Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thu 7/2 - Full Body

Workout: LA Fitness

96 + 13 w/u = 109 mins

Went to the gym at 5:30 this morning. I used to work out early like this all the time, but it's been a while. Feels great to get it done and have the rest of the day. Unfortunately, LA Fitness doesn't open until 8AM on the weekends. My left shoulder continues to bother me but felt OK during warmups. I was tempted to stick with 85#DB's for starting weight on incline, but after last WO with that weight I told myself I'd be better off going a little lighter and controlling the weight better. It was the right decision.

Incline was pretty good. 3 heavy sets and 2 back-off/drop sets. Supersetted with seated rows which I hadn't done in a while. Next we supersetted leg press and decline crunches. Left knee is gimpy and all the walking/cardio/running hasn't helped it's cause.  Next we did iso-shoulder press supersetted with pulldowns. I normally do 70#'s per side on shoulder press. I started with that weight and it felt like my left shoulder was going to rip on the first rep. I dropped the weight significantly and did higher reps, which actually felt good and still good work. Pulldowns were good.

Next we supersetted SLDL with barbell curls. I started fading at this point in the WO. I started getting light-heading and greying out a bit.Not enough food the last couple of days probably. Add on that I only got 2.5 hours sleep last night. Not a great recipe for a long WO. Anyway, got through that and moved to skull crushers supersetted with incline curls. Finished up with some more triceps, rear delt and 2 sets of incline fly's.  Good WO. Ready for a couple days off for the holiday weekend.

I weighed 174.4 this morning. Feeling lean. Will try not to get too out of control over the holiday weekend. Not a great chance of that in PA, but we'll see.

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