Monday, April 18, 2016

Mon 4/18 - Pull Day

Workout: Golds

55 + 5 = 60 mins

Pull day today. Went heavy on vbar pulldowns for 4 sets plus a drop set and supersetted these with decline twists for core work. My abs were still fried from yesterday and it was painful to do crunches, so I went with these. Next I did seated rows for 4 sets. 2 sets wide grip, 2 sets narrow grip. Then I did 3 sets wide grip pulldowns. Up next were curls (2 sets curls, 1 set hammercurls) supersetted with rear delt work. Finished up with some DB rows, that were REALLY hard at this point in the WO.  Pretty good pull day.

I weighed 173.4 this morning

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