Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wed 9/28 - Lower Day (Deadlift)

Workout: Golds

43 + 4 = 47 mins

Started with Deadlifts today. Warmed up with 135x10,225x5, then 5x5 with 275#’s. Didn’t feel heavy and tried to make sure I didn’t have back rounding. Did each set starting every 2 mins, so about 1:30 rest between sets.  Dropped to 185#’s and did 2 sets of SLDL.  Low back/hams started feeling pretty tight by the end of SLDL.  Then I did 3 sets leg press supersetted with crunches (10 reps each side for for 20 crunches on each set. Finished up with leg extensions and some stretching. Was planning on doing leg curls as well, but hamstrings already feeling dicey, so I skipped them. :)

I weighed 172.4 this morning.

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