Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sat 9/3 - Pull Day

Workout: Snap Fitness

43 + 5 = 48 mins

Took extra time off this week after straining my pec/shoulder on Tuesday evening.  Today was a pull day. Started with BOR in the smith machine supersetted with leg raises. Then 2 sets each wide grip pulldowns and v-bar grip pulldowns, supersetted with torture twists.  Then 2 sets DB rows with plank/crunch combination.  Finished up with rear delt work and curls. My  shoulder issue also manifests itself in elbow/biceps pain (could actually be biceps tendon issue), so when I tried to do curls, I couldn’t do a single rep with even 30 pounds. Hammer curls seemed OK.  Weird.  Good pull day.

I weighed 168.8 this morning.  Feeling good.

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