Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tue 7/21 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

48 + 9 w/u = 57 mins

Upper WO today at work gym. Short rest times made this WO really challenging. I supersetted incline with BOR. Incline was good; paused reps but felt pretty heavy. Rows were good. Then I increased the angle of the incline and supersetted incline with v-bar pulldowns. Then I increased the angle to 90 degrees and did shoulder press with wide grip pulldowns. Both pulldowns were good.

Next I supersetted skull crushers and barbell curls using the same barbell/weight. Given short rests, I had to drop the weight after the first superset here in order to keep reps in the range I wanted. Finished up the WO with rear delt, ab and lateral delt work. Good WO. A lot of work in under an hour.


I weighed 172.2 this morning. Strength slowly dropping after a long time bringing weight down. Feeling lean, but need a diet break soon. At Nationals game last night and had to eat a lot late night to keep deficit from being too large. Still about ~1,000 cal deficit.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 232 277 39       2,383
  Calories 928 1109 352       2,389
  Percent 39% 46% 15% `

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