

Wanted to get a WO in before the weekend so did this one early before work. Since I’ve done DB incline the last couple of WO’s, today I went back to Iso Incline, supersetted with heavy vbar pulldowns. Next I did shoulder press with seated rows. I bumped the weight up on shoulder press and got good reps. Started at 160 with seated rows and dropped after first set.

Next I did rope extensions with crunches and side incline. Had to drop the weight on rope extensions, I think mainly because of short rest times today. Finished up with lateral raises, incline/hammer
curl combo and a set of rear debts.  Good WO.

I weighed 172.0 this morning. Feeling good.

Wed 6/22 - Upper (Golds)

Workout: Golds

55 + 5 = 60 mins

Started with DB incline and heavy pulldowns. I did the pulldowns while warming up on incline. Then I did rows with shoulder press. Then seated rows with side incline and crunches. Finished
up with some arm and delt work.  Good WO.

I weighed 173.2 this morning. I was 178.2 yesterday after graduation weekend in NoVA.

Sun 6/19 - Upper (Gym at Ida Lee in Leesburg)

Workout: Ida Lee Gym

61 + 5 = 66 mins

Sarah and I were up in Leesburg for Gregg’s High School graduation. I got together with Pete for coffee at 7am and then we met up at the Ida Lee gym for a quick WO before meeting the boys for brunch. Elena was sick and couldn’t make it.

Started with DB incline and pulldowns. On incline I asked Sarah to make sure I stopped at parallel. I think going too deep on my pressing movements has been a factor in my shoulder problems. This is hard to get used to, AND it makes the movement harder. There’s no stretch reflex or momentum from going deeper. These were good, and the pulldown machine was awesome. Great movement pattern.  Next we did a machine shoulder press and standing cable rows.

Then we supersetted skull crushers with front raises. Next we did some curls and delts (lateral raises and rear delt fly’s). Finished up with some fast supersets with no rest of crunches and planks. Then off to eat pancakes and an omelet.

No idea what I weighed today, but I’ll be eating a lot over the entire weekend.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fri 6/17 - Upper (trying new chest movements)

Workout: Golds

53 + 2 = 55 mins

Started with DB incline and pull-ups today.  Incline was good, paused reps. Very happy with 15 pull-ups on first set. Next I tried a new movement for chest - I did reverse grip DB incline. It felt a bit awkward, but I’ll try it again. It certainly worked the chest and triceps well. I supersetted these with iso rows.  Then I did another new chest movement, side/cross-chest incline. Hard to explain, but you sit sideways in the iso lateral press machine, and press the weight across and “up”.  Really works the upper chest. I supersetted these with heavy rear delt fly’s. I finished up with some rope extensions,
decline crunch twists (great) and a set of curls.

I weighed 170.6 this morning, but a weekend away coming up so we'll see what happens.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wed 6/15 - Pull Day

Workout: Golds

32 + 3 = 35 mins

Quick Pull WO today. Started with triple-set of Iso Row, decline crunches and v-bar pulldowns for 2 sets each. Crunches felt good and I went heavy on pulldowns. Next I did another triple-set of seated rows, 10# decline crunch twists and pulldowns. Rows were good, crunches got real hard and pulldowns were good. I did a 3rd drop set on pulldowns.  Next I supersetted heavy rear delt fly’s with curls. Finished off with light rear delt work and a set of hammer curls.  A lot of work in 35 minutes. Fairly short rests on everything.  Enjoyed this WO very much. Liked the quick pace.  I can hammer my back with more volume and shorter rests than push/chest.

I weighed 172.6 this morning.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tue 6/14 - Push Day

Workout: Golds

39 + 6 = 45 mins

Quick Push WO today. Started with DB incline. First set was fairly good but pushed/grinded that last rep and all I could get was 8 and 8 on next 2 sets. Supersetted it with lying leg raises. Then I did 2 quick sets of iso-incline with fairly short rest.  Next I supersetted shoulder press with crunches.  Finished up with some fly’s, triceps and delt work. Decent WO on short time.

I weighed 175.4 this morning.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Fri 6/10 - Upper

Workout: Golds

60 mins

Had a full body WO written out and then scrapped it when I started thinking about how my hamstrings and lower back felt last weekend after my FB WO. This weekend is going to be a lot of yard work, so I’m sure plenty of bending over and squatting down to pull weeds.  So…I scrapped that when I got to the gym and did an upper WO.  I hadn’t done DB incline in a couple of weeks so I wanted to do a couple of “heavy” sets to see where things stood (both my shoulder pain and strength). While I warmed up on incline, I did 3 working sets of Bent Over Rows. Incline was OK. First set with 80#DB’s felt pretty good at 8 reps. 2nd set bothered my R shoulder and I only got 7 reps. Mildly disappointed it wasn’t at least 2x8, but decent work considering I hadn’t done any heavy DB incline in quite a while. I supersetted incline with crunches.

Then I did iso incline for 3 good sets, supersetted with iso rows. Then I did shoulder press with pulldowns and leg raises.  Next were curls, heavy pushdowns and cable lateral raises. Heavy pushdowns felt good. Finished up with some rope pushdowns and face pulls.  Good WO. Going to try to eat at maintenance today, or slightly over.

I weighed 170.2 this morning.  Feeling pretty good about that. We’ll see how the weekend goes :-D