Body Fat Test #1 - 5/22/2012 (Before & After Pics)

I went in and had my body fat tested this morning at the larger Sprint gym.  It's good information to have.  When I joined Lifetime Fitness back on 9/6/2011 I had what they call a Cardio Point test done.  They put this scary looking mask on you and have you walk on a treadmill, steadily increasing the incline until you are at (or close to) your max O2 output (or some such thing).  They also do some measurements - weight, strength, flexibility and body fat.  I'll have to see if I still have the paperwork, but horrifyingly, IIRC my body fat was around 30%.  That, boys and girls, is FAT!  Pictures below to prove it.

My test today showed I was at 13.7% body fat!  I am very happy with that at this point.  They used the Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method.  It's basically what the name says it is - they use calipers to measure the fat at 7 locations on your body and it's the most accurate test besides being dunked in a tank.  Here are the particulars/measurements:

Chest:  11
Abdomen:  21
Suprailiac:  10
Tricep:  7
Subscapular:  10
Midaxillary:  10
Thigh:  16

Body Weight:  170
Body Fat%:  13.7
#'s of Body Fat:  23.3
#'s of LBM:  146.7

Here's before and after pictures to compare 30% to 13.7% body fat:

Before - I look like I'm going to burst - or keel over!
Before - Nice chin(s)
kip owens
After - Easter 2012

After - Beginning of May 2012 (please excuse the lame picture in the mirror)

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