Monday, November 23, 2015

Sun 11/22 - Upper + 12 Mile Hike on the AT

Double dipped today with a great WO first thing in the morning. We went home to grab a bite to eat and then headed to the Appalachian Trail.  We parked at the Washington Monument in Boonsboro, MD and hiked to Annapolis Rocks and back. 12 miles in 5 hours. Out in 3 hours, back in 2.  Interesting that the start and end point have nothing to do with the Washington Monument in DC most people would think of, and Annapolis Rocks is nowhere near Annapolis, MD, home of the USNA. 
Washington Monument in Boonsboro, MD
 Anyway, on to the WO:

Workout: LA Fitness

58 + 13 w/u = 71 mins

We started with decline crunch twists during warmup sets of incline. They started on the easy side, but were a lot of work after 5 sets (3 sets during incline warmup and 2 sets during working sets later). Then we supersetted incline with machine seated rows. Both were good. I got 4 good working sets of inlince and a drop set right after the 4th heavy set that was really good. Rows were good. Then we did shoulder press with vbar pulldowns. 3x10 shoulder press was really good. I didn't lock out at the top, keeping tension on the muscle and after 5 sets of incline, this weight was plenty heavy for the rep range I wanted. I started pulldowns at 160#s, but dropped to 150 after the first set because I wanted to control the weight a bit more and squeeze at contraction, which I wasn't able to do effectively at the higher weight.

Then we moved on to skull crushers. Triceps had a lot of work with the pressing, so I had to keep dropping weight and still wasn't able to stay around the 10 rep range I wanted, so after the 3rd working set I immediately did a drop set and got more reps. That set was great and I really pushed through a couple more reps than I thought I had in me. Finished up with come incline curls and delt work.  Great workout and enjoyed working out with Sarah this morning. After the WO, it's home to eat something and get out on the Appalachian Trail for a 5 hour hike. Big eating later tonight.

I weighed 172.8 this morning. Ate a lot in the evening, but not near enough to make up for a 5,000+ calorie expenditure today.

Prot Carb Fat Cal
TOTALS: Grams 238 457 59       3,302
  Calories 954 1828 531       3,312
  Percent 29% 55% 16% `

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