Monday, April 30, 2012

Good morning goal weight. Good to see you again. Come on in and stay a while...

Monday 4/30/12 - Chest/Tri's/Core

Woke up this morning and got on the scale to see 170.2!  I'm calling it 170 for the purposes of hitting goal weight (and to make me feel better :) ).  I've been working hard, but was moving this week and have been sick so I haven't been running.  Looking back over my log the last two weeks though, I haven't missed a workout, and have gotten in extra walks of ~1hour every day.  Diet has been clean except for a splurge at a Mexican restaurant with Mom and Cranny the other night.

Anyway, here's today's workout:

The workout:
  • (45#Incline/HangAbs)5, 20 reps 1st set - might need to move back up to 50#'s. Really good incline again using Lyle's advice.
  • (45#Bench/Core)5, Good bench, but chest already fatigued.  Should switch bench/incline order for a few weeks. Core was plank (over two minutes)/bicycle/side-plank/crunch/bicycle.
  • (45#Dips/100#Flys)4, dips hard again (10/8/7/6) because of really working chest.
  • (40#TriExt/CableCross)5, still loving the overhead tri extensions.  Tri's just explode (and look swole I might add :) ).
  • (60#TriPushDown)4, 4th set did 60# to failure (10reps) and dropped it to 40#'s to failure
  • (90#BenchToF)1, 90#'s to failure, dropped to 60#'s to failure.

Total: 63 mins

Chest: 20
Tri's: 13
Core: 10
Total: 43 Sets

Great workout!  Really felt good throughout and did more reps than usual on most exercises.  Another good chest workout.  An article by Lyle McDonald has really helped.  It's a simple thing, but little things make a big difference.  Lyle's article is here:  Benching with the Pecs.  His site has a ton of articles with a wealth of information.  I recommend them highly.  Dips are still troubling me.  I don't recall 45# dips being this hard before.  I think it's just that I'm hitting incline and bench really hard last couple of workouts and going to failure.  I was "going to failure" before, but now I'm really able to push out that extra rep or two at failure that I gave up or failed on before.  Creatine, or just getting stronger and knowing how to get the weight up that last rep or two?  Probably the latter and a slight aid from creatine load.  Hit 170#'s this mornig (170.6).  170's been a goal for a while.   Now I've got to set sights on 165 while still adding muscle mass.  I think I'm getting close to body fat % and experience where my muscle gains are going to slow if I stay in a caloric deficit losing fat.  Been reading a lot about this balancing act, and it isn't easy at all to keep losing fat and adding muscle on a caloric deficit when I'm already getting fairly lean.  I'm not at the negative returns point yet, but think I'm getting close.  Need to get my BF% checked at the clinic.  They do it for free here at Sprint!

8:30AM Whey shake & creatine 30g
9AM Oatmeal/pb/berries
Noon Whey shake pre-workout 30g
Noon WO - Chest/Tris/Core
Chicken at lunch: .83# = 13.3oz.X 7g/oz. = 93g
2PM Chicken, Salad & Creatine 45g
6PM Chicken & salad = 45g
9:30PM shake 50/50 whey/casein 30g
11:45PM casein  shake 25g
TOTAL: 210g (1.2g/lb body wt)