Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wed 8/3 - Pull Day (BOR)

Workout: Golds

42 + 4 = 46 mins

Pull day today. I decided to start with heavy Bent Over Rows (BOR) today. I hadn’t done these in a while and it felt good to do them again. 3 heavy sets plus a back-off set. Next I supersetted wide grip pulldowns with the plank/crunch combo. Upped the plank time to 2 mins each. I’ve been increasing by 10 seconds each WO, but today upped it by 30 seconds. I like these, but as I get used to planks again, they are getting fairly time consuming. 2+ mins per plank is a fairly large time investment when I’m pressed for time. Next I did 2 sets of 1-arm iso rows. Finished up with 2 sets of rear delts, plus a lighter back-off set and a set of incline/hammer curl combo.

I weighed 170.2 this morning. Feeling good. Should be ready for the beach in a month :-D

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