Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sun 11/8 - 14.25 mile hike - Ashby Gap to Bears Den

Hiked from Ashby Gap to Bears Den. 14.25 miles in 5:45.  First 5 miles were easy, next 4-5 were moderate and the last 4-5 were HARD. The last section was constant up and down with no level ground. They don't call this section of the Appalachian Trail "The Roller Coaster" for nothing. It was also a mine field of rocks, covered with fallen leaves. Hard on knees and feet.

Since most of the leaves are down now, there were some nice views.  We got a late start at about 10:45am and made it to Bears Den just a little bit before sunset.  There's a great overlook at Bears Den to watch the sunset, so we sat, ate and took in the view.  Very nice hike, and great day with Sarah.

I weighed 174.6 and at a lot after the hike. Pho soup for dinner, then lots and lots of cereal.  Didn't, and couldn't, really track macros today.
Roller Coaster sign

Our reward for a good hike

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