Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sun 4/3 - Morrow Moutain Hike

Drove to Morrow Mountain State Park and hiked sections of a bunch of the loop trails around the park (Morrow Mountain, Mountain Loop, Laurel and Sugar Loaf Mountain trails). I parked at the top of the "mountain" worked my way down and around the park and then back up to the top. It's nice to end the hike at the top. Generally a hike like this starts and ends at a nondescript parking lot in a valley. I was able to sit on the top of the mountain, put my seating pad out, eat a late lunch and lay down to soak up some sun.  Nice hike with decent views from the top.  Not on my "must do again" list, but glad I checked it out.  Guessing the hike ended up being around 8 miles.

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