Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tue 9/13 - Upper (Great shoulder press)

Workout: Golds Gym
(90#IsoShldr)9,8,8,7 Awesome

43 + 5 = 48 mins

Got a quick WO in over lunch. I’d planned on starting with Iso Incline, but someone was on that machine so I started with Iso Shoulder Press. Boy, was I glad I did. Normally I use 70#’s on this machine, but warmups felt good so I bumped it up to 90#’s. Very pleased with 4 good sets here. Supersetted them with seated rows. Then I did iso incline and pulldown combo. This machine normally doesn’t bother my shoulder/pec, but it did today and I lowered the weight considerable for a 3rd set.  Finished up with some accessory work (tri, bi, delt, abs).

I weighed 173.4 this morning.

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