Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wed 9/14 - Lower (Yes, an actual WO with only legs!)

Workout: Golds Gym

35 + 3 = 38 mins

That’s right, an actual lower-only WO! Trying to commit to working legs for a while :)  Started warmup with light leg press, then put on 4 plates for 10 reps. Bumped it to 6 plates for 3x10. It was work, but felt pretty good. I want to be able to walk the next couple of days, so easing into it. Supersetted leg press with Capt. Chair leg raises.  Then I did DB SLDL supersetted with crunches. This weekend I did SLDL with 75#DB’s, so today I bumped to 80#’s. Finished up with leg extensions supersetted with leg curls. Hamstrings burning, tight.  Short rests between sets and quick WO. Felt good.

I weighed 171.6 this morning.  I've been dieting fairly hard during the week with over-feeds (very large ones at times) about every weekend for a very long time. Going to try to transition into a bit more balanced diet throughout the week.  I'll probably cycle cals/carbs on WO days trying to get near maintenance, slightly below maintenance on rest days and enjoy the weekends but not go too crazy.  We'll see how it goes.  Feeling good. Wish my R shoulder was cooperating better. I think better eating will help it heal.

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