Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thu 4/30 - Full Body

Wed 4/29 - Cardio
42 minute walk in the evening. Beautiful weather
Weighed 178.4

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 246 80 23       1,513
Calories 983 318 207       1,508
Percent 65% 21% 14% `

Thu 4/30 - Full Body
Workout: Work Gym

55 + 9 w/u = 64 mins

Full body early morning at the work gym before work. Full body template has basically been following:
1. Horizontal push/pull + quad dominant
2. Vertical push/pull + hamstring dominant
3. Accessory (e.g. arms)

Started with a superset of incline and bent over rows (in the smith machine because that's what I have to work with at work). I think 14 reps with 75#DB's is a PR on my first set. Then I got 9,8. Good work. I went heavy on rows and got good reps also. Nice. I only did 2 sets of rows though, and also did 2 sets of seal rows instead of a 3rd set of BOR. Then I supersetted leg press and crunches. I bumped the weight on leg press and on crunches, but dropped the weight back to 100#'s for the last 2 sets. I feel that when I go too heavy I end up using other muscles to move the weight and don't get as good activation.

Next I supersetted machine shoulder press with pulldowns. Just 2 sets each.  Then I supersetted 3 sets stiff leg dead lifts (SLDL) with 2 sets of fly's. Finished up the WO with 2 sets of pushdowns and barbell curls.  Really good WO this morning. Maintaining and even increasing lifts, which is great nearing end of 4th week on this cut.

I weighed 178.2 this morning. Starting to feel fairly lean. Not there yet, but I don't want to be "there" yet either, so I'm in good shape.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 258 135 25       1,796
  Calories 1032 538 225       1,794
  Percent 57% 30% 13% `

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tue 4/28 - Upper

Mon 4/27 - Rest
Weighed 179.6

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 256 94 25       1,633
Calories 1023 377 226       1,626
Percent 63% 23% 14% `

Tue 4/28 - Upper
Workout: LA Fitness

57 + 7 w/u = 64 mins

Had a launch for work last night, so I had about 2.5 hours sleep. Decided to hit the gym before I hit the wall for a nap. Started with DB shoulder press today, and didn't get the reps I normally get. Hopefully it's because I haven't been focusing on DB press quite as much and lack of sleep, rather than starting to lose strength 4 weeks into my cut. Supersetted with seated rows which felt really heavy today.

Next I supersetted incline and pulldowns. Both of these felt OK. Incline reps were controlled and paused. Then I supersetted 2 sets rope extensions and 1 set pushdowns with 3 sets decline crunches.  Then I supersetted 2 sets of curls and fly's. For curls I did incline curls right to hammer curls. Biceps were on fire after these.  Finished up with some rear delt fly's.  Decent WO considering cut + very little sleep.


I weighed 178.6 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 249 145 26       1,804
  Calories 994 578 232       1,805
  Percent 55% 32% 13% `

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sun 4/26 - Upper Accessory

Workout: LA Fitness

64 + 6 w/u = 70 mins

Since my refeed was yesterday, I really wanted to work out today (Sunday) because going back to strict cut today was going to be hard and I wanted to take advantage of the carbs/energy from yesterday. So I did an upper/accessory WO today, hitting some of the stuff that I didn't have time for yesterday. I started with incline DB fly's. In the past these could be too painful to do because of my R shoulder, so I warmed up well and started real light (15# DB's). I worked my way up to 35#DB's which seemed to be a good working weight today. I did 3 sets, real controlled with pauses at extension. Made sure to keep my shoulder blades packed and shoulders retracted. This seemed to really help the stress on my shoulder. Felt good. I supersetted cable crunches with the fly's.

Next I did seal rows. By the 3rd set these got heavy. I did a drop set to 45#'s (mainly becuase I was grabbing the 45# DB's for pullovers next) and w/o much rest these felt really heavy after a couple of reps. Felt good activation in my back on these. Next I supersetted pullovers with decline crunches. Both were pretty good. Next I supersetted cable upright rows with pushdowns. After 3 sets of those, I did 2 sets of 1-arm pushdowns.

I supersetted 2 sets of machine lateral raises and rear delt fly's. During the 2nd set of lateral raises, I felt something "pop" in my back/chest. It hurt, but felt more "weird" than painful. The pain set in later.  Finished up the WO with some pulldowns and barbell curls. Felt good to get some work in. Nothing real heavy. Just wanted to stimulate some muscles.

Not sure what that "pop" was, but I'm really uncomfortable now after the WO and it's painful to turn my head to the left. Going to take some advil.

I weighed 182.6 this morning. 4 pound bump from refeed yesterday. I'm going to eat some carbs today, but stay in a slight deficit. Back to harder cutting tomorrow.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 260 151 24       1,875
  Calories 1041 604 219       1,864
  Percent 56% 32% 12% `

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sat 4/25 - Full Body

Friday 4/24 - Cardio
50 minute walk at lunch.
I weighed 179.0

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 257 97 26       1,652
Calories 1028 386 231       1,645
Percent 62% 23% 14% `

Saturday 4/25 - Full Body
Workout: LA Fitness

73 + 10w/u = 83 mins

Full body WO again this morning. Incline started great, but I pushed too hard and really grinded on the last rep to get 11. I've rarely gotten 11 reps on the 1st set with 80#DB's. I should have stopped at 10 reps because I paid for it the next 2 sets. Still good reps, but would have been better to go 10,9,8 or something like that. Dropped to 60#DB's and got some nice paused reps. Started heavier on seated rows again and then dropped to normal working weight and did a drop set 4th set. Incline and rows were supersetted.

Then we did leg press and reverse crunches. Worked hard on both. Then we did iso shoulder press and pulldowns. Shoulder press was good (maintained reps) and I did 2 heavy sets of pulldowns plus a drop set.  Next we supersetted 2 sets of fly's and leg curls. I had to lighten the weight on leg curls today. They just didn't feel right at first with heavier weight.

Then we supersetted rope extensions and curls. Extension were real good. For curls we did incline curls to about failure, then stood up and did hammer curls right away. I used to do these all the time, but elbow/forearms issues hasn't allowed this for a long time.  Finished up with some pushdowns and rear delt fly's. Good WO.

I weighed 178.6 this morning. Refeed today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 242 602 61       3,919
  Calories 967 2407 549       3,923
  Percent 25% 61% 14% `

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thu 4/23 - Full Body (work gym)

Wed 4/22 - Rest day
I weighed 179.6.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 259 93 26       1,647
Calories 1036 370 232       1,638
Percent 63% 23% 14% `

Thu 4/23 - Full Body - work gym

52 + 8w/u + 10TM = 70 mins

Full Body at the work gym today. Goal today was to get a good stimulation, but not hit failure on things so I can still be ready for a hard WO this weekend. First I supersetted incline with seal rows. I wrote down 3x8 for incline, which would be fairly easy, but a good stimulation. I felt really good on the first set, so I pushed it to 13 reps. Felt really good. I kept it under control the other 2 sets and 8 reps was plenty hard by the 3rd set. I ended up doing 2 sets of seal rows and 2 sets of barbell rows (1 heavy, 1 light w/ short rest).

Next I did leg press supersetted with crunches. Then I supersetted shoulder press machine with pulldowns. Just 2 sets of each. Then I finished legs with leg curls and leg extensions. Finished up the WO with some barbell curls, pushdowns and one set of fly's.  Good WO. Legs feel like jell-o this afternoon.

I weighed 179.6 again this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 261 109 27       1,730
  Calories 1044 434 242       1,720
  Percent 61% 25% 14% `

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tue 4/21 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

53 + 9 w/u + 10 TM c/d = 72 mins

Supersetted DB shoulder press with BOR's in smith machine. First set of shoulder press was really good, 2nd set dropped signifcantly, 3rd set I held on. I bumped the weight on BOR's and they felt heavy, but good reps.  Next I supersetted DB incline with close grip pulldowns. Incline was really good. Pulldowns started feeling really easy each set, but got heavy quickly. 

Then I supersetted 3 sets of cable crunches with 2 sets of fly's. Kept fly's to 2 sets because don't need overkill here. Then I supersetted DB overhead triceps extensions with incline curls. Both were great and I got at least as many reps as I have before. Finished up with some upright rows, rear delt fly's and a set of pushdowns.  Very nice WO. Then I hit the treadmill for 10-11 mins.

I weighed 180.6 this morning. Feeling pretty good. I'll eat at about 10 cals/pound body weight today, which mean a few extra carbs.

Mon 4/20 - Cardio

Went for a 35 min walk in the morning. I couldn't believe that my weight only went up about 1.5 pounds on my refeed on Sunday.

Nutrition: I weighed 181.4 this morning (up from 180.2) after a 3,800 calorie and ~600 grams of carbs yesterday.  Back to diet today:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 256 107 27       1,700
  Calories 1022 426 243       1,691
  Percent 60% 25% 14% `

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sun 4/19 - Full Body & Refeed

Workout: LA Fitness
(80#Inc)10,9,8,60x10P Very good
(65#IsoShldr)11,10,8 Great
(190#Fly)12,11,11 Weight bump

90 + 10 = 100 mins

Incline was really good. Needed an assist on last rep of 3rd set, but only on my R side. Left side went up fine. Really pleased this hasn't fallen off at all 2 weeks into cut. Supersetted with seated rows. Bumped weight on first set and it was heavy. Dropped back for last 2 sets.  Next we supersetted leg press and cable crunches. Sarah used the plate loaded leg press, I used the machine. It's too much of a pain to add/remove a bunch of plates to share the leg press. The machine isn't bad though. Bumped weight on crunches.

Next we supersetted iso shoulder press with pulldowns. I got more reps than ever on shoulder press and added 2 reps on pulldowns. WO going great. Next we supersetted fly's with leg curls. I bumped the weight on fly's and they felt great so we did 3 sets.  Then we supersetted incline curls with the plate loaded dip machine for 2 sets each. Followed that with rope extensions and reverse crunches. Rope extensions felt real heavy after the dip machine so I dropped weight twice.

Next we supersetted 2 sets of seal rows and pullovers.  Finished up with some hammer curls and lateral delt raises (machine). Great WO. Probably too many exercises, but big refeed after this WO, so we kind of threw the kitchen sink at it after the main movements. Wise? IDK, but it was a hell of a WO. :)

I weighed 180.2 this morning. Up about a pound from yesterday depsite a large deficit. Refeed today of about 3,800 cals & ~600 grams of carbs.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 209 593 65       3,761
  Calories 837 2370 585       3,792
  Percent 22% 63% 15% `

Fri 4/17 & Sat 4/18 - Rest

Two rest days before big WO and Refeed on Sunday. They were both active days with lots of walking.

Fri 4/17 - Weighed 180.2

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 251 106 27       1,688
  Calories 1004 424 244       1,672
  Percent 60% 25% 15% `

Sat 4/18 - Weighed 179.4

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 243 87 24       1,539
  Calories 971 347 213       1,531
  Percent 63% 23% 14% `

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thu 4/16 - Full Body

Wed 4/15 - Rest
Rest day. I weighed 181.0 yesterday and was very active despite no WO or cardio. Fitbit has seemed fairly accurate lately as far as calorie expenditure has gone and yesterday it had me at 3,685. I consumed 1,715 calories, so a big deficit.  Macros were:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 259 107 27       1,715
Calories 1036 426 244       1,706
Percent 61% 25% 14% `

Thu 4/16 - Full Body (I use that term lightly - not a lot of leg work here, but enough to get a stimulation)
Workout: LA Fitness

60 + 10 = 70 mins

I wasn't committed to going heavy on incline today, and wish I would've been. Started w/ 75#DB's and felt really good for 12 reps. Bumped to 80#DB's. 1st set was good and then kind of died on the 3rd. Dying on the 3rd set was kind of a trend w/ this WO. Top end strength was great, but just didn't have the energy for 3 hard sets. I supersetted incline with seated rows which were really good. I then did leg press/cable crunches to give upper body a rest. Leg press felt heavy.

I bumped up the weight on Iso Shoulder press and got 2 great sets, died on the 3rd. Supersetted with pulldowns that I bumped the weight also. 3 good sets. Next I supersetted rope extensions with incline curls. After 2 sets of rope extensions, I switched to pushdowns with lighter weight.  Next I supersetted leg curls for a bit of hamstring work (didn't have energy for SLDL) and fly's. Fly's were great. Finished up with some rear delt work.

Really good WO despite 3rd set troubles. During this hard cut I should only be doing 2-3 sets to maintain so struggling on 3rd sets isn't much of an issue, especially if I'm hitting these muscle groups 3x week.  

I weighed 180.4 this morning. Feeling good. After this weekend I'll move to a more moderate deficit. Probably around a 20% deficit rather than what is currently about a 50% deficit. Macros:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 250 141 30       1,842
  Calories 998 564 269       1,831
  Percent 55% 31% 15% `

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tue 4/14 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

57 + 10 w/u + 13 TM c/d = 80mins

Started with an incline/bent-over-row superset. Incline was good. First set was really good, dropped 3 reps 2nd set and maintained for the 3rd. Got 3 good sets of BOR, but effort seemed harder than list time doing these. Next I supersetted shoulder press and pulldowns. I was planning on doing DB shoulder press, but decided to try the shoulder press machine at work. I sat in it reversed so it was a strict shoulder press, rather than a real steep incline (just like at LA Fitness). Felt really good this way. Pulldowns were ok.

Next I supersetted overhead tricep extensions, barbell curls and cable crunches. 2 sets of bi/tri and 3 for abs. Then I supersetted chest fly with rear delt fly on the same machine.  Finished up with some DB pullovers, pushdowns and 1 set of incline curls.  I warmed up for 10 minutes and then for the first time in a LONG time, I hopped on the treadmill after the WO and did 13 mins of cardio (felt like 30mins - hate the treadmill).  Good WO.


I weighed 182.6 this morning. Down 2 pounds from yesterday after the refeed. Feeling pretty good. Today's macro's:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 248 125 28       1,750
  Calories 990 498 256       1,744
  Percent 57% 29% 15% `

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mon 4/13 - Cardio

Rest day today, but wanted to do a little light cardio.
-Walked 40 mins in the monring.
-Walked 37 mins in the evening.

I weighed 184.6 this morning, up from 182.0 yesterday. My weight didn't jump nearly as much as I thought it would after a refeed of 4,000 calories (630 grams of carbs). Didn't feel very bloated at all this morning.  Back to fairly strict nutrition today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 230 107 27       1,605
  Calories 918 428 242       1,589
  Percent 58% 27% 15% `

Sun 4/12 - Full body & refeed

Workout: LA Fitness

82 + 8 w/u = 90 mins

Good WO. Got long, but pleased.  Shoulder press was good. I went for a rep or two I shouldn't have, but good effort. I bumped up the weight on seated rows and they were good. We supersetted press and row and did a back off set after 3 heavy sets for both. Next we did leg press and cable crunch combo and gave upper body a rest. 10 plates on the leg press felt good.  Next we did incline and pulldown combo. I was going to go lighter on incline since I went heavy 2 days ago, but decided to use 75#DB's. Felt good and got good controlled reps. Pulldowns were good.

Next we did Stiff Leg Dead Lift and reverse crunches. I didn't go too heavy on SLDL, but killed my hands holding the bar. I continue to have issues with my forearms, which also affects grip tremendously.  Next we did some biceps/triceps, then finished off the WO with some seal rows and fly's. 50# DB's felt heavy as heck for seal rows today. Fly's felt great again! Time to eat!

I weighed 182.0 this morning. Weight jumped up a bit for whatever reason. Refeed day! Sushi and other stuff. Will hit about 4,000 calories.  Refeed macros:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 223 630 69       4,033
  Calories 891 2519 623       4,033
  Percent 22% 62% 15% `

Sat 4/11 - Cardio

No WO today, so I wanted to do some light cardio.

- 37 min walk in the AM
-115 min walk in the PM

I weighed 181.6 again this morning. Refeed tomorrow.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 270 52 21       1,508
  Calories 1080 207 193       1,480
  Percent 73% 14% 13% `

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fri 4/10 - Upper (Great WO on cut & little sleep)

Workout: LA Fitness
(80#Inc)10,9,7,55x9P Very good
(80#SeatRow)3x10 Good
(60#IsoShldr)11,10 Very good

51 + 9 w/u = 60 mins

Wow, great WO given the circumstances. I worked until 4am this morning and then got up at 7:15 to continue work, so not much sleep. I'm also well into the week of a fairly hard cut so I didn't know what to expect.  Incline was really good w/ 3 good sets. Pretty sure I could've gotten 8 reps on last set, but didn't think it was worth really grinding it out with my shoulder. These were all good controlled reps. After the last heavy set, I took a real short rest, dropped to 55#'s and did some good paused reps.

Next I supersetted seated rows with reverse crunches.  Rows were good and I got more reps than last WO. Crunches were hard because I hammered abs yesterday.  Next I supersetted pulldowns with iso-shoulder press. Pulldowns were good, shoulder press was really good. I think I got more reps here than before also.

Next I supersetted some triceps/biceps work, then seal rows with rope pusdown (all fairly low volume) and finished up with 2 sets of lateral raises and a sets of fly's. Fly's felt great.  Overall an awesome workout. In and out in an hour including warmup. I did notice energy starting to drop noticeably after about first 30 minutes.


I weighed 181.6 this morning. Still coming down, but really want to eat after this morning's WO. Plan is to stay on cut and have a 5-hour refeed on Sunday.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 271 102 23       1,697
  Calories 1082 406 209       1,698
  Percent 64% 24% 12% `

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thu 4/9 - Lower

Workout: Work Gym

40 + 4 w/u = 44 mins

Not a lot of time for a WO, but really needed to hit legs because I hadn't since starting my cut. In and out in 45 mins. Nothing
to write home about, but hit same weight/reps as the last lower WO I did before dieting. I cut a set off of leg press (3 instead
of 4) and leg curl/ext (2 instead of 3).  Did a bunch of ab work.  No time for shower before heading back for a meeting. Hope
I didn't stink too bad and annoy my team :)

I weighed 182.2 this morning. Coming down nicely. Working late tonight and will probably be working until 3-4AM. Getting very hungry.  Today's macro's:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 260 112 23       1,690
  Calories 1039 446 204       1,689
  Percent 62% 26% 12% `

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wed 4/8 - Rest

Rest day today. Wanted to do a lower body WO but schedule got too hectic. Will try again tomorrow.  Good cut macros today. About a 1,650 calorie deficit today. That makes the 3-day total a 4,750 deficit.

I weighed 182.6 this morning. Already noticing dramatic changes in the mirror.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 263 81 22       1,580
Calories 1053 322 197       1,572
Percent 67% 20% 13% `

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tue 4/7 - Upper (work gym - 1st WO on cut)

Workout: Work Gym

55 + 8 w/u = 63 mins

Awesome WO today. Hit or increased numbers on all lifts. It's only the 2nd day of the cut, but I'm still very pleased my WO didn't suffer while I adjust to low carbs/calories. I did cut volume slightly (3 sets vs 4 on incline/BOR superset, for example).

Shoulder press was really good. Don't think I've ever gotten more reps than these on first 3 sets. Last WO I only got 3x8 on BOR with this weight and today I got sets of 10 reps. Very good.  But also very difficult. Strength was there, but energy was not.  I bumped up the weight on incline. Even though this is still light, was pleased with these paused reps. Pulldowns were OK.

I supersetted fly's and cable crunches. I bumped up the weight on crunches.  Overhead triceps extensions were good. More reps today than last couple WO's with this weight. I supersetted incline curls with these and started with 30# DB's, but they were light so I moved to 35#'s right away. Finished up with some light-ish pullovers and some rope extensions.  Great 1st WO on the cut.

I weighed 183.6 this morning. Down from 190.0 yesterday. Mostly water, but about a 1,600 calorie deficit yesterday. I bought a Fitbit Charge HR and am going to use that during this cut. Obviously tracking all my food intake as well. Something that stood out about yesterday was how difficult it was to eat enough protein w/o all the add-on protein from milk, cereal, etc.  I got to toward the end of the day and had to eat a bunch extra to get to 239 grams, which was still low on protein target. Daily macro breakdown for today:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 264 116 24       1,735
  Calories 1057 464 213       1,734
  Percent 61% 27% 12% `

 This put me at about a 1,500 cal deficit today.

Mon 4/6 - Rest day - First day of cut

Went hiking for about 2 hours yesterday.  Today was a rest day and first day of my cut. After being essentially in a caloric surplus for 7 months and bulking to 190#'s (which was the target), it's time to start stripping off the fat.

I weighed 188.2 Sunday and 190.0 on Monday.  Here's the nutrition breakdown for Monday:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 239 53 15       1,300
  Calories 957 212 134       1,303
  Percent 73% 16% 10% `

It wasn't fun. First couple days of a cut never are.  I'll up calories on Tuesday and eat a little something other than protein after my workout.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sat 4/4 - Pull Day (plus hike on the Appalachian Trail

Workout: LA Fitness
(130#RDeltFly)11,10,10+4x6 (weight bump)

82 mins + 5 w/u = 87 mins

Sarah and I did a pull WO this morning. Seal rows were good. Paused drop set was great. Supersetted with torture twists. Pulldowns felt heavy. Supersetted with cable crunch. Did close grip seated rows for 3 heavy sets, than ran the stack, reducing weight for 4 more sets with no rests between. Supersetted the first 2 sets with barbell curls.

Next we did rear delt fly's supersetted with upright rows. I bumped the weight up on rear delt fly's. I'd been stuck at 115#'s for a long time, so I'm mildly pleased about that.  We ran the stack on rear delt fly's today also. We finished up with incline curls and front raises. For curls we did 2 drop sets after the 2nd working set.  Great WO. Probably should've done some BOR, but wanted to do heavy seal rows first today.

Sarah and I hiked for about 2 hours on the Appalachian Trail this afternoon. Windy and cool, but sunny.

I weighed 186.4 this morning. Not intentionally dropping this much weight rigth before starting a diet on Monday.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fri 4/3 - Push Day

Workout: LA Fitness

90 + 10 w/u = 100 mins

Push day today. Incline was really good except for 3rd set where I mis-grooved the 6th rep and got stuck on my right side. Back-off set was really good. I wanted to bump up the weight on shoulder press, but actually had to drop it by 5#'s because we did it right after incline.  Next we supersetted pullovers and reverse crunches. After the 1st set I recall writing in my log last time that this combo sucks. Both movements use the core a lot and pullovers get really difficult to stabilize. I should've stayed w/ ligther weights.

Next we did hammer strength iso incline. I wanted some more chest pressing. These were OK. Bothered my R shoulder. We then did 4 sets for triceps on the plate-loaded seated dip machine. These were good. Then we supersetted lateral delt (machiine) with crunches. Finished up with some fly's and rope pushdowns. Fly's felt really good today. Was only planning on 2 sets, but did a 3rd.  Good WO, but it got too long.

I weighed 187.2 this morning. Down from 189.2 yesterday. I dropped cals down to 2,000 yesterday. Diet starts Monday but I didn't want things getting too out of control over the long holiday weekend before starting. Pretty much on plan though. I wanted to bulk until I hit about 190 (started at ~175) so timing is just about perfect.