Monday, January 16, 2017

Mon 1/16 - Upper

Workout: Golds

45 + 7 = 52 mins

Started with DB Incline and wasn’t planning on going to 80#DB’s today, but warmups felt good. Thought I’d do 3x8, but got 3x10. Very nice. Raised the incline and did a back-off set of 65#’s for good paused reps. Supersetted incline with bent over rows (2 sets underhand grip, 1 overhand). Next I did iso-shoulder press and pulldowns. Finished up with a superset of rope extensions, circle crunches and rear delt fly’s.

The circle crunches are a new twist that I liked a lot. They start off easy, but got really hard. You crunch in a circular motion, 10 reps clockwise followed by 10 repscounter clockwise. Keeps tension on abs longer throughout each rep.

I weighed 182.2 this morning.  Whoa! Things got a bit out of control this weekend.

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