Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thu 8/27 - Wed 9/9 - Vacations with lots of activity

Been busy the last couple weeks with 2 vacations. But it wasn't all relaxing at the beach and poolside. I got in some great work in the way of runs, walks, rides and WO's. Below is a high level recap of the last couple weeks.  I had some really good upper body WO's. Didn't do legs at all in the gym because I was doing a fair amount of running, biking and walking.  The upper WO's below show first 2 main movements only.  This is just due to space limitations here.  I was really lean when I went on vacation and somewhat depleted. After the initial bump in weight, I maintained fairly well.

Date Day Time Activity Summary Weight
27-Aug Thu 48 3 miles in 48 minutes. 168.0
28-Aug Fri 90 6.7 miles.  3 miles run in 28:30 (9:30 pace).  167.8
29-Aug Sat 111 (80#Inc)8,7,6,65x10,45x10,(35#Pullups)3x8 170.2
30-Aug Sun 100 17 mile bike ride 172.6
31-Aug Mon 55 4 mile run + 1 mile c/d. 3 mile walk. Bike in PM. 172.0
01-Sep Tue 110 (75#Inc)10,8,8,8,(35#Pullups)9,8,(PullDn)2x10 171.8
02-Sep Wed 120 25 mile bike ride in 1:59 , 12.6 MPH. 1,343 cals. 174.6
03-Sep Thu 62 5 miles in 46:10, then 1 mile c/d in 16 mins. 62 total.  172.0
04-Sep Fri 105 (80#Inc)8,7,7,6,(SeatRow)4x10,(100#Skulls)9,7,80x11,10 172.4
05-Sep Sat 90 3.5 miles on the App Trail, then sunset at Bears Den. 175.0
06-Sep Sun 180 31 mile bike ride on the W&OD trail to Purcellville and back 173.4
07-Sep Mon 76 (80#Inc)8,6,6,6,(SeatRow)4x10,(165#PullDn)3x8 176.4
08-Sep Tue 0 Much needed Rest Day! 176.6
09-Sep Wed 46 2.75 miles in 46 mins. 16:30 pace. 173.6

Overall, a great couple of weeks off work, great times with family and Sarah and some awesome WO's. Really enjoyed all the biking, a few really good runs (for me) too.

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