Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wed 7/8 - Pull Day (Weighted pullup PR!)

Workout: Work Gym
(35#Pullups)4x8 (PR!)

60 mins + 12 w/u = 72 mins

Pull day over lunch at work gym. Decided to start with pullups. Was going to just do body weight 3 sets of 8. I decided to add some weight, so I put a 35#DB between my legs. First set of 8 didn't feel easy even on the initial reps. I decided to do a 2nd set. This one felt better, and I just kept feeling pretty good and elbows weren't bothering me so I ended up doing 4x8 with 35#'s. That's a really good effort/result for me, especially since I haven't even really been doing any pullups consistently. Looking over my log, that 4x8 matches a PR from 2 years ago when I was consistently doing weighted pullups. I supersetted with crunches. Next I did bent-over-row in Smith machine. I didn't go as heavy as normal because of the heavy pullups. I tried to pause and squeeze at contraction for each rep, which got harder to do by the 4th set.

Next I supersetted barbell curls with upright rows, using same bar/weight w/o rest between exercises. 80#'s felt heavy but good. But, I also knew that reps would drop quickly if I tried to stick to that weight and I didn't want reps on upright rows getting too heavy so I dropped to 70#'s.  Good superset. Next I supersetted Hodge rows with rear delt fly's. First set of rows fetl really easy until the last rep or two. Things got difficult quickly in the 2nd set. I rested a tad longer before the 3rd set. I finished up with light incline curls supersetted with close grip pulldowns. First set of incline curls they started getting tough around 10 reps, but since they were fairly light, I was able to push through and get 5 more reps for 15. 2nd set I died at 10. For pulldowns, I started with 150#'s, which I thought was going to feel light.  It didn't. I dropped to 125#'s and that felt heavy. I dropped to 100#'s on the 2nd set and still had to really work on those. My back was DONE.  Really good WO. Very pleased with weighted pullups.


I weighed 174.2 this morning. Came down very quickly after trip to PA.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 222 256 44       2,321
Calories 888 1025 394       2,307
Percent 38% 44% 17% `

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