Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fri & Sat, 7/3-7/4 - Cardio

Fri 7/3 - Cardio
Arrived in PA yesterday. Went for a run and walk this morning with Sarah.  Plan was to run about a mile, then walk 3.  I felt pretty good (knees were ok) so we ran 2 and walked 2.  Felt good.
Miles were:
10:22 (including a min or two of walking to warm up)
51:55 total. 12:51 avg pace.

Then we took Gregg and Hayden to Jim Thorpe town and rented bikes for a bike ride down the Lehigh Valley Gorge into Jim Thorpe along the river.  15 mile bike ride.

Sat 7/4 - Cardio
We walked with Uncle Bob around his daily loop of about 3 miles, then dropped him at home and ran a little over a mile to round out a the session.  It was raining on and off during our walk and then started raining hard during the run.

Didn't track weight or calories. Friday and Saturday nights I really hit the desserts. There was an incredible apple cake. I had a couple pieces of cake, warmed in the microwave, smothered in ice cream both nights. Absolutely delicious!

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