Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tue 9/6 - Upper (Beach Gym)

Workout: Beach Gym

71 + 6 = 77 mins

Back to the gym at the beach we use every year in Hilton Head. Started with Iso Incline and seated row superset. Incline was really good. The angle of this incline isn’t quite as steep as at the other gyms I use, so it was a little easier and I got more reps than ever with this weight because of it. Very good though. Next was iso shoulder press with pulldowns. Next we supersetted skull crushers with incline/hammer curl combo. I went heavier than I have been on skulls and they were good. Didn’t bother elbow too much.  Then we did 2 sets each of rear debts and rope extensions with 4 sets of leg raises. Finished up with crunches and face pulls.  Very good WO.

I weighed 172.6 this morning.

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