Friday, April 29, 2016

Fri 4/29 - Upper

Workout: Golds

50 mins

Quick WO at lunch. Not recovered enough from Wed heavy WO since I’ve been in a large deficit all week (down 10#’s since Sunday), but wanted to get a quick WO in before being gone this weekend.  I did BOR working sets while warming up my shoulders/incline. Felt good. Hadn’t done barbell bent over row in a while.  Then I supersetted incline with weighted crunches. Chest definitely not recovered. Next I did 2 sets each iso incline with vbar pulldowns. Then another 2 sets each iso shoulder press with wide grip pulldowns.  Finished up with some triceps and rear delt work, plus 1 set of curls. In and out pretty quick. Exactly what I wanted/needed.

I weighed 171.2 this morning. Weighed more this morning despite being at about 1,500 cal deficit again yesterday. That stuff just happens.

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