Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thu 11/5 - Upper

Workout: Work Gym

30 + 7w/u = 37 mins

Not much time for a WO today, so fairly short rests on everything. Incline was ok. 3rd set with short rest was hard. Should've dropped weight to keep reps in the 8 range, but ego wouldn't allow that ;).  Decent work, but with time off to allow shoulder to heal, time off for hiking, my pressing movement weights have taken the largest hit. 75#'s for 3x8 should be a piece of cake... at least it was a matter of weeks ago. Time to build back up. Gotta be smart and not try to throw volume at it.

I was going to do some light-ish DB shoulder press, but grabbed a barbell and did OHP seated on a bench. These felt really good. Supersetted with DB Rows. Finished the WO with some rope extensions, rear delt work and crunches.  Done in 37 minutes, including warmup. Very nice.

I weighed 171.6 this morning. I liked being in the 160's, but I'm not going to gain strength back quickly by staying there.

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