Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sat 12/20 - Upper

Fri 12/19:  Rest day. Needed a rest and a ton going on w/ work and Christmas stuff.

Sat 12/20:
Workout: LA Fitness

75 + 10 w/u = 85 mins

Worked out with Sarah this morning. Incline was ok. Something definitely wrong with my R pec/shoulder, but the 80's felt good. Not near as many reps as I was getting, but because of my shoulder, I'm keeping the negatives really controlled and slow so that makes each rep more difficult. The effort is there. Increased angle of incline and did 2 more sets.  Bumped up weight on seated rows and supersetted with cable crunches. Bumped weight on those too.

Next we supersetted dips and leg raises. I bumped the weight on dips to a 25#DB between my legs. These may not be that great for my shoulder though. Bumped weight on pulldowns and finished up with seal rows and rope extenstions. Got more reps on these than last WO and think I'll bump the weight on seal rows next WO. They take a lot out of me at the end of a WO and I might want to move them up in the order.  Good WO.


I weighed 173.6 this morning. Too light.

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