Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wed 9/21 - Lower

Workout: Golds

31 + 9 = 40 mins

Leg day. Long warmup, especially because I decided to do barbell squats.  During warmup, I realized that despite the fact that my knees have been feeling MUCH better since I committed to stretching EVERY morning as a New Year’s resolution, they are still fairly fucked.  I can’t do a deep squat, even w/o weight, without pain. Add weight, and it gets worse.  So, during warmups I decided I’d have to do box squats.  Box squats keep me from going below parallel (which I shouldn’t be doing anyway probably). With this light weight (135#’s) it was still a fair amount of work for me today. I supersetted squats with crunches. Then I did SLDL.  Finished up with leg extensions and leg curl superset. Bumped the weight up on both of these from last WO and had to work hard on these. Decent WO. Short, but I can’t kill legs with high volume right now.

I weighed 170.0 this morning.  Down 8 pounds from Monday. All the water from the weekend washed out.

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