Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sun 9/11 - Full Body

Workout: Snap Fitness

78 + 6 = 84 mins

Back in Mint Hill and a WO at Snap Fitness.  Since hiking season is coming into full swing, I decided it might be wise to start hitting some leg work to prepare for it.  So today, we did a full body, working in some legs. Went heavy on iso incline for 3 sets and 2 back-off sets, supersetted with seated rows. I went heavy on seated rows for the first 2 sets. Then we did leg press with leg raises. Next we did shoulder press with pulldowns.  Next we did DB SLDL with crunches. Hamstrings feeling tight already :).  Then we finished up with biceps, triceps and rear delts.  Went heavier on rear debts than normal.  GREAT WO!

I weighed 175.6 this morning.

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