Body Fat Test #2 - 9/28/2012

I went to the new gym, Fitness First, this morning and met with the trainer.  He ran me through the normal BS one gets subjected to when joining a new gym.  But, part of the induct tests (along with measuring blood pressure, flexibility, bicep strength) was a body fat test.

He measured my BF with calipers and it was 11.5%.  My body composition was:
Body Weight: 174.7 lbs
Body Fat %: 11.5%
Lean Body Mass: 154.6 lbs
Fat Mass: 20.1 lbs

Last time I had it checked several months ago I was 170 lbs at 13.7%, so I'm moving in the right direction!  This means I've added almost 5 lbs of LBM and lost several more pounds of fat.  Below 15% BF is where it gets harder and harder to lose fat while adding muscle.  Below 10%, that equation gets real tricky.

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