Body Fat Test #4 - 6/12/14 - Pictures

I got a body fat test done today to see where I stood compared to last year around the same time. I "bulked" up to 190#'s over the winter and hit the weights fairly hard and very consistently.  I cut down to 173 pounds (and further to 172 over the next week). I weighed 172.2 when I got on the scale at the test.  The good news is that I got leaner than last year and increased LBM by about 6 pounds. Decent progress for an old man :)  Here's the particulars and some pictures.

Test Results:
Date: 6/12/14
Age: 42
Weight: 176.2

Site    Measurement (mm)
Chest        3.5
Midaxillary    7
Triceps        4
Subscapular    8
Abdominal    9
Suprailiac    6
Thigh        7.5

Body Fat%: 7.73%
Pounds of Body Fat: 13.6
Pounds of Lean Body Weight: 162.6

kip owens
kip owens
Skinny waist pic :)

kip owens

kip owens
Picture after refeed and a little bloated

Here's where I was a year ago (13 months):
Date: 5/3/13
Age: 41
Weight: 175.2
Site    Measurement (mm)

Chest        8
Midaxillary    7
Triceps        8
Subscapular    6
Abdominal    13
Suprailiac    9
Thigh        12

Body Fat%: 10.5%
Pounds of Body Fat: 18.5
Pounds of Lean Body Weight: 156.4

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