Friday, September 16, 2016

Fri 9/16 - Upper

Workout: Golds Gym

42 + 6 = 48 mins

Upper WO today. Wanted to squeeze one in because we’re headed to the mountains this weekend and I won’t get to the gym (obviously).  Started with iso shoulder press again, used same weight as last WO but got more reps on first 2 sets. Pleased after bumping up to this weight. I supersetted this with heavy seated rows. They bothered my R elbow a bit, but got a good stretch and controlled this heavier weight well.  Then I did 2 sets iso incline with pulldowns. I made sure to not go past parallel as best I could in incline and this seemed to be a lot easier on my shoulder.  Then I finished up with 2 triple sets of triceps and rear delts with weighted crunches, plus one set of curls at 35#”s for 13 reps was really good for me.

I weighed 171.0 this morning.  Feeling good.

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