Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sat 7/18 - Pull Day

Workout: LA Fitness

75 mins + 5 w/u = 80 mins

Finally doing a pull day first on the weekend. Heavy push day tomorrow.  Started with some heavy bent over rows. I thought I'd get 3x8, but haven't done BBRows in a while. Next I supersetted iso seated rows with heavy decline crunches. Next I did v-bar pulldowns with leg raises in the capt chair. Pulldowns felt good. Squeezed at contraction. Then I did 3 sets of wide grip pulldowns. Had to go ligther here than normal.

Next I supersetted curls with upright rows. Then seal rows and hodge rows. Finished up with some rear delt work.  Really good pull WO.

I weighed 176.0 this morning. Didn't eat dinner until almost 10pm last night so weight was a bit high this morning.

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