Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tue 9/15 - Upper (mostly Pull)

Workout: Work Gym

51 + 6 = 57 mins

Took 4 days off from lifting and decided to hit the gym today over lunch. I promised the PT I'd take it easy on the pressing, so I just did 3 sets of incline DB press with 65#DB's. He cautioned me from doing anything with elbows flared, so I did them the elbows tucked close to my body, almost like a close grip incline press. They felt a bit heavy for 65#'s, but that's mainly because of the technique. I supersetted them with heavy close grip pulldowns. Again, no wide grip pulls. Then I supersetted DB rows with crunches.  NExt I did some skull crushers (very good work) with 2 light-ish sets of incline curls. Curls don't seem to bother my biceps tendon at all when I make sure to keep elbow close to body and not rotate my shoulder. Finished up with some rear delt work, hodge rows and 2 sets of rope pushdowns. Fairly solid WO.

I also did my rehap work:

+ 10 mins shoulder rehab

I weighed 172.4 this morning.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 242 249 38       2,308
Calories 966 994 339       2,299
Percent 42% 43% 15% `

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