Monday, April 25, 2016

Sat 4/23 - Upper

Workout: LA Fitness

66 mins

Last WO at LA Fitness while in Leesburg to close on my house. Cancelled membership this week.  While I warmed up for incline, I started working sets of pulldowns. I started at 190#’s and it felt “light”, so I bumped up toe 205#”s and it felt really good. Reps later in the sets got pretty heavy, but I was surprised how manageable this weight was. Then I got to working sets on incline, supersetted with decline crunches. Incline was really good. I couldn’t call them paused reps, but they were good controlled reps. Added a back-off set for a little more volume.  Next I supersetted iso-incline and iso-shoulder press with steated rows. The plan was for 2 sets each of the pushes and 4 sets of rows, but I wanted a little more shoulder pressing volume, so I added a 3rd set there.  Finished up with chest fly’s, triceps pushdowns and rear delt fly’s.  I had to bump the weight up on chest fly’s quite a bit. Definitely getting stronger here since I’ve been including a fly movement more regularly.  I should’ve been doing this all along I guess.

It was a crazy week trying to balance work, getting house buttoned up (packing, movers, cleaning), seeing the kids and friends in Leesburg. I got in some very solid WO’s despite a crazy schedule and very little sleep. Eating/nutrition was less than stellar, hence the 10 pound weight gain from the time I left Charlotte to Sunday morning leaving Leesburg at a plump 180#’s.  That’s a lot of water, but I’ve got some serious nutrition/diet work to do this coming week.

I weighed 174.2 this morning, then ended up eating a couple of big meals and a TON of cereal late night. I weighed 180.0 Sunday AM before leaving Leesburg. I was 169.2 late last week. Ouch!

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