Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thu 8/4 - Run. A Run!

Got up early this morning and decided to go out for some fasted cardio. Plan was just for a 30-40 minute walk. I walked for a few minutes and didn't think my HR was up high enough so I thought I'd run for a few minutes to get it up and then continue walking.  Well, running felt good so I thought I'd go a little further.  Figured I'd hit the first hill in the neighborhood and walk there. I got up the hill and just kept running.

So, I ended up running 3 miles at about 11 min pace. Slow, but felt good to run. My left knee bothered me a tad, but nothing serious and it felt good to be running, even if just a little bit. Maybe Sarah and I can get out for a few short-ish runs together soon.

3.1 miles, 35 mins + 5 min cooldown walk.

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