Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mon 1/2 - Pull Day - Birthday Pull-up Challenge!!

Workout: Snap Fitness

65 + 5 = 70 mins

Today was Sarah’s birthday and pull day. That means, the birthday challenge! The challenge is to do the number of pull-ups for how many years old you are in the least amount of sets possible. Sarah had to do 33 and I had to do 45.  Sarah did 33+1 (1 extra for good luck).  I did the same, 45+1=46.  Great way to start a pull WO!

Next we did inverted rows. Sarah’s back was fried from pull-ups, so she did seated rows after the first set.  Then we supersetted SLDL with reverse crunches. Next we did DB rows with preacher curls. Finished up with rear delt and more ab work.  Awesome pull day, and great pull-ups for both of us.

I weighed 178.8 this morning.

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