Friday, August 19, 2016

Sat 8/13 - Upper

Workout: Snap Fitness

60 = 5 = 65 mins

My R shoulder is still not right, so I only did IsoIncline today. This is much easier on my shoulders, and I made a LOT of progress doing a lot of iso incline with occasional DB incline. Then when I realized I’d made a lot of progress, I slowly migrated back to just doing heavy DB incline, going as heavy as I could with 90#BD’s, and ended up with shoulder pain again. So, trying to  get back to a reasonable mix with more iso incline (machine) and a bit less DB incline. Anyway, this was the heaviest I’ve gone on iso incline, and I was very pleased with the reps and effort. Supersetted with vbar pulldowns. Then machine shoulder press with DB Rows.  Then a bunch of accessory work. Doing chest fly’s and bring to keep the Range of Motion (ROM) smaller for less stress on pecs and shoulders.

I weighed 174.0 this morning.

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