Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thu 5/30 - GBR Lower

Workout: (Fitness First)
(HackSquat)6PLx8,8PLx6,10PLx6,6,6,6+4PLx20DS V. Good - Brutal drop set

(LegPress)6plates 4x10
(255#SLDL)4x8 V. good
47 mins + 13 w/u + 10 c/d = 70 mins total

Really good hack squat today. Drop set of 20 reps was murder. I was done w/ the working sets in 9 mins, but had to take a 4min breather before moving on.(13mins)

Leg press/SLDL combo was really good, but I was dead hurting half way through. Went a little higher reps (8 vs. 6) on SLDL today so I didn't go real heavy. I think this is probably better and I'll keep the heavier stuff for regular dead lifts w/ lower reps. I had to take some longer rests here today.(20/33mins)

The gym was really warm today and I was ready to pack it in after the above work (and would've felt fine with the effort), but went ahead and finished up the WO as written. I did leg curl and rear delts myo-rep style and both were good.(8/41mins)

Finished off with some ab work. Hit a huge wall on 2nd set of cable crunches and had to drop the weight for the last set. Short rests with this crunch/knee crunch combo.(6/47mins)

Good lower today. Legs really feeling it tonight though.

I weighed 175.2 this morning so I decided to up the cals (carbs) today. Still below maintenance though.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 246 185 38   2,040
  Calories 982 741 339   2,062
  Percent 48% 36% 16% `

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wed 5/29 - GBR Upper

Workout: Fitness First
(85#DBBench)6,6,6,6,7 V. Good

(115#OHP)4x5 Tough
(135#CGBP)3x8 V. Good
51 mins + 17 w/u + 9 c/d = 77 mins total

Bench was very good. I was only going to do 4 sets, but feeling good so I did a 5th set and got 7 reps. Still don't think I'm ready for 90#DB's yet. T-bar was good, but couldn't rep out last set and didn't feel it in my back as well as usual.(17mins)

OHP was good, but 4th set was pretty close to failure. Same thing with pullups(12/29mins)

Incline felt really good and worked hard to get 3x10. Iso rows were harder than normal.(9/38mins)

Close grip bench felt really good today and I asked for a spot the last 2 sets so I could push it a little bit, but didn't fail. Curls were heavy, but good.(10/48mins). I cooled down and then decided I should hit rear delts for shoulder health, so I did a myo-rep set.(3/51mins)

Very good WO, especially after completely hitting the wall during same upper WO on Saturday in Williamsburg. It's amazing what a little sleep will do.

I weighed 177.4 this morning. Feeling much better w/ some sleep. Ate a lot over the weekend, but bounced back nicely and actually wasn't as heavy as I thought I'd be coming back from a 4-day weekend away.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 243 123 37   1,807
  Calories 971 492 329   1,791
  Percent 54% 27% 18% `

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mon 5/27 - Cardio

Ran in the morning before driving back to Leesburg.  I ran a while and walked the rest for a total of 40 mins.  Knees hurt, legs felt dead.

Great weekend in Williamsburg with Sarah. We walked a lot around Merchant Square, Yorktown and around the neighborhood/golf course.  I wasn't ready for the weekend to be over.

I didn't track nutrition or weight over the weekend and just enjoyed the time.

Sat 5/25 - GBR Upper

Workout: (Ironbound Gym - Williamsburg)
(85#DBBench)5x5 Heavy as shit!
(135#T-bar)5, 90#x8,8,8
49mins + 18 w/u + 0 c/d = 67 mins total

Worked out at Ironbound in Williamsburg. Very little sleep the last 2 nights. I started warming up on BB bench and had on a couple of 25# plates on each side. I unracked the weight, did 1 rep and re-racked it to check the weights because it felt so heavy.  Not a good sign for things to come.

DB Bench felt really heavy. I barely got 5x5 w/ 85# DB's. After the 1st set on t-bar, I dropped the weight because it was way too heavy.

I started w/ my normal weight on OHP, did 1 rep and dropped the weight. Pullups were a struggle for 3 sets of 5.

That pretty much sums up the WO. It was still good to get a WO, but the lack of sleep plus being at the end of a cut REALLy killed me. I've never felt this weak and beat up before.

Didn't track nutrion during the holiday weekend while in Williamsburg and I ate as I wished, within reason.  Enjoyed the time with Sarah and we did a lot of walking around the neighborhood and Williamsburg, so I stayed fairly active all weeekend.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thu 5/23 - FB SD Hyp

Workout: (Fitness First)
(HackSquat)6PLx6,8PLx4,10PLx6,6,6,6+4PLx15DS Great, brutal
(DeadLift)275x5,5,295x5,5 V. Good. Exhausted
(115#OHP)4x5 Good
(Pullups)4x8 V. good
58mins + 20 w/u + 10 c/d = 88mins

I kept sets to 4 today since I cut pretty hard again all week, and 4 sets per exercise is probably overkill here anyway.

GROUP1: I did a few less reps in w/u today and got right to the heavy stuff. Really good hack squats with the drop set being brutal again, but loved it. I had to sit down and rest a minute or two after these before moving on to bench.  Bench and t-bar rows were good. Bench felt heavy today and I couldn't get over 6 reps on last set of either exercise.(24mins)

GROUP2: Deadlift again today and started heavier than normal instead of ramping up. These were good, but I was really starting to feel exhausted half way through these and wasn't sure if I'd get through OHP and pullups, let alone any add-ons later. OHP was good and pullups were really good. 8 reps felt pretty easy until the last set.(21/45mins)

ADD-ONS: Got a little bit of a 2nd wind and did low volume for incline, CGBP and curls. I did 4 sets of heavy cable crunches, which were good.(13/58mins)

Overall a really good full body WO.  Even though I did struggle with energy about half way through the WO, none of my lifts really dropped off. Heavy hack squats, plus the drop set take a shit load of energy out of me so I was happy to get through this WO so well during a cut week.

I weighed 174.2 this morning. Very pleased.  I expect this to spike over Memorial Day weekend, but hopefully it will be a longer, but more controlled re-feed rather than one extreme day.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wed 5/23 - Rest

Rest day:
Busy morning with early work meetings and just didn't feel motivated or have the energy to do a workout (or even some cardio really) in the afternoon.  A motivation thing, or the diet getting to me?

I weighed 175.6 this morning. I keep stalling right around this weight.  Good nutrition day. Longer, but hopefully more controlled, refeed coming for Memorial Day weekend. Heading to Williamsburg/beach with Sarah.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 250 82 33   1,634
  Calories 1000 329 293   1,622
  Percent 62% 20% 18% `

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tue 5/21 - Cardio

-  Walked for 62 minutes fasted this morning before work.

-  I weighed 175.8 this morning. Coming back down nicely after carb re-feed this weekend.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 239 82 32   1,586
  Calories 956 329 289   1,574
  Percent 61% 21% 18% `

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mon 5/20 - GBR Upper

Sun 5/19: Rest
Yesterday I weighed the following:
6AM: 175.0
11PM: 190.2 (+15.2 pounds in 17 hours!)
I weighed 184.4 this morning.  Good re-feed though. Lots of carbs. Kept protein and fat normal. Back on the cut today and nutrition was tight.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 217 51 25   1,297
Calories 869 204 223   1,296
Percent 67% 16% 17% `

Mon 5/20: GBR Upper
Workout: (Fitness First)
 (85#DBBench)6,6,6,8 Great
(135#T-bar)6,6,6,8 V. Good
(115#OHP)5,5,5,7 Great!
46mins + 15 w/u + 8 c/d = 69 mins total

Bench was feeling pretty heavy and I'm surprised I was able to get 8 reps on the last set, but very happy with it! I started out w/ seated rows, but switched to t-bar (not sure why, just felt like pulling heavy I guess) and it felt really good.(15mins)

OHP was similar to bench in that 5 reps didn't feel real light, but I was able to get 7 reps on the last set. Very good. Pullups were good, but last set I had to work pretty hard the last couple of reps.(12/27mins)

Incline was good, as were iso rows. On the drop set I really held and squeezed my back at contraction.(9/36mins)

I finished up with CGBP which was good, but only did 2 sets because I wanted to squeeze in some quick bi work as well. Rear delts were OK.(10/46mins)

Good WO. Very pleased with last sets of bench, OHP and pullups.

I weighed 179.2 this morning. Another good, fairly tight, cutting nutrition day. I'll cut this week and then after Memorial Day weekend probably go to around maintenance, cycling carbs/cals on WO days.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 238 72 32   1,532
  Calories 953 289 285   1,527
  Percent 62% 19% 19% `

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sat 5/18 - GBR Lower (Hack Squat PR & Kayak pic)

Workout: (Fitness First)
(HackSquat)6PLx8,8PLx6,10PLx6,6,6,6+4PLx15DS (7) Weight bump - Awesome!
(LegPress)6plates 4x12
(SLDL)255x6,6,6,6,8 Good - neck cramp
(105#RearDelt)3x8+90#x8 (4) Too heavy
50mins + 13 w/u + 8 c/d = 71 mins total

Really good lower today. Hack squats were awesome! 8 plates didn't feel light, but I've been contemplating bumping up to 10 plates so today I decided to give it a go. Really happy I did. Really good (and hard) work. Drop set after last heavy set was brutal. Soaked after this exercise.(16mins)

Leg press was good. Really had to work on a couple of these sets. SLDL was OK. I kept the weight at 255#'s because on the first set I got a fairly bad "crick" in my neck. It wasn't preventing me from completing the work, but was painful and I didn't think pushing the weight up was a good idea.(21/37). This took a while because a nice guy (Donald) stopped me twice to talk and ask some questions about what I was doing. I was happy to share where I'd been and what I'm doing.

I bumped up the weight on rear delts, but I think this was too heavy. Struggled to get 8 reps third set so I dropped to 90#'s for a 4th set. Leg curl was OK.(8/45mins). Finished up with some torture twist myo-rep style.(5/50mins)

Good work today. Hack squats took a lot out of me and I can still really feel it in my legs tonight at midnight (16hours later).

I weighed 175.0 this morning. Picked the boys up after the gym, went to the food court and had chicken kabob, rice, naan, spinach. Pretty much ate all day from then (Noon) until midnight. I fully expect to be at least up 10#'s (185) tomorrow morning. Back on cut tomorrow AM.

I bought 2 kayaks today.  Here's the boys and I with one of them. Still have to get the other one tomorrow from Dick's.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fri 5/17 - GBR Upper

Thur 5/16 - Rest
-  I weighed 174.4 this morning. Good nutrition day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 238 66 33   1,526
Calories 953 264 293   1,511
Percent 63% 17% 19% `

Fri 5/17 - GBR Upper
Workout: (Fitness First)
(85#DBBench)6,6,6,7+135#x13 Awesome
(135#T-bar)6,6,6,8 Great
(Pullups)4x8 V. Good
43mins + 18 w/u + 6 c/d = 67 mins total

A little less volume today (4 sets for main movements instead of 5) due to the cut.

Bench was good and glad I got 7th rep on last set, but worked pretty hard for that. Once last set was done I went right to the bench and did 135# 13 times. This felt REALLY good. T-bar rows were really good so I pushed the last set.(13mins)

OHP was pretty good. Bothered lower back again. I don't really want to do these seated, but might have to remember to bring the belt on upper days for this.  Pullups were really good today and I got 8reps/set w/o too much strain (to protect elbows).(12/25mins)

I was planning on doing Iso Incline, but someone was using that so I did DB's. Hit a bit of a wall here. I've got to believe from the cut. Still good work. Cable crunch were good/hard. This is "heavy" for me.(10/35mins).

Close grip bench was good the first set. 2nd set I completely hit the wall and decided it'd be better not to do another. Curls were good. Noticed I'm getting pretty vascular due to leanness.(6/41mins). Finished up with tri pushdowns myo-rep since I stopped after 2 sets of CGBP.(2/43mins).

Very pleased with this WO given my diet this week. Very happy I've been able to pretty much maintain strength while cutting and getting progressively leaner.

I weighed 173.4 this morning. Cut is going very well. Lowest and leanest I've been in a year. Getting close to the leanest I've ever been.  Time to eat this weekend.  Ate quite a bit today - kept fat low, protein the same (could have been lower) and mainly more carbs.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 255 337 45   2,748
  Calories 1018 1347 405   2,770
  Percent 37% 49% 15% `

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wed 5/15 - FB SD Hyp

Workout: (Fitness First)
(HackSquat)6PLx6,8PLx6,6,6,6,4PLx15DS (6) Great! Brutal Drop Set.

(DeadLift)255x5,275x5,295x5,5 (4) V. good
(115#OHP)4x5 Good
(70#IsoIncline)10,9,8 Weight bump
51mins + 13 w/u + 8 c/d = 72mins

Very good FB WO. Since I'm back on a short cut, I kept most exercises (except hack squats) to 4 sets instead of 5 today.

GROUP1: Hack squats were really good again. Really liking these, but gotta squat again at some point soon. Warmed up w/ 6 plates and moved right to 8 plates w/o much rest. After 4 sets at this weight I immediately did a drop set to 4 plates. Brutal, but great work!(8mins - short rests). Bench was good, but I really had to work to get 6 reps across sets today. Rows were good.(13/21mins).

GROUP2: I did deadlift again today. I like this better than SLDL in the FB setup. I really felt it in my legs today, which is good because I think in the past I tend to use too much lower back. Would have liked to go over 300#s today, but this was heavy enough, especially during a cut.(13/34mins).  OHP was good and I was tempted to do a 5th set, but didn't. Pullups were good and really controlled.(9/44mins)

ADD-ONS: I wanted some additional chest work so I finished up with iso incline (bumped the weight) and torture twist for some core work.(7/51mins)

I weighed 175.8 this morning. I've come back down really quickly in the last couple of days after being at 185.6 on Sunday. 10lbs in 3 days. Mostly water, but still happy to get back down.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 254 105 33   1,742
  Calories 1016 422 301   1,738
  Percent 58% 24% 17% `

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mon 5/12 - GBR Upper

Workout: (Fitness First)
(85#DBBench)6,6,6,6,7 V. Good

(115#OHP)5x5 Excellent
(65#DBIncline)10,9,9 V. Good
(135#CGBP)10,8,8 Good
51mins + 16 w/u + 11 c/d = 78mins total

Last WO I was thinking about bumping up DB bench, but today they felt heavy. I got same amount of reps, but they just felt heavier and left shoulder being tempermental. Seated rows were good, but thinking I might drop to 80#'s for more reps and/or more squeeze at contraction.(16mins)

OHP was very good. Bothered lower back a little, but went ahead for 5 sets today (even though I did like the 3 sets plus 2 lat delts last WO). Pullups were OK. Elbows have also been bothering me, so stayed away from failure until last set.(13/29mins)

Incline was good and iso rows were good, but again bothered my left shoulder. Almost felt like it wanted to pull my left one out of socket on on extension.(10/39mins)

I wanted to do some tri work and sometimes pushdowns bother my shoulders so I did close grip bench. Gotta get back to these more often. Felt really good. I started DB curls but it wasn't happening with my elbows, so I did hammer curls. Bi's were dead by 2nd set and I was really cheating/swinging to get them up. Dropped to 25#'s for last set and did both arms at once. Felt great.(9/48mins). Finished up with myo-rep cable crunches.(3/51mins).

Good WO. I was hoping to feel more energy/stronger after a weekend of eating. Seems I often don't feel as good after a day or two off. I get out of the groove or something.  Anyway, very pleased with the work.

I weighed 183.0 this morning. Back on the diet for at least 2 weeks. Tight nutrition day. I weighed less tonight than I did this morning. That's a good way to get back at it.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 218 81 33   1,498
  Calories 870 322 300   1,492
  Percent 58% 22% 20% `

Sat 5/11 - GBR Lower

Workout: (Fitness First)
(HackSquat)6platesx6,8platesx6,6,6,6,6 (6) V. Good
(LegPress)6plates 4x12
(SLDL)205x10,255x6,275x6,6,6,6 (6) Great!
49mins +15 w/u + 0 c/d = 64 mins total

Great lower WO today. Knees have been wonky last couple of days, but they felt good during warmup and stretching.  Hack squat was good and after a couple sets of 8 plates I considered (again) bumping up to 10 plates. 8 was enough by the last set (again).(11mins)

I did SLDL first in this combination today.  SLDL was great and I got 4 good sets at 275. I was going to bump up here on the final set to 295 or 300+but decided not to let my ego get the better of me. Leg press was good and I may need to bump the weight up here, but still want to keep these at higher reps since hack squats are “low” reps.   Really good, and really tough combo (leg press + SLDL).(22/33mins)

Leg curl and rear delts were OK. Someone was on the delt/fly machine, so I used DB’s today and did them standing & bent at waist.  Machine is better.(8/41mins)

Took an unplanned extended break and talked to David Michael for a while, then finished up with heavy cable crunches and what I’ll call lying knee crunches.  You lay on your back, tuck your heels in toward your but and do “crunches” by tapping toes on the ground and then bringing your knees up toward your chest.  These were surprisingly difficult, but abs already worked hard from heavy crunches.

Really pleased with first 3 main movements.  I still dread leg day a little bit each time because it’s a ton of effort, but am really enjoying the hard work. I didn’t do a c/d today because I really started to cool down while talking to David. I almost ended the WO after that and skipped abs, but glad I did them.

I weighed 178.4 this morning after starting re-feed last night. 

Fri 5/10 - GBR upper

Workout: (Fitness First)
(85#DBBench)6,6,6,6,7 Great!

45mins + 16 w/u + 6 c/d = 67mins total

DB Bench was great today. I was thinking about bumping up to 90# DB's, but decided just to try to get higher reps across all sets today, and did that. Seated rows were good.(16mins).

OHP was OK, but was really bothering my lower back so after 3 sets I did 2 sets of lateral raises. Pullups were good, but elbows are bothersome.(12/28mins).

Incline was good, as were iso rows.(10/38mins).  Finished up with tri pushdowns and a mix of DB curls and hammer curls.(7/45mins).

Really good upper WO. Very happy with bench today.

I weighed 175.2 this morning. Time for a re-feed.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thu 5/9 - Pictures

Walked with Mom for an hour before she and Cranny left for Italy.  I weighed 176.2 this morning and still sitting at around 10.5% body fat so I wanted to get a picture or two.  Here's a front and back pose.

I weighed 176.2 this morning. Tight diet today since no WO.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 229 95 31   1,579
  Calories 914 381 283   1,578
  Percent 58% 24% 18% `

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wed 5/8 - FB SD Hyp

Tue 5/7: 
Rest day
Nutrition: I weighed 179.6. Tight nutrition day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 209 66 36   1,434
Calories 837 265 322   1,423
Percent 59% 19% 23% `

Wed 5/8:
Workout: (Fitness First)
(HackSquat)6PLx6,8PLx6,6,6,6,6 (6) Awesome!
(85#DBBench)5,5,5,5,8 Great
(90#SeatedRow)5x6 Weight bump - V. good
(DeadLift)255x5,275x5,5,295x5 V. good
(180#CableCrunch)10,8,6 Weight bump
60 + 17 w/u + 8 c/d = 85mins total

My knees were really sore this morning and were even bothering me on the treadmill warming up, so I didn't think legs were going to go well today. Thankfully, I was wrong. Hack squats were really good and I did 5 sets w/ 8plates. Last WO I was thinking about bumping to 10 plates, but today 8 was plenty.(12mins)

DB bench was really good again and I got 8 reps on the 5th set. I might actually have to think about bumping up to 90# DB's. I bumped up the weight for seated rows and they were good, but I didn't feel it quite as well as on Monday, so maybe this was a little too heavy. Great combo. (16/28mins)

Deadlift was really good today. 275#'s felt "light" so I bumped 4th set up to 295#'s. I really wanted to go higher, but also wanted to keep these to 4 sets. I should have bumped up earlier.(12/40mins)

Started with 35#plates (115#s) for OHP today and got 5x5. Tweaked my lower back a little on 2nd set, so I put the weight belt back on. Pullups were OK.(13/53mins).  I finished up with iso incline and cable crunch. I bumped up the weight on cable crunches and they got heavy fast.(7/60mins)

Fantastic Full Body WO today. Very happy with bench and several other lifts. I'd like to hit barbell bench again soon, but my elbows have just been barking at me too much lately. Perhaps next week. Time to get the feed bag on today after this WO!

I weighed 178.6 this morning. Good nutrition day with increased calories, but still below maintenance. I should have eaten more.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 218 213 47   2,106
  Calories 873 854 421   2,148
  Percent 41% 40% 20% `

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mon 5/6 - GBR upper

Sun 5/5:
-  Hiked the River Trail at Great Falls park with Gregg and Hayden. Yesterday we went to the Apple Blossom Festival. I ate a lot yesterday.
I weighed 182.8 this morning.

Mon 5/6:
Workout: (Fitness First)
(85#DBBench)5,5,5,5,7 Weight bump - Great
(OHP)105X5,115x5,5,5,5 Awesome
(65#DBIncline)10,10,8 V. Good
57mins +16 w/u + 10 c/d = 83mins total

I bumped up the weight on bench today and was very happy with the effort and being able to push and get 7 reps on last set. Pullups were good, but elbows are still an issue so didn't push too hard.(15mins)

I did overhead press next instead of incline so my tri's wouldn't be dead. It made a difference and after the first set I bumped the weight to 115. Felt good to have 35# plates on the bar. Very pleased with these. Goal here is to get 45# plates on. Seated row was really good today and I could really feel it in my back.(15/30mins)

Incline and one-arm DB rows were both good today. I really like putting DB rows in now and then.(11/41mins)

Finished the workout with some bi/tri/ab work. Skull cruhsers were hard on the elbows and I probably should have done CGBP. Curls were really good today. Lying leg raises were good, but reps are too high here and they take too long. I didn't do hanging leg raises because hanging really bothers my shoulder (left especially) and they've been bothering me quite a bit lately.

Great WO today. It's amazing how much better I felt after re-feeding over the weekend after cutting pretty hard for a while. Now it's decision time. Do I continue to cut, or take advantage and eat slightly above maintenance and try to make some gains for a few weeks before cutting again?

I weighed 181.2 this morning. Pretty dirty re-feed this weekend so I'm not surprised to be well over the 175 I was at on Friday.  Decent nutrition day. I decided not to go back into immediate cut mode. I'll probably eat around maintenance this week, then cut again (today was still below maintenance req's).

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 228 233 36   2,153
  Calories 914 932 323   2,169
  Percent 42% 43% 15% `

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sat 5/4 - GBR Upper

Workout: (Fitness First)
(HackSquat)6Platesx6,6,8PLx6,6,6,6 (6) Awesome!
(LegPress)6plates 4x12 Very good
(255#SLDL)4x6,275#x6 (5) Very good
40mins + 14 w/u + 10 c/d = 64mins total

Figured after a re-feed yesterday I should probably try to put in some hard work in the gym today...and I did!

Hack squats were awesome and I did 6 sets. I worked hard during last couple sets, but did think about bumping up to 10 45# plates. I took fairly short rests for these too. Really pleased.(11mins)

Since hack squats were heavy, I stuck w/ 6 plates on leg press for higher reps. These were good and really worked at end of each set.  SLDL was feeling really good so I bumped up and did one last heavy set at 275#s. I was considering bumping up and doing one more set, but thought better of it. Tough combo.(17/28mins)

Heavy work done w/in 30mins. Nice! Did leg curls which felt really good and rear delts for shoulder health.(9/37mins). Finished up w/ some heavy myo-rep ab work.(3/40mins)

Great lower WO today. Very pleased, and did it in 40mins.  Great stuff.

I weighed 179.4 this morning after re-feed. A little surprised I was that high because the re-feed wasn't out of control. That'll probably happen tomorrow :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fri 5/3 - GBR Upper (BF Test - 10.5%!)

Workout: (Fitness First)
(80#DBBench)5,5,5,5,7 Great!
(105#OHP)3x6 Good
40mins + 13 w/u + 8 c/d = 61mins total

Full body WO's are goind really well, but I really wanted to work out Fri and Sat, so decided I'd do an upper/lower split.

DB Bench was really good today. I was planning on 4 sets, but felt really good so I did a 5th set for max reps and got 7. Very pleased with this because last time I failed on 5th rep of last set.  Pullups were good.(14mins)

DB incline felt good, but I hit a wall after the 1st set. I probably should have done 3x8. Seated rows were pretty good.(10/24mins)

OHP was good, but really worked for last reps. Iso row was good, but maybe should've done t-bar.(9/33mins)

Hit a big wall on tri pushdowns after the first set and 150 felt heavy. Leg raises were hard, but very good. I really tried to control it on the way down. Hanging to do these really bothered my shoulders though and I almost switched to lying leg raises.(7/40mins)

Very pleased with this WO, especially being a couple weeks into the cut. I felt like I still had real good strength, at least in the beginning of the WO.

I had a body composition/fat% test done today at the Sprint gym. It's been almost exactly a year since I had it done there last time and I was really happy with the results.  See the results here.  Bottom line was I measured out at 10.5%.  Awesome! Very happy with this.

I weighed 175.2 this morning. Can't believe I went up in weight, but think I know why after a trip to the bathroom later in the morning :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thu 5/2 - Cardio & Accessory Work

Cardio:  AM
Ran ~1 mile to get HR up and then walked for 33 mins fasted. Total 43 mins

Workout:  Lunch - (Small Sprint Gym)
25mins w/ some shoulder warmups.

I decided to do some accessory shoulder and bi work today that I haven't had time for so far this week with the FB SD Hyp routine. I tried straight bar curls during w/u, but that just killed my elbows so I stuck with DB's.

I got some good rear delt work in for shoulder health. Curls were pretty good and I did lighter hammer curls for high reps with 30sec rests between sets.  Good little accessory WO.

I weighed 175.0 again this morning. Weight a little high tonight and not sure why. I seem to be stuck even though I'm at a fairly large deficit. Another good nutrition day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 252 73 27   1,530
  Calories 1007 291 239   1,536
  Percent 66% 19% 16% `

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wed 5/1 - FB SD Hyp

Workout: (Fitness First)

(HackSquat)4PLx8,6PLx6,6,6,8PLx6,4PLx10 Awesome!
(80#DBBench)4x5 Good
(DeadLift)205#x8,255x5,5,5,275x5 V. Good.
(105#OHP)5x6 Great!
(80#SeatedRow)4x8 Weight bump
(65#IsoIncline)10,10,9 Weight bump
61 + 15 w/u + 10 c/d = 86mins total

Great FB WO today. I had very little sleep last night (way too much caffeine I think) so I was kinda shocked I had such a good WO.

GROUP1: Hack squats were really good. I warmed up w/ 2 plates, moved to 4 plates which seemed really easy so went right to 6 plates. These sets were feeling good so I bumped the last set up to 8 plates. Really worked that last set, then immediately took off 4 plates and did a set of 10. Awesome work!(12mins)

DB Bench was good and 4x5 wasn't too bad. I planned to cut volume a little and stuck w/ that plan and didn't do a 5th set (even though I was tempted). Pullups were good and 4x7 felt good. Again, due to elbows, I stayed away from failure.(12/24mins)

GROUP2: Today I decided to do deadlifts instead of SLDL. Not sure why. Just sounded like a good change up. They were good and I bumped the weight up the last set because 255#s was feeling pretty easy. 275#s wasn't bad either and I probably should have bumped up earlier and possibly higher.(13/37mins)

OHP was great today and I got sets of 6. I was only planning on 4 sets, but these were just feeling too good to not do a 5th set. Was considering bumping up the weight too. I bumped up the weight on seated rows and these were good. Kept these to 4 sets because they did bother my elbows a bit(11/48mins)

ADD-ONS: Wanted some more chest work so I did iso incline again. Bumped the weight for these and they were good. Did myo-rep sets of cable crunches and tri pushdowns. Tri's were surprisingly dead. I started at 160 and had to drop to 150, then 140. Tri's were on FIRE like they haven't been in a while during cool down.(13/61mins)

Again, just a great FB WO and what a nice surprise.  Rest/cardio day tomorrow (might hit a little more ab/arm work) and then another FB on Friday.

I weighed 175.0 this morning. Just slightly up from yesterday. Feeling real lean and also worried that I'm losing too fast and possibly losing some muscle mass. I'll remain on the cut through Fri and then try to have a sensible re-feed over the weekend (not likely w/ the kids) and then maintenance for a bit. Another tight day:

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 253 71 28   1,534
  Calories 1011 283 250   1,545
  Percent 65% 18% 16% `

Tue 4/30 - Cardio

Ran around 1 mile to get HR up and then walked for 35 mins. 45 mins total. Fasted.

I weighed 174.8 this morning. Lowest so far this year. Getting a little concerned I'm losing too much weight too fast. Trying to prevent LBM loss as best I can. Going to end this cut at the end of the week.  Another tight nutrition day.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 245 78 26   1,525
  Calories 979 311 236   1,526
  Percent 64% 20% 15% `