Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sat 7/30 - Upper (90#DB Incline!)

Workout: Snap Fitness
(90#DBInc)8,7,85x7,80x8 - Awesome, PR 

98 + 8 = 106 mins

Started with DB incline and close grip pulldown superset. Warmups for incline felt pretty good so I decided to bump up to 90#DB’s and see how they felt. I got 2 good sets with 90s and then dropped. I’ve only used 90#DB’s a couple of times before and it had been 2 years since going this heavy. I got more reps on the first set than the other times so I was extremely pleased with this, especially because I've been dieting the last couple of weeks. 2 years ago when I was able to use 90#DB's, I weighed 185#'s.  Today I weighed 170#'s and was able to do the same weight.  Progress! (slowly).

Next we did iso incline and DB rows. I bumped up the weight on rows, and they got HEAVY toward the end of each set. More of a grip issue really.  Next we did chest fly’s with inverted rows.

Then we did a bunch of accessory work, skulls and rope pushdowns for triceps, incline/hammer curl combo, face pulls and lateral delts and 4 good combo sets of 90 second planks supersetted with crunches.  Great WO, especially incline!

I weighed 170.0 this morning.

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