Monday, April 4, 2016

Mon 4/4 - Upper (great OHP)

Workout: Golds

48 + 7 = 55mins

I wasn’t planning on going to the gym at lunch today, but I started looking at my schedule this week and for the weekend and thought since I had the opening today, I’d better jump on it.  I was just going to do something super short, maybe 2 sets each of a push/pull.  I started with overhead press and pulldown superset. First set of OHP was really good and I knew right away I was going to push harder than initially planned. The last couple of times I’ve done OHP, I’ve gotten 3x5, but the last rep of the last set or two has really been more of a push press than a strict OHP (I had to cheat the weight up). Today I got 4x5 and all reps were good form. AWESOME! I did a back off set that was great too. Pulldowns were also good, 4 heavy sets and a back off set.

Next was incline and a horizontal row superset. I wanted to try something different than DB incline, so I hopped on an iso-lateral plate loaded incline machine and did a warmup set to see how it felt. In the past these have bothered my R shoulder, but it felt ok. I added a little more weight and got 3 really good sets. I should’ve stopped the last set at 9 reps. REALLY felt this movement in my pecs. Iso rows were good too (on the light side).  Then I finished up with chest fly’s, pushdowns and rear delt work. The fly’s felt AWESOME. Great pec activation. I don’t know if it was this machine, or if my pecs were just really feeling it from the incline, but either way, felt awesome today. Certainly didn’t hurt that I ate quite a bit this weekend so I had some energy for the WO. Very pleased today.  Still in and out quick because I really limited the accessory stuff, but hit the main movements hard. Perfect.

I weighed 175.4 this morning after eating a lot of carbs (over 500 grams) yesterday during and after my hike. Water will flush out in a day or two.

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