Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wed 4/13 - Push Day

Workout: Golds
(80#Inc)10,9,7 - Very good!
(130#Fly)11,10 - Weight bump

50 + 10 = 60 mins

I’ve had a LOT going on lately with new job, looking for new home, Sarah just moved down, etc. This morning I had very little desire to go to the gym. The fact I was up by 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep probably didn’t help. Once I started writing out my WO I started to feel better and by the time I was heading to the gym I was energized and looking forward to a WO. Funny how that almost always happens if I don’t give into those first doubts. Anyway, I decided to do a push day today and will try to get a pull day in tomorrow. Started with incline and it was fantastic. I really wanted 8 reps on the 3rd set, but it was awesome to get reps of 10 and 9 on the first 2 sets, especially with how large a deficit I’ve been running. Very pleased.

Next I did 3 sets iso incline and 2 sets iso shoulder supersetted with 4 sets of heavy crunches. I was only planning on 2 sets iso incline, but someone was on the shoulder press machine so I did an extra set. Next I did skull crushers with delt raises. Finished up with some fly’s and pushdowns. The last 2 WO’s I’ve done fly’s I used #115 pounds, so this was a nice bump up and I still got good reps. Extremely pleased with this WO. If I can hold good reps with 80# DB’s on incline during a fairly aggressive cut/caloric deficit, I know I’m maintaining strength EXTREMELY well.

Fairly quick WO. I took long rests on incline and then supersetted everything with shorter rests after that. Would’ve been out quicker but someone kept talking to me during fly’s. Not sure if he was hitting on me, but he was being very kind ;)

I weighed 170.4 this morning. Feeling pretty lean. Maintaining strength extremely well.

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