Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tue 8/30 - Upper

Workout: Snap Fitness

46 + 4 = 50 mins

Upper WO after work with Sarah. I hadn’t done DB incline in a few WO’s to give my R shoulder a break and decided it was time to give it a go. First set was great, 11 reps is a lot for me at this weight. 2nd set I didn’t control the weight well getting them into place and I strained my R shoulder and had to drop the weights. I rested and gave it another go. Got 4 reps but my R shoulder was painful and had not strength in it. I switched to medium weight iso incline. Supersetted incline with rows.  Next we did shoulder press with pulldowns. Then we did biceps, triceps, leg raise combo. Finished up with rear delt and crunches.  Decent WO. Disappointed that I hurt my shoulder. This is going to set me back a couple of weeks for sure.

I weighed 172.2 this morning, down from 177.2 yesterday. Weight was high yesterday after weekend hiking and eating lots of carbs.

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